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Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ALL QUESTS OF SKELLIGE


On Skellig

It's time go to Skellig Islands. You need to find a ship to do this . Go to port of Novigrad  and talk to the captains. Will be marked only the area to search,  you need to look out the captains. You need this.

He will say that the only one who can to swim to the Skellig - a captain Wolverstone. The ticket will cost 1000 crown - prepare this amount in advance.

Find the captain in nearest tavern, pay and go. The ship is attacked - you need to fight. Then the ship crashed. Swim  to the land.

By the way, not are a hurry to run on the task  - the next will be barrels and chests with various objects. As well as a place of power. When all the good take - go to the nearest port, marked on the map.

The port watch the ceremony of farewell with king and tell Yennifer that you learn about Ciri.

The king is dead - long live the king

First we go to the house of Yennifer, take and put on the suit. The desired box is highlighted.

Then we go to a meal. After some conversations Geralt offer to run the distillation - can agree, you can not refuse. I agreed. It is no problem to win.

Next will be more dialogue, one in which someone Lugos Mad offend Yennifer. You can doesn't answer or contra.  You need to fistfight. Rival 30 level and win him is very difficult:

In case of victory Lugos apologized and invited guests.

Now Yennifer says that she wants to steal the artifact - Mask of Ouroboros. Of course, you will help.

In general it is not difficult. In one room you will have to fight with the stuffed of animals. Then find and set in the statue's hand the cup (then opens a secret passage in the wall), and in the final - to win the Earth Elemental.

Then take a mask and Yennifer teleport us to her house. There, if you select certain options in the dialog will be sex scenes.

We return to the ceremony, where we are waiting for Krach an Krayt. He will agree to visit any places on Skellig and two additional jobs (related to his children).

Echoes of the Past

We arrive at the marked place on the map and watch the squabble between the sorceress and druid - he learned about the theft of a mask. He don't want that Yennifer will use it.

Yennifer left the conversation and use the mask. We have no choice but to go for her.

We find her fend off frick and obtain the mask. Use it (choose in the Quick Launch bar (Tab) and use (middle mouse button)).

We follow Ian. Occasionally look scenes from the past. In the end one more time listen the druid and that's the mission is completed.

Disappearance of person

Mission is very short. You meet with Yen on Hindarsfyalle Island, then we go to the nearest village and asked local women:

They tell you what happened, and also say that was a coward who did not fight with the Wild Hunt. He run away.

You need know this place where he left. Then go on this place. When you do the mission and the next begins.


In place immediately turn flair of Witcher, examine the tracks and go on the trail. You will see such arms in the garden  - use them. Then you need to find just such a hole (note that it is outside of the search), and jump in. Below you will find the body is "a coward" and then Ian asks to pull him up.

Next, Ian will make a session of necromancy and make a dead witness to tell all that he knows. Starts a new episode for Ciri: Calm before the storm.

Ciri: Calm before the storm

Episode of Ciri will be short and simple. You wake up in the house of "coward", who found Geralt and Ian, Ciri said that she need to go, but the owners persuaded to go to the bath before leaving - agree.

The bath is not difficult. After the bath get to the stables (attack the Wild Hunt). First, you need to fight them. And watch that task from "try to defeat the Warriors of the Wild Hunt," will change to "sit in the saddle and ride to the Rock of drowned."

After that will be a small jog on a horse, and the mission is completed.

Nameless (end)

The Grove wilt after the session of necromancy and then come woman from the village - very dissatisfied occurred. Yen takes the blame and then finish the mission.

By the way: the body is "a coward" asks to tell the truth about what happened. But I have never found a version of the dialogue on this topic. If you know how to remove the shame from it - write in the comments.


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