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Walkthrough Truberbrook

Finally, interact with the attraction at the fair and apply the vitamins to deliver a strong blow. You will win the silver cup. Go to the swamp with cup and the shovel. Apply the shovel to the luminous spot and collect the meteorite with the help of the silver cup. Take it to your room and install it on a mannequin. Quantum device is collected!

Chapter 5

Back at the science object; interact with the equipment on the left side of the screen to open the door. Go to the portal and wait. When you can control Hans, and then apply the created device to the portal on the right. Three projections will appear. They allow you to move around the room. First move to the control panel in the background and interact with it. The left cabinet with the equipment will allow you to call robot. Now the robot will not do anything useful.

The panel on the right will break the portal into several parts. Pick up the first part, then apply the quantum device to the teleport and move to the right side of the room. Collect three more fragments, reapply the device on the portal and move to the left side of the room. Collect two more shards. The portal is completely ready. Move to it by applying a quantum device, and go inside. Double-click the Gretchen statue to neutralize it in the real world.

Returning to reality, apply a quantum device to Gretchen. Do this several times so that the girl will be on the left. Call robot by clicking on the cabinet with the equipment in the background. It remains to view the cut-scene and choose the ending of the game: agree and leave this world, or stay in it. After the first credits there will be an additional cut-scene, so do not rush to close the game.

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