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Walkthrough The Wardrobe

Walkthrough The Wardrobe

Talk with the chipmunk. Soon you will be in the bathroom. Look around. Press and hold the RMB during the inspection of any items. So you can see the context menu - different actions that can be performed with the subject: examine (the eye), take (hand bone), interact (gears) and talk (dialog boxes).

Inspect the chainsaw, then interact with the green bag on the left of the window and pull from it some kind of a handful. By the way, hold down the mouse wheel to see the active points. Scroll the mouse wheel to view the inventory.

Next, click on the urn to the right of the door. Examine the cabinet on the wall and remove the pills from the top shelf. Interact with a chain on the toilet cistern to go down the drain.


Go left and talk with the crocodile. There is a wooden structure in the water beside crocodile. Remove a fishing line with a hook. Go to the right and hit the wall to the right of the stairs. Go through the hole in the wall to be at the bar.

Take an empty beer glass from the bar. You can chat with the bartender. Climb up and try to talk to the robot. You will a creature with a screwdriver stuck in the box. It is necessary catch it!

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