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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough UnderDread

In this walkthrough you can read not only the actions that allow to walk the storyline, but also shows all the places where you can find the secret notes - scrolls with red or blue ribbon.


Start a new game. After the opening credits go ahead and find yourself in a spacious room. There is a stone door on the left that you need to open. Come to the table by the wall ahead. Move the white dot on the center of the screen on the box in the table and click the left mouse button. So you will be able to open the box. Inside you'll find a stone statue. This is the key. Click on it, so she got into your inventory.

Press the key I to open inventory. There is a scroll with a red ribbon on the surface of the table. Click on it to pick up. There are many such scrolls in the game. They do not get in your inventory, but are in a magazine. Press the button J to open the magazine. Read the note of detective 1.

Note that the rolls may be with a blue ribbon. You can also take and read it, but they don’t have useful information. If you open a magazine, you will see two tabs - red and blue. Read records from a red tab, you can find tips for solving puzzles and so on. Learn the blue tab will allow you to record only slightly deeper into the story.

There is a chest to the right of the table. Open it and take a second stone key. There is the same ladder the left of the table. There is the stand more to the left. There is a red scroll with a note detective 2 on the pedestal. The third stone key is the right of passage, through which you have come here. There is the stand. Open the drawer and take the third stone key. From the tables, go to the right, into the corridor. Ahead there is a room with a monster. Press the G button to scare the enemy. Go to the back of the room and remove the stone from the fourth stone key. Go back to the stone door and click on it a few times to insert into the hole all four keys.


Take away scroll with red ribbon from the table to the left - Note detective 3. Now go to the back of the room with tables. There is the bookcase close to the wall. There is the stand with torch to the left of the cabinet. Pull the torch to open a hidden passage.

Go there, open the door and go down the stairs. Immediately wrap the ladder to the right. There will be a table. From the table take away the two scrolls with red ribbons - note 4 and note detective madman 1. The way forward is blocked by a fallen statue. Go to the other side of the stairs. Against the far wall is grid, for which you can go through. Pick up the roll from the floor, about the dead man - Detective note 5.

Climb back down the same stairs, but one stair-well. There is a grill on the left, about which there is a statue of a warrior. Just click by left button on the statue to open a passage further.

Riddle with levers, a statue and a flying monster

Follow the steps forward and the left above. You will hear a howl. You see the prompt on the screen. Go to the specified location and get down by pressing the CTRL key or C. Just wait. Soon you will see a flying skull. You need to avoid them. If you see the skull, you need to duck for any object. If you have successfully hidden, the eye is closed and you only see the arc.

When the monster flies past, then leave the shelter and look to the right. Ahead there is a locked wooden door. Go to the center of the hall, where there is a statue of the four blue lights. Behind the statue there are tables where you can find just three notes detective and a madman. There are two stands to the left of the table. You can find a scroll with blue ribbon in the bottom drawer of the left stand - blog scientist 5. In the lower right- you find ancient coin and tip. In the top left- find a protective amulet. This amulet allows you to use the G button and the time to drive away a monster. There are two the ancient coins on this location. But what to do with them, we do not know.

Go to the other tables and pieces of furniture, that on the other side of the statue with four blue lights. You see the chest from left. There is a lever with a red light bulb on the floor next to the chest. Click on the lever to activate it. Green light will light. In the same corner you need find one more lever, which is located in one of the two remaining chests. Activate it. You will see two scrolls with blue ribbons on the floor.

Another lever is inside the chest, which is located right where you found the previous scrolls. So everything is fine, but what to do? On location there are just two dozen levers (approximately). They have two positions - red and green. Red position of any arm slightly lowers down the very same statue with blue lights. You must drop it down. So, we need to select the red position on all levers. Levers are in two places - next to the statue, and the depth of the location, where the monster flies (there will armory with swords, shields and conventional statues).

In the armory you'll find the levers on the shelves of the bookcase, inside chests, near the statues and swords (especially noticeable lever to the far right corner, if you move the statue with lights).

As for the arms around the statue with lights, they are in three places - on the left, where there are tables and stands, to the right, where there are three chests and a fallen statue and in the place where you first were hiding (the lever on the shelf of the bookcase, but it was originally a red position). Yes, not all the leverage you need to be switched - some are initially in a red position. There is the lever under the felled statue to the right of the statue with lights, where there are three chests.

Also, there is the lever next to the stairs. There is at the top of the stairs. You will find it if get close to this place. It is in a green position - switch.

All levers are in the red position, and then return to the statue. Click on it and you will see the inscription. You need something to put here. Find a location on a green stone. It will be in the arbitrary place. You will easily recognize it. In size it is slightly smaller stone key. When you find it, then walk up to the statue and click on it. Walk through the open wooden door.

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