Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough TheNightfall

Go to the kitchen and read the note on the table.


Leave the kitchen in the corridor and immediately you will see a note on the wall. Read it. Walk on the first floor. In the living room, you will hear the barking of a dog, after which you will hear a clap or a shot and an ominous laugh. Be sure to stand at one of the two windows facing the backyard and located in the living room with a wooden table and chairs. After a few seconds you will see a clown that will disappear afterwards. Turn around and find a note on a low table in the living room with a fireplace.


Walk around the house, inspect everything, and then go down to the study. Stay in it, and then go out and go to the side of the phone. You will hear the call from Ethan (the husband of the main character). After that, you can climb upstairs and look into the bedroom with a high mirror. There is a note on the bed.



Walk around the house; inspect the living room with chairs and a table. There will be a flash. Perhaps you will have to look into the wardrobe in the corner. Climb up to the room with the computer and go to the cage where the hamster Jerry is. It must disappear.

If Jerry is not in the cage, then go to the kitchen. Examine the microwave to detect blood stains inside. Go back to the room with a computer. It turns out that Jerry is in his cage. A note will appear to the right of the cage – read it.



Climb to the second floor and examine the bedroom where the tape recorder is located. There is a doll on the sofa to the left. Even if it does not, go through the first tier. A bell rings – go to the front door and look through the window to her right. Go away from the door, for example, climb up. After a few seconds, one more bell will ring-again go to the door and look through the window to the right. Do the same for the third time to see some man. Look at him until he disappears. Perhaps, only after that it is necessary to go upstairs to the bedroom where the tape recorder is located. There is the next doll on the couch to the left.

Go down to the first floor and go to the bathroom opposite the exit to the backyard. There is a game cartridge on the curbstone on the right. Take it. Go to the console and insert into it this. Launch the console and play the game with the same name – TheNightfall. After you do this, the screen will start to ripple. Step away from the TV with the console and you will see the key on the wooden table in the living room. Take it – the picture will be the same again. Run into the garage. Do you remember the metal closet opposite the front door to the garage? It was locked, but now you have to open it with a key and read the inside of the note.



Run to the kitchen and read the note on the wall above the microwave. Study the first floor and climb the stairs to the second. Turn around and see how the chandelier is shaking under the ceiling. Look at all the rooms on top and soon hear a cheerful tune. Go down and look through the window of the living room, onto the road. Open the windows to hear the melody. Soon, a car will go that sells ice cream. Watch out for the car. When it stops, go upstairs and look through the windows of the room where the computer is. Soon the car must leave, and you will hear the clap of the door. Go down to the first tier and take the note that appeared on the front door.


Go to the living room and read the note hanging on the wall above the game console. Then go up to the second floor and go to the bedroom with a high mirror and a large bed. There will be a note on the bedside table between the bed and the mirror – read it. Look around in all the other rooms, go downstairs and go into the living room. At some point, electricity should be lost.

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