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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Toby: The Secret Mine

Move to the right, follow by a huge creature which stole a little. Get to the cliff, and then appear on the "play". Loading.

Level 1

Continue for a thief, jump by pressing W. When he the fold down the cobbles, then go over it and go right. Push the D key broken wooden beam. As a result, you find yourself in a short cave. Go through it, move the cube a cell with the substance. Stand on the cube and jump to the cage to rescue the creature (1/26).

Move the cube to the ledge on the right and use it to jump to the top. Follow for him, jump on the ledges. In locations with a mechanism consisting of two wheels and ropes, pull the lever, illuminated white point. To do this, press "Space." It left open the passage. Go there and drag the small cube to the ledge on the right. Climb up with it and follow the thief.

Pull the other lever to lower the left and lift the right unit. Jump higher. Go after the baddies in front of mine.

Level 2

Go to the edge of the right and pull the lever. Jump on the rocks risen. Go to the next cliff, the platform appears. Climb on it to the other side. It will be hungry and bloodthirsty plant. You may need to reset the hive in front of him. To do this, jump up 3-4 times, referring to the hive. Once the plant is something to eat and fall asleep, go past him.

Go down where the villain. On locations there are several wheels and stretched wire between them. Go to the far right. Walk up the hill to find a niche. There is a lever. Pull the lever and go left. From the ground rises platform. Stand on it and jump on the wooden structure on the right. Go right to knock down the cube. Push the box to the right, almost all the way. With it, jump on the ledges to the top.


Go right, jump on the platforms. One of them is lowered and raised within a few seconds.

Walkthrough Toby: The Secret Mine. Level 3

Jump over the flying bombs to get close to the thief, who immediately flee. Follow the right. At the top of a wooden structure is a lever, but until you do not reach out to him. Go to the right and activate the console with a small white object, by clicking on "gaps". Jump through the cube on the right and push it to the left. Platform drop down by clicking on the same console. Push a wooden structure with a lever, use it to jump up and pull the lever. Now push the cube back to the right side. Pick it up with the help of the very same platform that is powered by a remote control. Push to ledge on the right, use the cube jump up. Go to the right. At the top you can see the cat. Go down and go ahead until you see the creature in a cage.

Go right and activate the familiar console. From the ground it will be a cube. Push a cube all the way to the left, to the wooden structure on which the other cube. Jump higher, jump the gap to the left and jump to the high ledge to the cage. You saved the second creature (2/26).


The top cube design push right to the earth was two cubes. Note the signpost depicting geometric angle. One of the cubes put the right of the control panel and click on the remote. Cube goes down. On top of this cube put the second cube, move it to the right. Now click on the remote to bring up the lower cube. Do you have a design of two cubes. Push these cubes to the right, they have to lean against the wall. Jump on the top.

There will be a signpost to shown to the hexagon. Go to the control panel on the right, click on it and scroll down. Go right. Jump to the ledge with a large and remote communities. Downstairs there is a third signpost depicting a circle and two sticks. So, go to the console and will see a six images. Check the "Space" those images that have seen: geometric angle, hexagon and circle with two sticks. Open passage further.

Level 4

Go right, jump over the pit with water. Right raised and lowered spikes. But in front of them there is a small stone on top of wooden sticks. Jump on it and jump up to see in the dark cell. Save the third creature (3/26).


Now move to the blocks with spikes. Get to the villain who will block the passage. The lever is now inactive. Go through two sets of spikes back and stand in front of the third, which is located near the ravine with water. When he falls down, then jump on it and stand. You go up in a secret room. Jump up to the ledge and pull the lever with the green lamp. Go back down and go to the right arm, which is now active. Pull it and open the passage.

Move to the right until you see a big hole. Jump on the wooden platform so as to have time to jump onto the fallen block with spikes. On the rise above it and jump to the ledge on the right. There is a wooden cube. Jump over it and go up the hill on the right. Here you will find the key.

Go back and push the cube to the left stop. In the place where there was a cube, there is a circular control button. Go and click on it (blank), so that she caught fire. With cube jump to the ledge on the left and go up the hill to find another creature (4/26).


Go down and jump on the blocks with spikes right. You need to swing on two suspended logs. To do this, run on the logs from side to side. Where is the log, and to have to run you (in that part). Jump on three more unstable platforms and use the key in the keyhole on the right. Save another creature (5/26) located in the cell. Go right, click on the white circular button and move to the next level.

Level 5

Go to the right. At the top you should see two tanks - large and small. The path by the right is blocked. But there is a hole near the barrier in the ceiling. Jump up to the ledge on the lever notice. Pull the lever and a small container will hang on the rope. Go to the large capacity. Bottom left of it is a lever. Pull this lever several times to fill a small water tank. When he falls to the ground, it will pass on the right.

Move back to push a huge block in the hole on the right side to reduce the volume of the hole with water on the right. So wooden board will rise even higher. With more help jump to the ledge on the right. Go down one notch down. On the right side you will see the villain shoot at you from a bow. But you go to the wall on the left to find a niche in the gear. Roll the gear right. Push it to the hole with water. Discard down. The water level will rise, but this is not enough.  There  is a lever on the ledge on the left. Pull it falls second cog. Push it to the right. Discard the water. Finally, you see a third gear hanging on a rope. Jump on it several times until it fall down. Push the third gear in the water. The control lever on the ledge on the right is activated. Pull the lever, wait for the fall wooden structure, and go to the next level.

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  • Reply
    Lukas Navratil
    Oct 26, 2015 11:57 pm

    I’m really impressed that you’ve spent your time to write a walkthrough of my game. It’s an honor for me. Thank you 🙂

    • Reply
      Oct 27, 2015 3:04 am

      Lukas Navratil
      Thank you for this interesting adventure) 🙂

  • Reply
    Brent Price
    Aug 06, 2016 9:32 pm

    I’m really enjoying Toby The Secret Mine! It didn’t really show up in the Shield TV store but it works beautifully on my Nvidia Shield Android TV! Yes I paid for it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great well thought out game!! Stuck in a place in the game but that’s the fun of trying to figure out the puzzle of what to do next! I hope you continue to develop more games that will work with the Shield..

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