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Walkthrough Truberbrook

Return to the hotel and use the rust key to open the door near the TV. Go downstairs to light your way. Take the malt from the bag on the left, take the yeast from the barrel to the right of the stairs. Read the note on the beam to find out the recipe for beer. You need fruit, malt, yeast and mushrooms. Fruit we have - apples from the tree. We also just found the malt and yeast. Look at the beer machine on the right. In the background, there is a metal cover under the stairs. Take it.

Get out of here, go to the square and stand next to the big guy. Interact with the attraction to hit it. Your hero will not be able to score the desired number of points. Go to the tree house and meet a familiar woman here. She will appear after you interact with the luminous place in the swamp (and the main character will glow). Chat with her to get vitamins. Go to the pier and talk to the girl from the rental. She will be glad that you have repaired the boat, and will give a map. This map allows you to quickly move between locations.

Stand under the tree on which the house is located, examine the garbage and you will find a metal cover on the left. Take it. Go to the square; buy treats in a stall next to the big guy. Give the hostess of the hotel back the fishing rod to get a whistle. Go to the pier, interact with the tree and select the whistle. Crows arrive. Click on them and apply the seeds. The crows will be overfed. Go to the square, go to the hotel and apply the whistle to the antenna hanging above the entrance. The TV will stop showing, and you can pick up the electro-ray tube. But for this you need a special tool that will be discovered later.

You have two metal caps and yellow boots, go back to the swamp and apply these items on the water next to the corpse. Move to the island, pick mushrooms. Go back to the hotel, go downstairs and interact with the brewing machine.

Hans will say that fire is needed. Climb to the hostess of the hotel, and ask her for a lighter. You can also talk about her brother, found in the swamp. Take the lighter, go down and light the device. Throw apples, malt, yeast and mushrooms in turn. Take a bottle of beer. Hans immediately drink it, then wakes up at the bus stop.

Walk to the right, winter will come and you will meet a meteorologist (right at the same location with the pier). Talk to the woman; interact with the transition point on the right. Select the mountains to get to the weather station. Try to pull out a shovel, and then apply on it vitamins obtained from a woman. When you pick up a shovel, talk to a meteorologist.

Next, interact with the balloon on the left, in which there is helium. You will need to click on the tap at the bottom of the bottle. A meteorologist will say that you cannot touch helium. Talk to her and ask for some helium. She will in return ask for a favor and give a telegram. Take a screenshot to remember the sequence of numbers.

Return to the hotel, chat with the hostess and ask to send a telegram. Where numbers are erased (second sequence), select 10433. You will immediately receive an answer. Return to the meteorologist and give the answer. She will ask for another favor: you need to collect data from three devices. The first device is in the swamp, the second is in the location with the pier, to the right of the boat rental house, and the third is near the cable car. Everywhere you need to use a screwdriver. Having done this, you go back to the meteorologist. She will fly away, but will allow you to use helium. Use the inflatable toy on the balloon with helium in the left part of the location. Take the toy to your room and set it on the iron mannequin on the right.

Use a screwdriver on the TV in the hotel lobby to pick up the electro-ray tube. Install it on a mannequin in your room. Two components found! Recall that you need to turn off the TV: overfeed the crows and seat them on the antenna above the entrance to the hotel. Talk to the musician on the stage and give him a beer created earlier. Wait until the melody is over. It will be necessary a couple of times to choose the words of the song. When the musicians disappear, you can pick up the accordion from the stage. Install it on the mannequin in the room. And this is the third ingredient.

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