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Walkthrough TheNightfall

Without light, you can set the candles on fire, fire wood in the fireplace; use a flashlight and so on. Examine the house in the dark, go into the bedroom with a large bed and a tall mirror at the top, and then go downstairs into the living room. Note will appear on the sideboard, located to the left of the TV with the game console. Read it to complete the level.


Inspect the house until a doorbell rings. Approach and examine it and the window next door. Continue study at home until you hear the bell again. Do the same. After that, enter the garage and pay attention to the children’s bicycle. Stand next to the washing machines on the left and wait. Turn your back to the bike. You will hear the creak from the rotation of the wheels. Quickly turn to the side of the bicycle and you will see that it has come closer. Do this several times until the bicycle stops.

Again, inspect the house until a few seconds later the bell rings. Approach and study the front door with the window on the right. Go through the living room to the kitchen. Leave the kitchen and, when the door closes, look towards the garage. Here there will be a first moment when you can really be frightened by a surprise (otherwise, because in the first two hours of the game there was not a single attempt). After a ghostly bike, go to the garage and see that it stands still. You will see the necessary note on the sofa on the right side – read it.



Inspect the house, go up to the second floor and look into the bedroom with a high mirror and a large bed. The doll should laugh. Next, move into the small bedroom with a tape recorder, where you must be locked. If the door is tightly closed, then go to the window and open it. You will see a flashing flashlight in the window of the house opposite, on the second floo,. Memorize with what intervals the flashlight turns on, and then do the same with your own. After the first attempt, turn around, look at the walls and look again at the window of the house opposite. The flashlight will flash again, and you will have to repeat the same. Such actions should be taken about five to six times, after which an outbreak occurs. This means that you can leave the room.

So do it! Get down and look into the kitchen. If a note does not appear on the entrance door (the one leading to the corridor), then study the other rooms, then again examine the door (part from the kitchen side). There will be a note – read it, but this level does not end.

Climb to the second floor and look into the small bedroom with a tape recorder where you recently used a flashlight. You will see a note on the shelf to the left of the sofa – read it to complete the level.



Look at the house. Go downstairs; examine the drawers and cabinets in the living room, until a flash occurs. Perhaps it can happen in another room. Go through the kitchen and hear the sound of a horn (car signal). Climb up and enter the small bedroom with a tape recorder. Suddenly, all the windows will close. And it will happen all over the house.

Go down and see that the window to the right of the door is completely nailed up. Go to the bathroom on the first floor, under the stairs, you will find a note on the spoiled page (on the curbstone on the right). The level is completed.




Inspect the house, go down to the first floor and look into the living room. Again, for some reason, when I examined the drawers and cabinets of the living room with a wooden table and chairs, I had a flash. Perhaps this can happen in other parts of the house.

Inspect the house until, when you pass by the front door; you will not hear a knock. Come close to it to see the silhouette of a neighbor. Talk with him, turn around and see the ghost of the clown. Climb to the second floor and go to the bedroom with a large bed and a high mirror. A new note is appeared on the far bedside table. Read it, but the level is not over yet.

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