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Walkthrough The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

After installing the add you have three options for further developments. You can start a completely new game. After the prologue first mission DLC «Stone Heart" will be added to your gaming magazine. But we should remember that the supplement focuses on the characters, at least 30 levels.

You can continue the game after thewalkthrough campaign playing for already-developed character. Finally, you can run only "a heart of stone." In this case, you get a character to level 32 yet retained the skills and all jobs storyline "The Wild Hunt" will be marked as passed.

The first shoots of evil

Purpose: Check the bulletin board at the inn "Seven Cats."

Get to the inn "Seven Cats", which indicates the point on the map. Interact with the message board by pressing E. After the cut-scene will update the job.

Purpose. Go to Olgerd von Evevek and talk to him about a contract.

Take off the board all the ads that you see. On the question of the walkthrough of additional tasks you return later, and now continue to perform basic. Ride a horse to a new mark on the map and see the next cut-scene. Talk to everyone, go for the man and open the door, about which he will stop. Again, will the cut-scene. Talk to Olgerd.

Purpose. Go down into the channels under Ochsenfurt.

Exit the building and talk to the girl who will give you a new job. Ride a horse to the farm. There is a well in the city center. Go down the stairs into the channels.

Purpose. Search the channels by using wizard's flair.

Go down, go for red marks. If you have forgotten to activate the wizard's flair to hold the right mouse button. Follow the blood trail and kill the monster. Examine the corpse of another monster by the wall on the left. Witcher has to be noted that the wounds from the blade, and this is clearly not seem to work monsters. Go through the bars on the left and watch the cut-scene. You must meet Shani.

Purpose. Go to where the monster attacked the Shan and soldiers.

Use flair to the right to find the damaged wall of red. Through Tab select stone Aard responsible for telekinetic blow. Press the Q, to apply the blow on the wall. Go to the yellow areas will not start until the cut-scene.

Purpose. Find the key to the lattice channels by using  wizard's flair.

Turn around, turn on the flair and the other side you should see the lights over the corpse. Search the corpse and find the key. Take the mark on the map. Destroy the monsters  on the lower level of channels and find the corpse of France with the help of intuition. After the cut-scene will update the job.

Purpose. Find the lair of the beast.

Go down the track until you open the door. Here, the cut-scene starts.

Purpose. To kill a monster.

So begins a duel with the Prince-Toad. The boss can attack you from afar, spitting poisonous. Also, the enemy stun Geralt by the language. Get close up behind him would be problematic, because a single jump he can turn around all 180 degrees. The best way to fight against the Toads: use the rune with magical trap. When Toad will sneak up on you, then fall into a trap. Hit it at this point. Next, take a pause to recover energy runes.

After the cut-scene in a conversation with the guards, choose the last sentence, for which he will get experience. Wait for the dialogue.

Purpose. At midnight, met with Mr. Mirror at a crossroads at the willow.

Now you can choose - to defeat enemies or escape from them.

General purpose. Defeat ophir soldiers

If you decide to fight, you do not prevent information about Ophir magician. First, it is best to destroy the ordinary soldiers that will distract you. Use the dodge and parry, to avoid magic and physical attacks, respectively. In the event that the magician will shoot at you, you turn aside, and the shell will fall into another enemy, he will get serious damage. When all guards are defeated, then get rid of the magician is not difficult. Use enhanced magical ability Axii or Aard (telekinetic punch). Before he recovers from the stun effect, run up and attack.

Once everything is complete, you will need to get to the crossroads at the willow at midnight, where you will find Mr. Mirror. Use meditation to change the time of day. When the mirror, then talk to him about everything, including the Algirdas. Answer as you see fit. Agree to help. Now you have to get to the refuge Algirdas.

Purpose. Go to Olgerd.

Move to the mark on the map back in the estate where the Algirdas. When you approach the manor, speak to the two guards. Then speak with Mirror Master, and then - with Algirdas von Everek. Learn about the first two desires: to get home Borsodi and how to entertain his brother Algirdas named Witold.

And I was there and honey-beer drinking

Purpose. Talk to Shani about the  tomb of Everekov.

Move to the city and look for a house Shani. The girl is on the second floor of the house with the sign "Medical Practice Shani." Talk to her about everything and know where buried Witold  the brother of Olgerd.

Purpose. Meet Shani at the tomb of Everekov

Ride a horse to the family crypt Everekov, where you will wait Shani. In a conversation with a girl agree or refuse to go with her to the wedding of a friend.

Purpose. Log in the family vault Everekov

When you receive a censer, then enter the territory of the cemetery. Go ahead and go inside the crypt. Go down and defeat the ghosts of two groups of two opponents in each (will appear on the stage). After the ghosts will be destroyed, note that in the hall there is a niche in a circle with the coffins. Take a look at the inscriptions on these coffins to find one where the rest Witold von Everik.

Purpose. Fumigate all the rooms in the tomb.

Go through the corridor next to the hall round to fumigate three places. Click on the mouse wheel to get the censer. Three are three places on the map marked with small yellow circles inside a huge yellow field. Then move to the other wing to fumigate fourth place.

Purpose. Light the main lamp to continue the ritual.

Home lamp is in the center of the room. Walk up to it and interact. Watch the cut-scene, and then fight with the family Everekov. Be constantly on the move, attack and avoid a powerful kick. When all win, everything talk with Witold, who, in the end, will dwell in Geralt. Ride a horse to the house where the wedding will take place. Talk about everything from Shani.

Purpose. Go for Shani and get to know the newlyweds.

Follow the girl talk to newlyweds by pressing E. Select any options for discussion.

Purpose. To take part in the wedding until midnight.

To get started go to the marker in the center of the village, where there is an elderly couple. Talk to the bride's parents, and learn about the missing fire eaters.

Purpose. Find fire-eaters by wizard's flair.

Go to the booth and activate flair witch. Examine the bone, chain and bowl. Leave the estate, come through the gate. Walk along the red trail, until you find the dog. Talk to him about everything until he came down. Surely it would kill the boar, so you'll have to come back with bad news. On the estate inform parents that the eater will not be able to entertain guests. Offer to help.

Purpose. Juggle, to amuse the guests at the wedding.

Come to the table with fruit and press E. Next Witold automatically start juggling. When you get tired of the view then just take a step in any direction. Specifying update.

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