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Walkthrough The Witness

Entry Area

At the beginning of the game you are offered some simple puzzles. You can see the line or the curved line on a yellow background. You need to hold the line of the great circle to the very end, and then the door will open. The following solutions.



Next, there is a small fortress with a similar riddles. You need to find solutions to all the yellow screens to submit the energy of the three cables to the monitor at the door. The door opens after solving the puzzle on the screen at the door. In general, solve the puzzles, which includes monitors. Quite simply, the screenshots below.

3 4 5 6 7 8


When you open the gate, not in a hurry to leave the location. Stand with your back to open the gate and go to the tower in the far right corner of the fortress. There is a monitor with two cables, do you remember? Here's a screenshot (it is necessary to light a different cable, not the one that goes to the door):



Next you exit from the location through this gate and walk along the left wall. Go around the fortress, until you see the open door. Behind the door is another mystery to another door, where you have to connect all the black dots.


39 40

Behind the door is a small courtyard with a tree. There is audio recording under a tree, you can play. Next on the ground lying fallen mystery with a yellow triangle (answer below). Finally, solve the puzzle on the door, and then you will return to the path leading from the fortress.

41 42 43


This map of full island. Save her on desktop!


Follow the path. On the right side you should see the passage. But this passage will allow you to enjoy views of the pond and all. Follow the path below. Turn left leads to the hut under the ground. Do you see the white door? There is a puzzle on the door. You need to separate black and white blocks of each other. Solution below.

9 10 11

As can be seen from the latest screenshots above, inside you'll find a chest. Open it with a very simple line and see a piece of paper with some sort of clue. Save it for yourself in the future! Take a screenshot on the Print Screen key and it will appear in a folder inside the main folder Screenshots with a game.

Leave the hut and go left. Do you see the building with a green at right and purple Monitor Monitor ahead? These monitors is training. After completing the puzzle for them, you will come to a conclusion as to solve certain puzzles. Go to the house on the right and begin to solve the puzzle. Here you need to draw a line so that it touched all the extra points. Solution below.

12 13

As for the purple monitors, there is reference to the Department of white dice on black. Solution below.


Next, pay attention to the garden with pink trees. Do you see? Go there and you will see the first monitor is green. The monitor shows a something like a tree. You draw a line can be only one round, but several parties. The line should end with one of the branches. Note on the tree. Its  the branch follows the structure of picture on the monitor. There is the apple in one of the branches. Determine what kind of branch of the monitor and you will find a solution. On the first screen you can be wrong many times. But when you solve the puzzle of the second monitor, the error will need to return to the first monitor and re-draw the line. It is not so difficult, but the time is still spent. The following are screenshots of the decision.

15 16 17 18 19 20

Apple does not at the last tree. But if you find the right solution, or use our tip above, then open the gate nearby. Go through it and you'll see a limited location. On the left there is a plate with a sliced apple. Next to the plate is a branch. This branch is broken. It was enough to look at the tree at the last monitor and find the missing branch.

21 22

Symmetry (first laser)

Return to violet monitors and stand so to look towards the sea, while monitors should be left, as in the screenshot below.


Follow the path, leaving among the stones. On the left is a large house near the sea. Go to the door and find the solution to a puzzle. You see two circles, from which you can draw a line. The line can be made from any of them, with the note that will be automatically drawn from the second line of the other wheel. The second line repeats all of your actions in the mirror right. Keep the line from the lower right circle once to the left and all the way up. It's simple!


Go inside the house with some colored vases. Finda working monitor  in the left far corner and solve all the puzzles in order. Next on three monitors will be on any building in the center of the room.

25 26 27

Note that after the decision of the last mysteries, green cable leaves the house somewhere to the left. Leave the house and you. Follow the left and go up to the door to which fits the cable. Solve the puzzle on the door. It is necessary to connect all the dots and draw a line to the door.


When the gate opens, you'll see some more. Meals are not served on them. Do not go up to the gate and turn right. Look to the right and you will see the first working monitor. So, you decide all the puzzles in these monitors and will have to proceed on the blue cable to the new mysteries.


In the new puzzles will be innovation. No matter where you begin to lead the line, but it will always be blue and mirror it - yellow. At the same time, where it is necessary, keep the yellow line through the yellow dots, and the blue line - in blue. All points must be plastered. If you see a black dot, then it is possible to carry out any line. Answers below.


On the following screens will be another innovation. Just seven monitors. In the first four screens yellow line will be seen getting worse and worse. On other screens it is not see at all. You have to imagine. But for solutions just look at the screenshots below.


Go through the gate and decide on their puzzle.


Climb to the location and see the front of a yellow cube. Right and left have monitors. Solve the puzzle on the right monitor in order - there are only three. You need to hold the yellow line through the yellow dot. On blue screens like nothing special, but do you will remember the connection of blue and yellow in the previous mysteries? Mirror, right! Thus, you should monitor on blue mirrored what is shown in yellow monitors. The decision and order, and even lower.

33 34

Note. In the case of an input error blue line, for example, on the second monitor, you will need to repeat the correct input of the blue line on the first monitor as the second monitor will turn off. The same applies to the third monitor (though have to be repeated on the second). On the first screen when you enter the wrong nothing much happens.


Then go to the yellow cube and enter the normal line. See what happens. You will see the laser beam and strikes by arch on the big hill, as in the screenshot below.

37 36 35

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