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Walkthrough This Is the Police

Walkthrough This Is the Police

Day 1

July 15, Monday

Go to work and take part in a press conference. Choose any answers.

Your name is Jack; you're the chief of police. You are 60 years. Mayor Steward Rogers signed a decree about your resignation. You will work 180 days. Troy Starr is the personal assistant to the mayor.

Day 2

July 16, Tuesday

Talk with Francis Kendrick. He is your deputy. Then read a few tips on the game.


Fribourg’s Police are divided into two changes, who work day after day. There are officers in each change. They respond to calls. Also there are detectives. They hold an inquiry. You can freely move staff from one change to another.


And the officers and detectives have several important characteristics.


Professionalism shows the overall level of efficiency of the police. The indicator in the area of 150 is considered average. Professionalism can rise and fall during the job.

The number next to the "asterisk".


Energy scale shows how the police are tired. The employee loses the point of energy after each working day and restores one point after each output.

This is the vertical scale on the right side of the cop icons. It is divided into five sectors (five points).

Hidden Features

Some features are hidden from you: for example, some cops are too lazy and others like to drink too much. But this can only guess.

Click "Start date".


The most common work of police officers is to respond to the challenges. You need to send the cops to the scene before the timer expires. There is a mark on the map; you can determine where the call came.

You will see the first point on the screen. Click on it to find out information.

Challenges: Slots

You can see how much cops you need to send to the challenge: the more slots unlocked, the more serious threat. In the most risky missions you can also send Special Forces team, but they must be accompanied by at least one officer.

Any available information from the crime scene to the criminal weapons, can tell you more seriously is to treat each case.

Escape from the place of accident

Shopping center EveryDay

This is your first mission. The husband and wife came out of the store and saw that the driver runs over homeless.

Available: 2 officers slot.

Send two cops with professionalism from 100 to 150.


Cinema The Last Picture Show

Theater manager said that the film "Citizen Kane" want to get drunk man with a board for snowboarding with the word "Rosebud." When he was not admitted to the hall, he smashed head to cashier.

Available slots: 2 officers.

Send two officers with professionalism 100-150 or one above 150 and the other below the 100.


The first group of police officers will arrive at the scene of an accident after a few seconds. You have to report. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, below the word "Messages".

If everything went very well, the police catch criminals and nobody dies. In the worst scenario, the criminal could kill civilians or cops.

Armed robbery


Three teenagers with a hunting gun robbed a store of video tapes. The robbers went, but the seller remembers the number of the car - his owner, Janet Brown.

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