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Walkthrough The Turing Test

Walkthrough The Turing Test


No complications. Pick a weapon from a drawer in the next room. Then go to the capsule, get into it and find yourself at Europe station. Come in and follow down.

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Chapter 1. Sector 1

Pick up the red block to the right side of the wall. Insert it into the hole in the door. Go through the opened door.

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Chapter 1. Sector 2

Go to the open door on the left. Aim and click the right mouse button. You will take charge of the unit. Walk up to the closed door to the right and shoot a gun in the empty box next to it (left mouse button). The unit is charged, the door will open. Go further.

Chapter 1. Sector 3

Below lying red block. On the left is a ladder. Pick a block and throw it through the window on the first floor.

TheTuringTest 2016-09-01 01-41-22-30

Climb the stairs and go to the door. Go down the stairs of the block. Insert it into the hole next to the door. Go further.

Chapter 1. Sector 4

Go to the red block. E. Hold the key Lower the lever to redirect the energy.

TheTuringTest 2016-09-01 01-42-58-33

Go to the next sector.

Chapter 1. Sector 5

Here it is necessary to pull the charge of one block, and then fire them in the other. But it must be done correctly. Go through the open door. Go left. Through the glass Aim charged in the red block.

TheTuringTest 2016-09-01 01-43-55-14

Shoot the right mouse button. This charge is placed in another block and go further.

Chapter 1. Sector 6

To open the door, you have to either shoot into the hole charge, or insert the red block. First, insert the red block to open the door to the left. Go through the hallway and see what happens next door is already open. Remove the charge from the opening to close the door. Go back through the first door. Pull out the red block out of the hole. Shoot in the hole of the weapons. The door opens. Block wear in the adjacent corridor, and insert into the hole, which was previously charged. Go on. Climb the stairs. Aim and pull out the charge of using weapons from the bottom of the hole (the first door of the sixth sector). Shoot a charge through the hole in the door next. Move into a new sector.

Chapter 1. Sector 7

The next sector is ahead. On the left there is a passage. There is a staircase. Climb up and see a room with several holes (20-25). Only two holes have charges. Apparently, to be back here at the end of the game.

TheTuringTest 2016-09-01 01-50-54-91

Go back, go into the room with a manipulator. Use the remote control. Move to the left magnet. He picks up the red block. Drag it to the right, not to the end. Suffice it to fall down unit. Pick a block and insert it into one of the two holes near the door. Look at the magnet. It turns on and off. At the top appears and disappears charge. With arms remove this charge.

TheTuringTest 2016-09-01 01-50-35-39

Then shoot the charge on the second hole at the door. So you open it. Go to the eighth sector!

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