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Walkthrough Transformers: Devastation

Chapter 1: City of Steel

Something strange is tearing apart a human city. The Autobots roll out to investigate.

After an introductory video move forward. End button LT is designed for aiming, and RT - shooting. You will inflict a blow with a sword by clicking on the X. Button Y - blow hammer. In addition, to use the jump button A. If press the button RB, the main character is transformed into a truck and deal a crushing blow to the enemy. Run forward and collect the cubes. Defeat the first group of conventional transformers, attacking them on the button X. Further there will be flying robots. Or wait, when they will fall down or bounce on the A button and attack. Now you can use a combo of buttons X and Y.

After winning collect energon as blue cubes. This will allow you to restore the health of the stock. Go through the gate ahead, pick up a chip fight of them. Destroy the gate.

Above flying drone. Jump up and hit it. On the street go around the corner and destroy huge container to find a useful item. Climb the buildings above. To jump even higher, you should use the double jump - double-click on the A.

Go to the Bumblebe, hold down RB, to transform into a wagon. Drive forward, avoid contact with the rays. Upon arrival, once again, press and hold RB, to transform into a robot. Stand on the orange place that indicates Bumblebe. Jump up and hold RB, to hit the ground the truck and find a secret. Jump on the building nearby, move to the other side. The following gates are guarded by circular saws. Before you saw attacking you, double-click on the RB, to evade the attack. Destroy the gate. Defeat opponents and ordinary people that will be located on the roof of the building.

Walk to the city center and will Devastator (Destroyer). There is the scale of his health in the upper right corner of the screen. Attack the enemy. You have to win! Use of evasion, as described above. Double-press the RB just before an enemy attack. Jump and attack him. At the end of each combo on the screen will light up the button RB. Click on it to inflict a crushing blow to the truck. Defeat your opponents and part of the mission will be completed.


Now you play as Bumblbe. Attack transformers on the roof of buildings. Go through the gate and destroy them. You will see a huge mechanical claw. Evades its attacks by double-clicking on the RB. Attack by all possible means until it is destroyed. Follow the path which marked on the map in red, it will not work: the strengths of the turbine will not allow Bumblbe drive forward. Go back a little and follow the ruined road. The machine will fly two of the ravine until you find yourself on the battlefield. Here you will find a battle with Megatron.

This fight will be specific. When in the hands of Megatron purple shield, then tighten button RB, accelerates and drive up to the enemy and press the button near the attack to strike a powerful blow and destroy the shield. With this you can immediately double to attack the enemy truck by pressing RB. After that run off as cause damage to standing will not work, but Megatron tries to crush you with its tank. Repeat the procedure as soon as the enemy will shield. 8-10 of successful attempts will be defeated and Megatron. Combat is fairly simple.

Then you play for another transformer. Follow to the gate, which is purple shield. Accelerate the machine and attack their press X. Go on. Destroy the same method on a container board. Get to the turbine, jump on it and go up in the air flow on the roof of the building. Go back down and go to the square. Defeat the soldiers, among whom are opponents of yellow. This is a more powerful units in which the health and supply of more and more powerful attacks.


Next, locate the turbine and jump on it on the roof of the building. Go forward past the laser beams. By car acceleration and jump over to the other side. Destroy transformers. Those with shields, should be killed just as Megatron. Then turn left and go around the barriers. Destroy a giant hand and jump down. Kill transformers and break the gate leading to the yellow marker.

Get several buildings with jumps of up to two gates. Ride forward and jump from building to meet again with Megatron.

Race for Megatron

During the chase, you have to call in the clubs, to the hero accelerated. Approaching close to Megatron in the truck, press the attack and seek button RB. Follow so a few meters until you find yourself on the battlefield. What is changed? First, around the electrical barrier, in contact with which you will save margin. In addition, Megatron will use the gun, repulsive you aside. In this case you need to switch on the car and try to drive his way to avoid being taken down in the barriers. Attack Megatron as well as before, until you not win. If you catch a wave, you can attack him transport, and while he will roast at the barrier, switch back to the car to accelerate and repeat a sequence of attacks.

Find Generators

Total you have to destroy three generators. The map has a green shield. Walk up to it and be able to choose the weapons and transformer for the game. Go to the yellow marker ahead and enter the tunnel by pressing the button B. The tunnels will be examined with opponents. Use the wheels to accelerate the car, and to overcome the resistance of the turbine. Go to the end of the tunnel and leave it by pressing B.

Follow ahead, jump on the building. Jump down to the first generator. Defeat Hook and Skrappera. Just scroll continuously on the location on the machine and attack them with acceleration, achieving button RB. Go to the generator and press B, to turn it off.

Follow to the next marker. You may have to go through the next tunnel. Sooner or later you will find yourself on the field with multiple laser beams. Destroy the robots moving along the rays. Can you look into the "Ark", use green marker nearby. Get to the new generator and defeat Scavenger and Bonecrusher. It operates on the same principle as the first.

Go through a tunnel nearby. Drive by car past the rotating laser beam. Break with one dispersal of violet barriers. You can travel around in a circle to accelerate. Leave the tunnel and immediately find yourself about the third generator. You will find a battle with the Long Haul and MixMaster. Get familiar with them. Attack of the enemy usually attacks useless, because they almost always will put the block. Switch on the car accelerates and proceed as usual. After winning turn off the third generator.

Follow the yellow marker to where you expect a battle with Devastator. Shying away from his attacks. When you see the yellow arrows, then press twice to RB bias. Avoid the red area when Devastator will be in the hands of two of the drill. The best way to dodge and attack his usual attacks on X, and until the button lights RB. So you can double-strike machine. Then see the cut-scene, completes the first chapter.

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