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Walkthrough Tyranny

Full and detailed walkthrough Tyranny

First you can choose the level of difficulty. There are four levels of difficulty and two additional settings. Then set your character.

You can see the stage of the game as a "conquest." This is additional option of the game Tyranny. This option is determined the role of the army in the Kairos. If you walk through the phase of "Conquest", you can define your own relationship to each race of your character. Otherwise, you will need to choose your character's origins.

Stage "Conquest" is on the map. You will learn the story of the first, second (and so on.) year of conquest this world by Kairos, and you decide what to do. There are settings of our character:

Gladiator (male).

Two-handed sword and perk "Secant blow."

Additional specialization - "Battle Mace" and perk "Split".

Features: + 3 to Strength, +3 to Stamina, + 2 to Vitality.

Skills: + 10 to the two-handed weapon, + 10 to the Athletics.

"Conquest" is omitted, selected regime of neutrality - a moderate relationship with the two factions in the game.

Will of conqueror

Talk with Aurora. You can answer the last line and get 45 experience points.

Welcome to the ruins

Move along the mountain, kill opponents. The combat system is the same as in most of these games. Look the corpses. If you have enough athletics, then push the huge boulder to kill the enemy. Otherwise you will have to squeeze between him and the rock. Kill all enemies; Fugue will be your companion.

You can go alone or with Fugue to another fight. Kill enemy. Examine the parchment and complete the quest.


Will Conqueror (continued)

Go right and see the two leaders – Chorus and Verse. Drastus wants to execute a prisoner. You need to choice - for which faction will raise a favor, but for some - anger.

See video walkthrough of the game

There is 2 part of video walkthrough of the game Tyranny.


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