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Walkthrough The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ALL QUESTS OF NOVIGRAD


Bonfires of Novigrad

We go to Novigrad in search Triss. , we see thieves at the place indicated on the map thieves. After talking with them we learn that people left Novigrad or hide. And they recommend to go to the "rotten Grove" and talk to the King of Beggars. You need follow for the thief (which I happily lost in the crowd), or ask at the poor to find location of the rotten Grove. The beggar says the location from the second call. He also says the code word for the passage. We go there. You can call the code word or can just pay and go.

Finally we meet Triss and talk to the King of Beggars. Then follow Triss to her "client." However, before it you need to take from her acquaintance desired magic ingredients. Familiar replied that the ingredients were loss. The dialogue will have a choice - to say that you find, or that he do it. I choose first option. During the search will be found and other interesting items. We go down to the basement (do not forget to take it, "Liriyskie leather pants"), and then in the mode of intuition Witcher find button disguised as a brick, and click on it:

This will open a secret exit. Exit at the bottom of the river next to find the right bag with the ingredients. There, on the bottom will be two chests - must inspect them. Then we go to the customer. You need to be in 3 places in red (in the mode of intuition Witcher) set ingredients. Then there will be little talk with Triss, and then will come the soldiers of the Eternal Fire. You need to kill them.

After that, will be one more conversation with Triss - and she gives us the following tip in search of Ciri - Corina Tilly.

Dream City

We go to the specified location on the map - Corina Tillie is already at work - trying to figure out what the cast live in the house. The owner of the house miss you, because he knows that wizards expert in this business. You will search Korin in the house - she has nightmares, but she could not wake up. We begin to explore the house. We find a doll in the attic then a sheet with a pattern, then it is necessary to find a baby bed and put the doll back. Next you need to find the stove - go down to the basement, there is a stove from which will godling.

From dialogue with her know that she impose a curse on Korin. You need convince her to stop her naughtiness. Then we come back to Corina.

Note: There is a wall next to the stove, which can destroy the sign Aard. Use Witcher flair to see it. There are useful items behind it. She will thank Geralt for help. Go to "Golden sturgeon". You need find her and spent the session. You will know that Ciri met with buttercups. Now you need find him.

List of harlots

The search begins with the place "Sage and rosemary." Here it may be difficult to go into it - you just need to get up close to the door and start the scene (the scene can only start from the second or third time). Inside you meet Zoltan some thieves. Zoltan lost Buttercup. Turn flair of Witcher and examine the room as long as you find the blog of Buttercup. From it, Geralt learns about the latest girl with whom he had spoken, and will need to run and communicate with each of them. I will mention just a couple of points.

When searching for one of the girls is the episode of the horse races - you can win a seat with 50 horse power. Also you will have to practice with wooden swords. In case of victory rose Var ATTRO give additional task: fencing lessons. For communication with each of the girls you will get another 150 experience. After all you return to Zoltan. Your friends decide to meet with the latest "love" Buttercup - Priscilla. You need come to the tavern "Kingfisher", to listen to her performance, then talk to her.

From the conversation you know that Buttecup is at issue with Bastard younger.

Hunt Junior

We leave for a meeting with Dikstra - place will be marked on the map. Geralt need knock strongly. After a short dialogue someone attack bath. There is at least some kind of weapon - Geralt practice in the use of mace.

Then you get out of the bath. You communicate Dikstra one on one. He will say a few words about the "younger", then, say that he would try to help with the search Buttercup, in exchange for a favor, and lead to the cellars. You see the blasted wall and he tell you that he was robbed by 20 tons of gold. You need search gold.

You can continue the task of "The Hunt for Junior," and you can immediately switch to the new task graph Treasure Reuven. I chose the second option.

Treasure graph Reuven

Before us is "the crime scene". Geralt need to find who stole the gold (this is so understood - Buttercup) and where it is located. We use the antidote, which gives the graph. You include flair Witcher and start to explore the sewers.

The task will permanently indicate the area in which you need to find clues and explore them. This is not difficult. We examine the sewer as long as the task is not change. It will be necessary to return to the baths and tell all Dikstra. Do it. Show and tell him everything that you found - part of the bomb and that it established the premises of the bath - descended into the drain pipe.

Now you need to find a specific room from which the bomb was set. It is nit difficult - look, where on the map indicates the job. We investigate the place with a flair of Witcher, and find it. You learn the room and know the day of the explosion. Earl figure out who that day it was. Now you need to explore the house a potential criminal.

To enter the house need to use the sign Aard and just break down the door. We are examinate everything and find the "Letter" from which it is known who stole the gold. We investigate the house as long as the bottom will not appear guests - down, and meets Triss and graph. From the conversation, it is clear that the graph ask Triss to search gold. So now you have a company.

Triss want to meet at the chapel at midnight - come on and scrolls through meditation until midnight. Triss comes and says that the house of Menge is a real impregnable fortress, which get almost impossible. And if they try to force - something Menge can easily escape.

Triss offers dangerous plan - Geralt fetters Triss in handcuffs, and deliver her to soldiers of Menge, then stuffed a meeting with him. First Geralt refuses such risky plan, but Triss insist.

So, carefully select an item in the dialog. You can tell from the start it 'yes I do ... "and start waving a sword, but you can "play a role "- I chose the second option, and insisted in a meeting with Menge. But even in this case, before the room Menge, Triss leave us.

Go into the room Menge. An executioner (who led Triss) says that now will rip her fingers, and then heard a cry Triss. At this point I could not continue to "play a role", and from the beginning, at the time when Menge offer a drink, initially refused to drink, and then said that I would kill him. So we say that kill him. The battle begins. You need to kill an army. After the fight you are examining everything: find the key and the letter.

Then choose from the headquarters of hunters for witches. Some have problems at this stage, it is unclear how to get - the answer - the next will be a canopy - will need to jump and climb on it. After that breach the wall of Aard and exit.

Right at the exit we meet people of Earl. We have an unpleasant conversation with Earl - he opened a lie Geralt (the witcher know that a robbery was Buttercup, but did not tell him about it), but the result will be positive conversation - Earl says that where there is a secret meeting Menge with Yamurlak - and then again we have a goal.

We go to the altar, go to the back side, and to include flair Witcher, see and use the cache.

Now we go to a secret meeting place and get up to the door, and then scroll the time until midnight. Initially, Triss will go (I was beginning to think that she was a double agent) - she will help us to find the spy, and then Yamurlak.
Interrogate him and find out:

  • where they hold Buttercup,
  • the fact that he works on Radovida.

He does not know about the stolen gold. At the end will be a choice - kill it, or erase the memory.
Then we go to Priscilla and talk to her.

After speaking the job completes.

Go back to the search for junior.

The choice of three options:

  1. Find shelter of Bastard Younger.
  2. To go to the ring of Bastard Younger.
  3. To find the casino, owned Bastard younger.

The first and third is unuseful. I recommend you to take on a second.

We pass into the sewage system, where you are fighting and talking with Igor:

You need are careful- the first item there will be versions of "I came to kill the Younger" - a very foolish to say so. I choose the latter points - just like a job.

To see what we can do, Igor sends us into the arena:

Against us will be releasing several opponents, kill everyone. Then there is the bastard himself.

Unfortunately, he already knows that we have come to kill him. He leaves, and to send us another people. Kill them, and survey the sewer. You need to use the flair of The Witcher. You will find the cache (activated by pressing the torch on the right) with a good sword - blade of Tyre Tohair. Also finds "a mysterious letter".

I mportant: Inspect the sewer as long as before you see "Talk to Dikstra about the relationship younger Bastard with the redantsami ". And how such an item appears - go to Dikstra. He, in turn, went to meet with Roche, saying it can now be found. We leave there.

Roche says that Geralt as always lucky - because right now, he goes to a meeting with redanskim spy. We leave for the venue. Spy will be the king. King tells where to find the bastard, and Roche - ask to go Witcher. We go to the shelter bastard and his guards say that the girls came over. They will tell us about the secret entrance - go there. After entering - activate flair Witcher. In one place you need to click on a brick to open a passage in the other - to break through the wall of the sign Aard.

Then we go in the house - you need to find a staircase leading to the second floor:

Then you talk to Bastard and then kill. At the time of the conversation will be a new episode of Ciri.

History Ciri. A visit to the youngest

The episode is short and simple - climb to the roof, down to the balcony. Then kill people of younger .
Long live art!

We talk to Priscilla, we tell her everything about the Buttercup. She appears a plan to find a Doppler - need to come up and play a play in which images what they need Doppler, and that witcher will protect him.
Then we go to Irene Renard and tell her that we want to make the play. She tells about the two objectives: to find protection and to advertise the play.
Guards are in port - for the money thence men take on any job. With advertising is no problem- we arrive at the wandering singers, frees them from thugs who are nearby, and return to Irene.
Will choose who will play a role, and you can start.
Important: Before you start read the text of the play, and mark the phrases that Geralt must speak - because in the process you will need to choose the right, on the go.
The play ends and immediately declared Doppler. We talk, the mission is completed.

The poet in disgrace

Note: there is a point in the mission: you need to ask Dikstra for help in the liberation of Buttercup. I missed this point, and noticed it only after the mission. However, the mission is done and well.
We come to the ambush site and talk with Zoltan. We wait until the wagon, start the attack, and, almost immediately, one of the riders takes Buttercup and go away - go for him:
To do this, we use the flair of The Witcher and run the trail. Until we reach the house of dwarves.
They say that just before we came to some and closed at their home. They tell where the back door to the house - we go there. Go through the basement into the house, kill a soldier of the Eternal Fire and frees Buttercup.
Will play for small episode Ciri, after which the mission is completed.

History Ciri. Posthaste

In this short episode, first you just need to follow the specified point, ignoring all the enemies, and at the end (at the big gate).
Kill a small group of enemies and with buttercups pass through them. Watch the video, and that the task is completed.


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