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Walkthrough The Uncertain: Light At The End

Important! This article describes the walkthrough of the closed beta version of the game from January 5, 2019. After the official release, it will be updated.

You will find yourself in a pharmacy. To interact with objects, you need to point the screen at them so that a large window appears. Then hold down the LMB and select one of the available icons in different parts of the circle. After that, release the LMB. Icon "eyes" - inspect the object, "palm" - pick up, "clouds" - talk to the character.

Go to the rack on the right where the monitors are located, and pick up the cable. After that, turn around and see the door leading to the next room. There is an inhaler for asthmatics on one of the shelves (this is Pak, who came with the main character). Take it away. In the far corner you can find a box of baby medicine, but it will be empty. Chat with Pak. Give him an inhaler.

Try to raise the fallen shelf on the left side of the room, but it will not work. Emily will notice a fallen key card. Go around the shelf to the left and pick up the item. Go to the corridor behind the counter of the seller and apply the key card to the nearest terminal on the right. This will allow you to enter the director's office. Take the battery from the shelf on the left, you can inspect the statuette. Take the sleeping pills from the table (for Brian).

Walkthrough The Uncertain: Light At The End

There is an intercom on the table. Inspect it. Need a few parts. We have already found the cable, so you can apply it. Return to the main trading hall and find the power supply unit on the window sill to the right of the entrance door. Connect it to the intercom, turn on the computer and solve the puzzle to turn off the alarm.

Go to the warehouse through the big door and look around. In the back, there is a door to the garage. Go there and pick up the second battery from the rack. There is also a car, but it is locked. You need to find the key. Go back to the warehouse and look to the right. There is a lever and an electrical shield on the wall. You need to place found batteries. Now there are two, but we also need a third.

Return to the corridor and go to the rest room to the left of the director's office. Pick up the Rubik's Cube from the suitcases on the left. There is a safe to the right of the door and an unlocked locker (above). Open it and remove the third battery. Return to the warehouse and install the battery in the third slot, then pull the lever. After the QTE sequence, the Pak will turn off the alarm, and you will have to pull the lever again. Power is served!

Go to the large glazed fridge to the left. Move the shelves using the buttons. Do this until you find a magnetic key on the shelf on the right.

Take the item, return to the rest room and open the safe with it. Inside you will find a keychain from the aircar. Take the item, go to the warehouse, from there - to the garage and open the aircar. Inside him, Emily will discover a gravity jackscrew. Return to the trading floor and apply the jack on the shelf. Walkthrough of demo The Uncertain: Light At The End is completed.


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