Walkthrough Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Walkthrough Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Three characters – Pontius

 The game is divided into chapters. You need to collect the yellow crystals to gain access to a specific chapter. These crystals scattered locations. When you choose a location, if it is open, you will see the number of crystals that can be collected in this chapter. If the location is closed, it indicates the number of crystals which is needed in order to open the step.

After downloading run to the right. In the background is visible track with a huge watermelon. Behind him is the first yellow triangle. Break the various objects by clicking the left mouse button. Follow the right, jump on huge sheets and collect a couple more triangles. Moving on, cutting the stems.

The skills of the knight Pontius: if you click on the left mouse button to attack it, while holding the right mouse button – puts the unit. If you press “Space”, then Pontius, like any other character will jump. But, if you during a jump will be held sandwiched right mouse button, then Pontius will be slower to fall. Run down the slope and jump to the ground. Note that the slope – a great and swings. Break the wooden structure at the left side of the swing. Jump back on the swing and stand on the left. Next, a running jump to the ledge on the right.

It’s time to explore the ability of Pontius following: if you hold down both mouse buttons, then scatter and Pontius can ram any object. Do this with a huge watermelon in the background. You need to rip it from the stem. Push a watermelon right, closer to the ledge. With it, climb up to the ledge. Jump and hit top wooden block to get a triangle.

Exit the cave and see in the background a man with a sheep. Walk up to him, he will hide from you. Stand at the edge of a cliff. Below you will see a platform. You need to jump forward and grip the right mouse button to plan. Go down to the bottom, you will find yourself in another cave. Move to the right and find yourself on an unstable wooden platform. In order to break up a platform under your feet, you need to jump and jump press both mouse buttons simultaneously.

Go to the room with a huge stone. With a running push him against the wall in the background. Take the crystal and push the stone wall to the right. Follow ahead, when you see the flying fireballs, then hold down the right mouse button. Move more to the right, do not forget to collect the yellow crystals. At the last location you will see a gate in the background.

To the left of the gate there is a small platform with the crystal. You need to get on this platform. To climb the structure of the right. Go to the end and jump over to that same platform. Jump up and click on both mouse buttons simultaneously. Go through the opened gate and fight with the goblin. This starts the cut-scene, and the battle will begin with a few goblins. After the victory over their head is completed.

Three characters – Zoe

Run forward on the bridge, do not forget to collect the crystals. You can shoot a bow at different luminous objects inside which may be the best crystals. Jump over the fence on the right, shoot the button on the closed gate. Go through the opened gate. Jump to the platform in the background, with its help jump to another ledge.

Go inside the temple, go to the right and shoot the button on the wall. Climb up and use the bridge that appears. Parrot steal the crystal. With the statue jump to the ledge in the background. Collect all the crystals, including the one that is located near the ceiling. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the ring slightly to the left and press the right button. Zoe hook by rope for that ring. Now you can swing from side to side and jump to the ledge above.

Go right and jump over the gap, use a hook at the top. Leave the cave and jump forward, cling to the various rings. Move to the right, jump up, push between two walls. You need to catch the ring at the top to get to the ledge on the right. In doing so, turn the mouse wheel up. Jump to the ledge, go right and find yourself in a room with two stone slabs. On one of the plates put a wooden box. To do this, you have to hover over the box and click on the right mouse button. Click the left mouse button to let go of the rope. Stand on the other plate to open the gate on.

Go through the snake’s mouth and stop in front of the cliff. In the background is a wall ledge. We cling to it and clamber to the right side. After a huge gap sorted out, use the rings at the ceiling. Hook on the protrusions, rise above use other projections, move up and down. Go right, shoot the hidden ring on the bridge on the right. Pull the bridge to the left and attach the rope to the other ring. To do this will need to click the right mouse button.

Walk across the bridge, jump to the ledge. To the right is a locked door with a ring. Shoot in the ring right mouse button. Zoe move away to the back right of the column. Walk around the column counterclockwise to roll up the rope and go through the open door. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when you let go of the rope, the door closes automatically. The trick with the column will help you manage to go through the open door.

Three characters – Amadeus

Now you have to play for a wizard named Amadeus. Run to the right. Take the first crystal with beach umbrellas made of bamboo. Follow further and see the tall house at the shore. Near the house are lying two boxes, and is seen on the balcony of another crystal. It’s time to explore the ability of Amadeus. Hold the Tab key and you will see what items are active. Hover your mouse over the items and hold down the right mouse button. Now move the cursor with the box up, down, left, right. In general, wherever you go. Place both boxes on top of each other in front of a high house, climb on them, and then jump to the balcony. Take the second crystal.

Follow the right until you come to the cave entrance. The entrance is located at the top. Stand on a wooden bridge in the middle. On the left platform put one box. On your right are two more platforms, operating as a swing. You need to put a second box on the far right platform. Now you can jump on the next platform on the right, where the climb to the ledge that leads to the cave.

Inside the cave you will need to break through the wooden planks on the floor. Hold down F, to create a metal cube. Next, double-click the left mouse button. It turns out that with a click of the left mouse button you agree to the creation of a cube that after these actions starts to fall down. But if you click the left mouse button again, then the cube starts to fall down with an acceleration greater than the acceleration due to gravity. This will allow you to break the board.

It is remarkable that you can completely throw any object and give it the same acceleration that it crashed. So you need to do a little more, when you go down to the ship. There is a wooden cube with a crystal right in the water. Pick up this cube in height, use the right mouse button, then release the button, but immediately make a left mouse click. Cube will break, and you can pick up the crystal.

Go through the ship, collect all the crystals, and then create a cube to a high ledge. Jump up and go forward a little to see the canyon with a strong water flow. There are some low cliffs in the context of the pond. You need to create in front of these cliffs metal cube, use the key F. Alternatively, you can move over a wooden cube, located in the very beginning. If Amadeus fall into a pond, then it will carry over to the first rocks. Move against the flow into the screen.

Create a cube in line with the pond right in front of the cliffs to jump onto the platform with the crystal. Go down, go into the screen. At the top is visible hanging bridge. You have to move it to the left edge down to create a bridge for Amadeus. So do it, go over the bridge, but immediately return the left edge of the top. Climb up on the same bridge on the hill on the left to find another crystal.

The passage into the cave through the mouth of a stone skull is closed. Jump to the ledge on the right to open a passage to the right and above the skull. Now create a cube and move it to that same niche. To move the cube into the screen, you have to turn up the mouse wheel. When the cube is there, then lower it. Cube hold down  button, and run inside the skull open.

Enter the cave, jump over to the right side and take the first step. Now find three hidden crystal. To do this, go down the screen, as if to himself, until you are rested into the railing. Please note that the closer to the bottom of the screen, but slightly to the right there is a niche with stone red button. Jump in there to get the button and push the bridge. Go on, take the first crystal and continue to go right. In another part of the cave you will find two more crystal and stone button. Stand on the button to open the gate to the left.

You will return to the same place already. Create a ledge at the edge of the cube, it can jump to the platform above. Collect crystals, stand at a booth in the far left corner. Create a cube and place it in a booth on the right. Right cubicle must go down, and you’re left with the cabin – to rise above. Now jump onto the roof of the booth, right, and then create a cube and place it inside the left stall. At this time you have to stand on the roof of the booth at the output. Leave the cave and watch the cut-scene.

Around the Academy

So, now you play for all three characters. You can only manage one of them. To switch between the characters, use the keys “1”, “2” and “3”. Move to the right, collect all the crystals. After the interval with studs you climb a little higher. The rock in the background will be some kind of mechanism with gears. Switch to Amadeus, break any branches cube holding the bridge on the right.

Cross the bridge, will be another mechanism. Apparently, this is checkpoint. Then you wait for the double gates. On the right and left of the gate mechanisms have wooden rings. You can switch to Zoe and push each one. But the fact that these mechanisms are immediately closed. The same thing happens with the doors. The best way: select Amadeus and create a cube. Move the cube left or right of the target so as to be inserted between the wall and the sliding platform. When the cube located in the right place, then move your it from the wall. Release cube. When it shall lie all the parties on the ground, then stall the mechanism and that will not close. Use another cube that is already on location to move the second sliding platform.

Ahead will be water. Amadeus take away from the hands of the statue of a metal ball and move it sharply into the wall on the right to break it. Jump into the water, swim to the right and jump out of the water using a key “Space”. Collect three crystals and again jump into the water. Dive into the water. Key “Space” – go up, press CTRL – swim at depth. Also, use the usual keys of movement. Swim on, and then turn right. Before you get out to the surface, note that in the background there is a small passage in the narrow corridor. Swim along the corridor, and then click on the surface to collect three of the crystal.

Return to the previous room and select from the water onto the platform on the left, where there is a mechanism (checkpoint). Stand on the stone platform next to the engine, switch to Zoe and shoot into the ring on a wooden raft near the wall on the right. Drag the raft closer, use the mouse wheel. Get on the raft, switch to Amadeus, create a block and place it on a stone platform at the top right. It should go down. Jump on the cube, located on the very same platform, then climb even higher.

Go to the right, cross over the pit with spikes, play for Zoe and shoot into the rings on top. It will be a pit with spikes still larger. Move the wooden cube to the right, jump to it, create an iron cube and drop to his right. With this cube jump to the ledge on the right and collect all the crystals. Go back, move the cube into the screen and jump closer to the rotating blades on the column. Break branches at the base of the column, scroll down the fallen poles with blades.

Go down to the right and see the first boss.

Battle with Golem

You will see a huge monster that rams a wall using logs. Shoot this monster up. Periodically, after hitting a log on the wall at the foot opens a vulnerable point. After that, try to immediately switch to Amadeus to create a cube, move it over the Golem and drop, by clicking the left mouse button. It is important to understand that you must use the acceleration by pressing the left mouse button, otherwise the power of flight is too small cube. After that, the Golem have to lose a hand and start throwing stones at you.

Avoid the flying boulders and still hit twice on the head with diced Golem. After the head will disappear, chest appears vulnerable point. Wait until the Golem will throw stones (rather than waving a hand), and after then immediately drop the stone and run to Golem (play for Pontius). Jump to the ledge on the chest and stabbed with the sword. Watch the cut-scene.

Go right and play for Pontius, kill all animated roots. After that, note that there are three locations on the boulder. Amadeus create a metal cube and place it in the far right corner, against a wall. Next to it, place a boulder and then move to the second cobblestone cube itself. Jump on the cobbles on the cube until it rolled off, and climb to the ledge above. You can go left and collect crystals, and can immediately proceed to the right.

Enter the building, Amadeus move the wooden cube on the platform above. The platform is lowered. At the bottom of the platform still has a ring for Zoe. Climb up to the ledge in the background at the window, where there is a single crystal. From here jump onto the lower platform with the cube. On the platform, jump to the ledge on the left and collect the crystals. Go back, cross the bridge on the right.

First go at the bottom, break the boxes on the right, play for Pontius and collect crystals. Switch to Zoe and jump up starting from facing each other of the walls. Collect all the crystals and go to the right. In general, you need to go right, but if you want to collect additional crystals, then climb to the top. To do this, switch to Zoe and jump on logs, nailed to the wall. Upstairs there is a suspended timber, and on the right is a concrete slab with a ring. Before anything to do with them, go into the screen, go outside and collect crystals.

Go back to the hanging log. First by Amadeus create a cube and place it closer to the foreground of the screen. Play for Zoe, shoot the rope into the ring, pull the plate to the log. Walk together with a rope under a log left, then jump to the right and again pass under him in the left side. Pull the rope to metallic cube created by Amadeus. Tie a rope, right-click when the cursor will appear with the corresponding image. Go behind the plate and collect the remaining crystals.

Follow to the right at the bottom will checkpoint. Go to the right and you will see a huge toad that fishes. Amadeus take the hook and slide it across the water. If it does not, first hook the rope hook for play Zoe, and pull it up to detach. Even if you come off the hook, just slide it across the water until a fish hook. Move the hook with fish in hand of the fisherman. He has to leave the road.

Go right at the house, in the background can collect crystals. Go down and jump to the ledge on the back wall. You will find yourself on one of the four blades of the wheel. Jump right to the other blade, and from there – to the next. Thus, you need to disperse the wheel. Jump up, move to the right, across the chasm flight, shooting a rope into the ring. Defeat by playing Pontius, animated roots.

Go left through the arch, jump up, use Zoe’s ability to cling to the ring and use a rope. Shoot the ring, right-click and Zoe tighten up, rotating the mouse wheel. Go to the right, create a cube of the wall and use it to climb up onto the ledge.

Pontius cut the bushes and go to the crypt. Downstairs, defeat all the enemies, then create on a stone slab on top of a metallic cube (Amadeus). Stove fall, and you can get it. Jump to the ledge to the plate, which has just raised concrete slab. Go to the checkpoint.

Let down. Tie the rope to one of the rings on the right and the other end of the ropes tie the ring on the platform on the left. Tie another rope ring another platform on the right to ring the same platform on the left. Move the highest platform to the right, use the Amadeus magic cube (cube need to push the lower part of the platform). Quickly jump on each of the platforms higher and higher, and in the end – climb to the ledge on the right. Jump over the gap, use Amadeus’s ability to hover in the air. But if it does not, you can switch to Amadeus and by cube break branches, snare bottom of the bridge. Go to the front of the academy.

Astral Academy

Run forward, switch to Amadeus and create a cube. Place a cube on a round button. You will see the bridge over which you will be able to cross to the other side. Collect crystals on the right. One of the two crystals located on a ledge of the ring. Switch to Zoe, shoot at and destroy the ring projection. Collect all the crystals on the left. Switch to Amadeus, pick a round ball with the help of magic and they hit the wall with cracks on the left. Collect all the crystals out of the alcove.

Stand in the center, where there are two statues with rings. In the background there is a platform with rings. In the role of Zoe tighten the platform to the left and attach the ring to the right statue. Platform for the right need to bind to the ring on the left statue. Pontius jump to the left platform, holding “Space”. From there, jump to the platform on the right and climb over the railing.

You need to open a passage in the center. On the sides you can find round balls recessed in the floor. There is an image on the wall in the background. Jump on the ball and rotate it by dragging their feet on it. You need to put on a blue screen, the same image as on the wall. If you move the ball well, they begin to light up the green light around the screen. You need to put the image on the left and right of the image. Log in to activate the portal to understand the above.

Pontius defeat all monsters, create a box to jump up and take the crystal. Collect all the crystals on the balcony in the background of the screen. Go right and go down. Switch to Amadeus, put all the boxes into the empty cage on the wall. Jump up, collect the crystals on a ledge to the left, then move to the right. Amadeus lift into the air box and drag to the right to the wall. Insert the slot. Go down to the ledge below, Zoe shoot the ring on a moving platform. Run with a rope to the right and release to the platform at a speed of moving closer to the box on the wall. Jump on the platform, and with it – on the box. If you need to, you can play for Pontius and jump, hold “Space”.

To the right is a log and platform. Pontius hit the ground, flew to the beam to the right and the platform raised. Hop up and exit to the balcony. Pre collect crystals. On the balcony, climb the metal ramp in the center. Play for Pontius, jump and hit the ground. Jump to the right.

Zoe shoot into the ring on one of the two platforms. Make it so that the platforms were right and the left (turn them clockwise). Jump on the right platform, Amadeus create a box and move it to the left platform. Jump to the ledge on the right to collect crystals. Now, stand on the left platform and move the box on the right platform. Zoe shoot into the ring at the closed bridge on the left. Drop down and shake to turn the bridge. Climb up and jump to the left onto the bridge lowered.

There will be a location with another springboard. Amadeus create a box and put on a wooden platform on the right. The left platform should rise. Pontius hit the platform to jump onto the wooden ledge on the left. From there, jump to the left more. Go over the bridge and enter the building. Pontius jump onto the platform on the right (on the left wing of the bird statue). Amadeus create a box and place it on the left platform. Climb up to the ledge above.

On the right will rotate the blade. Jump to the blade to move right. It will be several blades. Climb even higher. This will start the battle with opponents and magician. You need to defeat the sorcerer. Attack him by Pontius. On the ground will appear circles. You need to avoid them, because that’s where the magician will attack. It is best to first win the usual monsters, and then – of the magician. Jump across the river with the help of Zoe, shot in the ring at the head of the statue.

Go ahead, go past the statue on the right or the left. Watch the cut-scene.

Jump right, Zoe move the rings into the screen to find the crystal. Go back, go up to the right. You need to put a magic cube Amadeus inside the right box on the chain . At this point, you should be on the left box on the chain. Rise to the top of the tower on the right path. Jump over the rolling stones of fire. You need to get closer to the mouth of the dragon, from rolling rocks, and jump on the platform floating in the air.

Walk into the building ahead, deal with all the books. Climb the stairs, Amadeus insert the cube into the right hole. Cube will start to ride up and down. Jump on the cube, rise above and jump to the balcony on the right. Next are two platforms, rotating in a circle. Jump to the platform right and to the left, move the magic cube Amadeus. Jump to the ledge on the right, move to the other side.

Follow on, defeat all the enemies. You will see a platform with several buttons. Stand on the button, so that up at least two platforms right. Ideally, you have to light all the buttons. But even if they raised two platforms, you can simply create magic cube Amadeus and place it on top of the platform. Climb to the cube with a jump at the wall to the right. Push off from the wall to be at the top.

Go down the screen to the foreground. This will start a fight with two magicians. As usual, avoid the magic circles. First defeat a monster and then enjoy a magicians. It is noteworthy that the killing magicians best to use a bow of Zoe. Nock tightly, holding down the left mouse button and release when the take aim at the enemy. Watch the cut-scene.

Chronicles keeper

This level is very, very kind. Run to the right to turn the page. You can break the barrels and other objects. Everything is the same as in the previous chapters. In the background are three platforms. Stand on the middle platform to pick up the crystal. Stand on one side of the platform, while others place the magic cube Amadeus. Take a jump in the second crystal. Do the same on a different platform, only in reverse.

Climb up to the ledge on the right. You can pull the rope of Zoe the stone, hovering in the air. For this shoot in the ring, move closer and tighten the rope to the limit, use the mouse wheel. Next simple steps away from the side of the stone. So, run to the right. It will cut several such stones. Just attracts them and jump over to the other projections.

Defeat the skeletons, tighten the two stone built with them a ladder. Climb to the top, to the left, take the crystal, and then jump to the ledge on the right. Follow are two platforms, rotate in a circle. To be more precise to say that these platforms are stationary, but they still can rotate in a circle. Create by Amadeus magic cube and place it on the right platform. They both begin to spin. When the left platform returns to its original position, then go at it. Jumps up to the platform could move. Jump to the ledge on the right.

Jump on the three magic stones. Amadeus, as it turned out, they might as well move. Move them, build a staircase. But first defeat skeletons. Jump up, the following rules. Destroy all the pieces of wood in the background, under the bridge. Next Zoe hook on the ring on the top, shake and jump through the hole in the bridge. Pull the two sides of a blue blocks on the left wall. The passage should open. Go through the room.

The evil magician to destroy the bridge. Wait left when a boulder fall. Run quickly to the right, but do not get down to the bottom. Place the magic cube Amadeus on the edge of the platform, located on a diagonal. Quickly switch to Pontius, get on the cube and disperse fly over to the ledge on the right. “Space” during the flight do not release!

Jump down, cut into two brown rope to the stone fell on the peaks. Overcome peaks use beams on the wall to the left. Stone head of the giant tries to kill you. Come to a dip in the right earnest. Let’s head to charge at you. Run off before it hits the ground. This earthquake should overturn the stones and free passage to the right. Enter the building, switch to Amadeus. Click on the Tab and see the hidden active point at the bottom left. Click the right mouse button and drag to the right. It is a wooden cube, which can be hit on the wooden planks on which you stand. The platform goes down. Hook on the ring to the right and jump to the second platform is lowered down.

Run to the right and watch the cut-scene to battle a villain and Musketeers.

You need to open a three-grating on the right. For this purpose all three platforms in the background have to be simultaneously lowered. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. Create a magic cube Amadeus and place on the platform on the left. Then switch to the Zoe, shoot into the ring at the bottom of the platform on the right. Jump on the platform, hold the rope. Jump on the platform, so that she, together with you rise above. Jump together with rope to the middle platform and then move to the left platform with the cube. Tie the end of the rope to ring the left platform.

Now a rope connects the two side platforms, but it goes on top of the center. You need to make sure that the rope was underneath. By Zoe choot in the ring in one of the side platforms, go to the other platform and a jump ring to tie the other end of the rope. Now place the magic cube in the middle Amadeus platform. It falls together with the side as the rope connecting them with each other, under the middle platform. Go through the door on the right.

Downstairs there is a hanging bridge. You need to shake it, and substitute one or two cubes. One stone is already the second – create, play for Amadeus. On the left side of the ledge, jump on a raised piece of wood and climb up higher. Connect the ring upper bridge and lower bridge ring. Amadeus move the magic stone, which lies on the right. Remember that the stone can be placed in the air. Pull the rope stone. Climb the stone, and from there jump to the bridge above. Quickly navigate to a new page.

Defeat the enemy on location with a stone head, and then go right. Navigate through the area. Inside Amadeus move the trampoline to the right wall. Pontius jump and hit the springboard to fly up above, and to cling to the ledge. Go down and kill the skeletons. Press the right button on the purple wall. A large concrete block fall down. You stand to his right and then climb higher, push between two walls.

Rise due to jumping on a ledge. Move to jump and climb on the ledge above. Go right. Place the box on a huge platform on top. Jump on it, then move the box to a small platform on the right. You rise above and be able to jump over in order to continue the journey. Go down below and defeat all the enemies. It should lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and go right.

Again, location is a stone head. You need make that head hit some rocks in the background, cover button. Next Amadeus place magic cube on the left button. Go to where the button is located among the rocks, and lure the stone head, which should instead you press the button. When will it be ready to hit the button, then run away to the third button. If all three buttons simultaneously clamped, the passage to the right will open.

To the right you will find a platform with a statue of a lion. To begin, select Zoe, connect the two rings so that the rope is passed over a stone and sleeve bridged. Stand on the platform, switch to Amadeus, create a magic cube and place it on the purple button on the right. The pin will begin to rise, and as you tie the rope, and the platform together with you will go up. Jump to the left and take the crystals. Next, move to the right and watch the cut-scene.

Pine forest

Run forward, collect crystals. Go down where there is a huge log. Stand on one side, then run up to the opposite. Just so you can jump higher. Next you need to move the wooden beams, cling to them. Here, several crystals – always collect them all. Next, hit the rock, so that she fell. Go to the ledge on the right.

Get to the water, dive and swim to the right. Switch to Zoe and pull the thread to the ring, so she hit the wall. Behind the wall is a crystal. Climb above, where there is a moose. Once in the tree will be a mechanism, which symbolizes saving, you will have two options. First, go into the screen for the elk to collect more crystals. You will need to jump on the platforms at the wall. Do not forget to create a magic cube Amadeus.

Go back to the checkpoint, and jump on the ledges to the right. Defeat all enemies available here. Cut the rope hold the branch sticking out of the rock. Create this thread on the foot magic cube Amadeus, then jump with it upstairs. You will need to jump up and push off from the wall on the left side to the right.

Stand on the right platform at the ground. Place the magic cube Amadeus platform to the left to climb higher. Here at the edge of the cliff in front of the right is a wooden structure. It collapsed bridge. First destroy branches inside it, attacking Pontius. Then create Amadeus magic cube and hit several times on the left side of the structure to the bridge turned to the right.

Top start to roll metal balls. You need to take one of these balls as soon as it falls. It must be done Amadeus. Next, move the ball in the basket on the right. It should lower the bridge. Run across the bridge to the right. Wait until the fall one ball, then jump to the ledge on the right. Let fall the next ball, jump to the left and into the screen. When you hold hands on the ledge, then wait one more ball and climb to the top. Defeat all the usual enemies. The flying creature best archery Zoe.

Amadeus lift up one of the balls and place it into the basket to the left of the circular fire doors in the middle. The door should rise. Zoe shoot into the ring and tighten to his wooden ledge. Jump on board the right until it is placed horizontally, and then jump to the center.

Walk into the room with spikes. Jump to the left, use the ring on the top to pick up a few crystals. Go back, jump to the wall to the right, push on the wall to the left, and on it – to the ledge on the right. Jump onto the platform to the right, shoot a bow on the left Zoe in the ring at the top and pull towards you. Climb up onto the ledge and pick up the crystal. Move to the right, hook on the ring and overcome the pit with spikes. Create a magic cube Amadeus and climb higher, push between the walls.

Shoot from arrow at the branch on the left, jump to the ledge and take the crystal. Head to the right side, use the ring. Everything is as usual. Pull the wooden structure with a ring on the left side and hook the ring on the right wall. Climb on it and pull the second wooden structure, located a little higher, but the right. Then attach it to the ring on the bottom of the structure.

Climb up and jump through rings of holes at the tree house. Defeat all enemies, including the familiar flying creature. Pull the thread in the background, use a rope of Zoe, and attach the ring to the right. Climb up, jump on the ledges to the right side. On the right hangs a basket of fire. As usual, you need to put it in the circular stone. Select Zoe and shoot at the top of the rope that holds the bridge. Move into the screen on the bridge lowered. Pontius break the ice on a stick right. Select Amadeus and move with the help of his magic left stick so that the ball rolled on two platforms right and right to left the platform to the left, toward the center. Now, when the ball rolled out to you, pick it up and put Amadeus in that same basket.

Open passage further. Tie ring bridge to a column on the left. Ring the second bridge to be connected with a ring on the ground, already bound bridge. Overrun on the right side and climb higher. Jump on more than one tree house. Just before the checkpoint you will need to pull out of the wall of the wooden structure. Do it, but so that the rope went around the stand with fire clockwise. The end of the rope you have to bind to the ring on the same wall, but slightly to the left. Climb up to the checkpoint, and follow on.

Next, you will need to kill a few animated trees. After all this, Amadeus create a cube and jump to the ledge above. There is a door in the background, but it stalled floes. Pontius break all the ice floes – on both sides of the door. The door should automatically fall down.

Go ahead. Jump up, push off from the wall to the left. Amadeus move the upper end of the bridge to the platform on the left, where you have to stand. Place the timber in the slots and go to the other side. Go ahead and complete the chapter.

The beast in the thicket

This final chapter of the storyline of the game. To open it, you need to collect 900 crystals.

Run forward until you will not attack the huge monster. At the beginning of the battle the monster attacks only its flowers. On location there are flowers that explode after a few seconds. Jump over the cloud that spreads on all sides. When on location will fireballs, then switch to Amadeus, the magic lift one of them and just move to the head of the monster. At the top of the screen you see the total health of the enemy. You need to get into it 10 fireballs.

A little later, a monster several varieties of their attacks and begin to inflate purple gas from its mouth. Jump over him. Finally, the location will leave soon on a familiar device hold a ball of fire. Switch to Amadeus, create a cube. Lure car with the ball, so it hit the ground. Amadeus quickly move the cube and hit on the head unit. Pick up fallen fireball and attack them the main boss.

Forgotten parchment

In this mini-chapter, you play for Zoe. Go into the screen, go to the edge of the right hook and rope for the right platform. Drag the platform to the left and attach it to the ring. Jump on the platform, shoot the rope holding it. Platform with overclocking ram the wall on the right. You need immediately jump off the platform that will fly into the abyss.

Use the ring and climb onto the ledge at the top right. It should be how to swing on a rope. Go to the room on the right. there is a locked door ahead in the background. A little closer to the rope hanging flimsy wooden box. Shoot the rope, the box will fall and broken to pieces. But he will have time to touch the button. You now need to realize that if you put another box on this button, it will be possible to go further.

Pay attention to the truck. Go to the foreground of the screen and stand in front of the two columns in the center. Shoot an arrow with a rope in the ring on a cart, the cart tighten to him and turn left to wrap the rope for the column, and expand the right side of the cart. Push the cart to the right, so she rolled down until it stops. Please note that the right and slightly above the cart has a wooden box, locked in a cage. Walk as much as possible to the right and go down to the balcony below. Hook on the ring on the bottom board of the cart. Drop down and reel in hand. You need to jump on the right wall to push off and rise above. In general, you should make a start between the walls. Once upstairs, shoot in the ring on a locked cage and tighten it with the mouse wheel. Cube should fall directly into the cart. Jump over the place where used to be a cube. Now all you have to pull the cart back and move the cube on the button.

Go through the opened passage and find yourself outside. Now just scroll through the objects floating in the clouds with rings. Click on the right mouse button possible only when the corresponding icon will be white instead of red.

By a hair’s breadth of death

Stand on the platform hidden in a hole on the right. You scroll down. The green water can not enter. Please note that at the bottom of the platform under your feet is a ring. You have to jump at the wall to the left, push off of it and quickly shot into the ring. When you step off the platform, it begins to rise, because of this possible is a trick. Shake and jump to the right, jump to another platform. Hook on the ring on the top, but immediately tighten, because the platform is lowered. Shake, jump on the wall to the right and push off from it so that the top of the climb to the platform on which hang. Just jump on the wall to the right, push on the wall to the left, and on it – to the ledge on the top right.

Shoot into the ring on a floating platform and tighten it to yourself. Monster fall from top. Kill him archery. Push down on top of the platform, shoot at the ring on her. Tie the other end of the rope to any ring on a raft. It is necessary to lower the platform so that you can jump on it. On the platform, jump over the wall to the right to be on the top ledge.

Run to the right, shoot the button to the right of the snake’s mouth. Go through the fall to complete the chapter.

Wizard‘s nightmare

Go right and find yourself in a flooded area. You shohld not fall in the water. In the water floats a blue platform. You must move it to a fixed platform in the center. Put the blue platform on the edge of the fixed platform. Top place created by Amadeus magic cube. Jump to the right of the cube to get to the ledge and continue on his way.

Go down. Be careful, because the platform as soon as you get up on it, begin to descend into the poisoned water. Create a magic cube and place it on the platform on the right. Themselves jump to the platform near to you. It should start to rise. In general, you need to spin the mechanism clockwise.

Then you find yourself at an impasse. You must climb to the top. To do this, create a magic cube and hit them on the platform on the right. You have to see how the block on the left rise up. Stand on the block when it falls. Hit the magic cube on the platform on the right. Push off from the unit to the wall on the left and from the wall to the ledge on the left jump top right.

This will start the fight. Create a magic cube and beat them at enemies. When you see a huge monster with a fireball, you must first make him hit the ground, thereby lower the bowl and bare head. Quickly attack him the same cube by hitting the top down on his head. When a monster is not in the hands of the fireball, then you can easily crank out another trick. Finish the remaining enemies, then run to the wall in the background. Create a magic cube and get the monster to attack it. Monster has to grab his legs the same cube. Now every time the monster will drop the cube down, and you will be able to get on top of it and jump to the ledge. Climb the stairs and finish the chapter.

Wizard‘s revelation

Go to the right and create a magic cube. Hit the cube on the right platform that holds the branch. The left platform will rise with you. Jump to the right. Create a cube and place it on the left platform. The right platform should rise. On the right wall to push off moving up and down the block and jump to the ledge to the right.

Create a cube and place it on the long, narrow metal platform. It is necessary to place it on its distal end. Since the platform is stable. Otherwise, you will turn it. Jump right, deal with books and magician, attacking their cube. Create a cube and a note on the same platform, located vertically between two walls in the background. Move on the upper part of the cube, so it bent down. Put a cube in the end to the platform was horizontal .

Stand on a box at the end of the platform, then jump up to the right wall and push off to the left wall. On the left wall, if you notice, there is a projection for which Amadeus engaged. Crawl to the front and jump up to pick up the crystal. Once again, jump up and push off from the wall, the flight to the platform on the right, where there is a single crystal.

Go right, pick up the top of the timber so as to hold the rope slung over his round wooden element. Now log on the left and the platform must be suspended in this timber element. Stand on the block, create a magic cube and place it on the platform on the left. Jump right and go right into the corridor. You need to climb up to the top. To do this, build a cube of the wall in the form of stairs, right to left or left to right, are constantly add one cube in height. Jump up and the mission will be completed.

Shake It All About

In this mini-chapter, you’ll play exclusively for Pontius. Go right, jump the gap, hold the right mouse button to Pontius took a shield. Defeat Goblin. There is a cart on four wheels. You can make different, but the safest way is this: stand to the left of the cart and push it to the right. It should stand on the two rear wheels. Now you have to climb to the top of the cart and then jump to the ledge above.

Climb higher and more will be on site with several projections, which will be goblins. You need to kill all the goblins, and most importantly of the monster that is in the chain platform in the background. After you kill him, jump themselves with the platform and see that the passage to the right opened. Go there, go along the rails to the ledge on the right. The ledge is too high.

Go back a little and see the cart and more design, functioning as a swing. Hit with acceleration (two-click) on a bucket on the right end of the structure. The bucket should go up. Instantly hit with the acceleration of the cart to the left, so she drove up, and flew on a swing. The cart should roll down to the ledge to the right. Climb up using it as a platform.

In the background is the tunnel with rotating platforms and spikes. You need to overcome it, and the level ends. Do not forget about the ability of Pontius, by which it can slow down the plan.

Lonely Knight

You play for Pontius. Jump over the cliff to the right, hold down the “Space”. Jump over another pit. To the right is a concrete slab. Jump up and hit the ground, clicking both mouse buttons. While a concrete slab is raised, run right and jump up, starting from the two walls. Jump on the rotating wooden structures. They have a beam for which Pontius can cling to. Jump to the second structure, and from there go down even lower. Defeat the three goblins.

Kill another group of goblins on a ledge in the background of the screen. From this ledge, jump on a fixed wooden structure similar to those for which you previously climbed. Go around it. You need a top beam of the structure to jump to the right and hold “Space” to get to the ledge to the right. By the way, if you break the wooden boxes under this structure, it starts to rotate.

Go right and see the cart. Go down to the front and break the boards (or stones) behind the cart to lower the bridge. The trolley will move down to bottom. Hop on a nearby platform, where there is a truck. Stand to the right of the cart (do not worry, there are no holes). Hold both mouse buttons to hit a cart in the snatch. The cart should roll back slightly rising slope.

Move to the fore, not to stand in the way of carts. Wait, she mistimed closer to the obstacle, jump and hit the ground. From such a shake-up truck bounce and hop across the ledge. With carts climb up to the ledge on the right. Go outside.

The confrontation in the jungle

In this mission you have to win all animated roots, playing for Ponte. Use all his skill to attack, namely:

  • Left mouse button: normal punch.
  • The right mouse button: to place the block.
  • Caught the right and left mouse buttons: Pontius accelerates and takes down everything in its path. The chapter on the locations scattered around the boulders. If you use this technique on the cobblestones, they will roll in the direction of the enemy with great speed and will cause them a decent loss.
  • Finally, it bounces on “Space” and click simultaneously on the left and right mouse buttons. Please note that you need to click it, and not to keep.

 Invasion of the Academy

You will play exclusively for Amadeus. You need to touch first one area and then – nother. Every time you touch a rotating sphere on the location will appear enemies. It is clear that it would be better to deal with the first group of enemies, and then touch the second sphere.

Defeat your opponents can only using the magic cube. Create a cube and move it so that it is positioned above the heads of enemies. Next click the left mouse button to drop at a rate of cube down. Focus on the shadow on the ground to catch opponents. Defeat the two groups of enemies and get a reward of 25 crystals.

Dangerous trip

You have to play for a knight Pontius. Fight off waves of attacking two enemy. Use all possible skills knight. You will then receive a reward of 25 crystals.

Whisper of evil

In this chapter you will play for Pontius. There will be three waves of attackers. You need to defeat the monsters. First, the best win of ordinary enemies, and then to kill the flying creatures. Use Pontius’s hit the ground to get out of the environment.


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