Walkthrough Truberbrook and Trüberbrook Guides

Walkthrough Truberbrook


Read the full walkthrough of the detective adventure Truberbrook.

The game begins at the gas station, where the main character arrives on her motorcycle. It is necessary to fill it and add refrigerant. If you try to refuel, the girl will say that the column is not working. Go to the front door and look in the tool box to the left of door. Inside are pliers. Take them, strike the sewer pipe to the right of the door so that the key falls out. Pick up the key and open the door with it.

Inside, look at the picture to the right of the door, then interact with it to remove and see the hidden switch. Click on it to turn on the light, and then pick up a fallen glass from one of the tables. View postcards located on the wall at the bar. Take one of them with a map of the area. Use the pliers on the panel with switches (to the right of the entrance door).

Go to the motorcycle, click on the gas station and the main character will refuel your vehicle. Use a large glass on the freezer to the right of the door to get some ice. Use a glass with ice on a motorcycle to cool it. If you already have a postcard with a map of the area, you can interact with the motorcycle to continue your journey.

Prologue. Lazarus Effect

Move to the right and go to the next location. Go to the right side of the city and enter the hotel. When you can control the main character, then again interact with the bell. Talk to the woman who will give the room key. In the end, you find yourself in the room.

Download and you will see a strange man who steals the thesis of the protagonist. Go outside and go outside. Chat with the girl, go to the top location and start a dialogue with her again. At the end of it the walkthrough of the prologue will be completed.

Chapter 1

Talk to the girl; pick up the right cardboard box. Go downstairs and find an old man in a wheelchair at the entrance to the hotel. Talk to him about everything. He will not be particularly talkative. Enter the hotel and chat with the woman behind the reception desk. Ask about everything and then ask for a glass of beer. Drink it; pick up the fallen cardboard stand. Take the second stand for beer glasses, go outside and apply both stands on the wobbling table (through the «gear»). Talk to the Baron to find out about everything. He refuses to tell even more, because he lost the cat.

Enter the hotel and interact with the TV to distract the daughter of the hostess. Talk to all topics, and then use a voice recorder to tell where the hostess’s brother has a cache. Interact with the food on the table to the right of the girl. You take away the worm from the chicken, from another food — canapés. Go upstairs to your room, look out the window and pick up the coat hanger from the rope. Take the second coat hanger from the closet in the room. Take the towel (tablecloth), which lies on the cabinet to the right of the entrance. Get a vibrator out from under the bed. Then move the rug in the middle and remove the bottle of schnapps from the cache.

Go down and click on the rods for the hostess of the hotel. She let you take one fishing rod in rent, but you need to give something in return. Offer her a vibrator, and the woman will not refuse. Pick up canned food next to the table with food. Move to the very first location to the left. At the pier, use a fishing rod with a worm to catch a can opener. Apply the tablecloth to the boat, and then shoot the cat sitting on the tree. Do not be surprised: the cat really looks like a fox. To shoot a cat, you need to have a canapé cheese, a bottle of schnapps and a cane tube. The last you get in the interaction with the reeds to the left of the pier. Try to grab the fallen cat, but he will run away.

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