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Walkthrough Truberbrook

You will meet with the main character. Talk to her; inspect the door and remote control on the left. Explore the dark walls to find five inscriptions in different languages. One will be in the upper left corner, graffiti - in the upper right, three more on the middle wall. You need to choose five inscriptions in the order in which their ancestors left them. First, select the image of the five-hexagon with people lying around, then — the hieroglyphs in the upper left corner of the screen, then the inscription in Latin, after — the runes above the Latin, and finally the graffiti in the upper right corner of the screen. All the lights come on. Click on the control panel to the left of the huge gate to open it and go further.

Once in a dark room, interact with the pedestal by the window in the far side (on the left of the screen) to turn on the light. Interact with the rotating model of the planets, and then apply a bottle on this model (in the bottom left of the screen). The planets will stop. Take the item from the table. There are several electronic cabinets with equipment on the left. There is a door on the one that is closer to the window. It will not be active immediately, but after you hear the voice of robot. Interact with the door on the right. Open the door on the cabinet on the left and install the RAM.

Communicate with the robot several times. You need to interact with the door or panel to the right of it and robot appears again (this is not about the elevator, but about the right door). In the end, the robot will let you inside. Watch the video in the room with the portal of Saturn.

So, you need to help your new friend back home. For this it is necessary to find four components. First, go outside and find a fair. Move left to the river and pick up the fishing pole and lottery ticket. Go back to the square; apply a lottery ticket to a stall with a girl near the hotel.

You win cat food. Give it to the baron in a wheelchair to get your shoes. Climb up to the cable car and chat several times with a woman exercising with a weight. Give her shoes to get tobacco. Go to the square and talk to the sailor. Exchange the tobacco for a winning ticket that allows you to swim across the lake.

Go to the pier and talk to the girl (the boat rental). Look at the inflatable toy on the left and ask the same girl about it. She will allow to take a toy. Examine the broken boat at the pier, talk to the girl and she will ask you to repair it. In addition, when you moved to this location after the lottery, you would see the graves of an unknown man in strange clothes. He went to the left. Follow him and find yourself on a location with a thick tree trunk and a bunch of garbage. Interact with the tree and whistle any tune. Climb up and pick an apple from the branch on the right. Climb even higher up the stairs to find yourself in a tree house. Chat with a stranger.

When you can control the character, go out to the balcony and remove the wooden wheel with blades by disassembling the windmill. Get down, go back to the hotel and look at the table with food. Take a little stew from a large pot. Return to the pier and apply this stew to the boat to patch the hole. Use the wooden wheel.

The boat is ready to sail! Hop on a boat and swim in the swamp. Once in place, you will see a corpse on the right. Take off his yellow rubber boots. Inspect the corpse to get a rusty key. You can interact with the luminous place on the right.

Go back to the hotel; move to your room and take the empty can from the device in the center of the room. Go to the location with the pier and hit the lamppost next to the stop. The light goes out, fireflies appear. Use an empty jar on them from your room to get fireflies in the bank.

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