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Walkthrough Truberbrook

Go to the square; apply canned to the cat in the alley. Since you have a can opener, the main character will open the jar. While the cat is eating, apply a cardboard box on it. The cat will run away. Climb to the new partner and see a cat on the bench. Try to grab it. The cat will run away, but he will be electrocuted. Take the stunned cat and give it to the Baron below. Talk to him and ask for the key to the cable car. He will give it to you.

There is a statue in the center of the square. Throw a can opener into it and put on the loose armor. Climb up to the cable car and interact with the wires in the background to connect them in armor. The wire is repaired! Go back to the girl and apply the master key from the cable car to the generator nearby. And then it will remain to get a device for movement on the cable car, since there are no booths here. You fit those two hangers found earlier. The chapter ends after you apply them to the cable car.

Chapter 2

In the dark, you move in any direction until the scene switches to the sanatorium. The main character lies in a hospital bed; he is examined by a strange doctor. Click three times on the main character; choose the "interaction" button. When you wake up, talk to the doctor. Get up, knock on the door and agree to be tested. You will be asked three questions, and for each there will be three possible answers. In fact, it is impossible to pass the test now.

Back in the ward, click on the skeleton. Interact with the ladder, and then apply it to the grid on the upper left, on the wall. Move the shower curtain back, try to turn on the faucet, and then inspect the shower sprinkler. A coin will fall. Apply it on the grid, near which there is a ladder. Get out, go downstairs and pick up the UV lamp near the reception desk. Look at the safe, go up and open the double door in the upper left of the screen.

Go to the balcony and interact with the brazier to get a band-aid. Go back to your room; apply the band-aid to the sparkling electrical shield. Then inspect the wall in the shower stall and find the point for interaction in the upper part. Apply a UV lamp to it. You can see the numbers. Interact with them for the main character to write a code combination.

Return to the safe, apply the code combination to it and read the dossier. You will find out that a certain patient was too calm. You must do the opposite. A doctor will appear and retesting will begin. This time for each question there will be new answers. Select the bottom three lines, and then go through the other testing steps. During these stages, you can choose any answers. The doctor will set you free. Take the key from the wall on the left and open the main door.

Chapter 3

Move again in the darkness until you find yourself near the dumped entrance to the mine. Examine the barn door. It's locked up. Pick up the chain and connect it to this door. Start the cable car using the device in the lower left corner of the screen. Take the gear from the cable car and place it on the trolley on the right. Pick up a belt near the tent, take the propane tank out of the barn (you pulled the door off with a chain) and place it together with the belt on the trolley. Examine the stones to the left of the dam, under the mountain, to find the miner's helmet. Take it and get into the cart to go to the mine.

Upon arrival at the cave; pull out the pickaxe from the wall to the left. Pick up the gear and install it on the pipe on the back wall. Turn the gear and hit the pipe with a pickaxe. Throw a pickaxe into the stalactite hanging on the ceiling. It will fall down, and the ravine below will fill with water. Hit the cart three times to dump it into the water. Move on it to the right and with the help of the destroyed rails get to the top.

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