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Walkthrough Trial by Viking

And So It Begins

It is a standard platformer. Use the keyboard. Start a new game, learn the history.

There is a scale of health in the upper left corner. Under it is a key. You do not have the keys. You need to collect them, because it is the only way go to the next level. Diamonds - it is part of the bonus. You can search here and collect them all.

Remember a few basic keys. The keys A and D - move left and right, respectively. Key TAB - open inventory. Arrow keys directions "left" and "right" are responsible for the near and far (hammer throwing) attack respectively. Arrow key "up" - a jump. sit down - S key.

Go! Collect crystals. Move to the left, jump to the key "up". Kill the first enemy - Kobold. It is not dangerous opponent. Jump on the rotating wooden wheels. Kill the dragon. Get down on the platform to the bottom! There you will find a cave with the Kobold and the lever. Pull the lever and see that the top of the cube is blowing air. Go back, go upstairs and go to the air. By air rise above and pick up not only the crystals, but also key. Go back, jump up the platforms. Jump on top to the right to the other two rotating wheels. By the way, you will need to defeat the dragon. However, just before meeting with him you can pick up a jar with a red elixir. It gives immortality.

Upstairs is the enemy, throwing a hammer. Jump and click on the "right" to throw into it hammers. Jump to where he stood, and then - more to the right. Go to the door that opens automatically, because the earlier you find the key.

A Shallow Hole

Jump up and pull the lever. Go right and kill the mummy. Above activate another lever that shut off the spikes. Do not forget to collect the diamonds. Climb the platforms where there were spikes. Kill the dragon. Jump throw an ax at the rope on which hangs a metal cube. With it climbs higher.

Beat another cube and push it to the left of the button. Rise to the open passage, open the chest and take the crystals. Go right. Rise above. The exit is at the bottom, but do not rush to go there if you want to find diamonds. Therefore, jump up, kill an enemy with an ax and stand on the square with a point of light. Open the right pass. In the next room before it will light up four such squares. You need to remember the sequence. They are arranged crosswise. Therefore first activate the jump left, then - the lower, then - the upper, and then - right. You will see a chest. Take away from him the last crystals. Go back to the left and go down to the bottom. When you kill the mummy, then a cube with a skull explodes. Leave the location in a luminous passage.

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