Walkthrough Until Dawn. How to save the lives of all the characters?

How to save the lives of all the characters

The game has six several different endings. It all depends on how many characters are still alive. There is even an option when all heroes die games.

So, all there are eight friends and below you will learn how to act in any given situation, to keep them alive.


In one of the episodes of the game you have to choose who to kill – Josh and Ashley. Select: kill Josh (woman still survive, but if you make a different choice, then it will not save Chris). During the passage of the ninth chapter do not need to go to the noise, and move with the rest of the group. But even if you’ll go to the noise, it is not necessary to open the door from which the sounds are heard.


During the passage of the sixth chapter is not necessary to direct the gun at Ashley. Select with a shot himself in the head. Click on the trigger. In the eighth chapter you need to shoot all the enemies of the weapons and then Ashley will allow you to go inside the house. Very interesting fact is that if you try to kill Ashley, and Josh is not in the sixth chapter, the girl still survive, but in the eighth chapter, it will not open the door for Chris.


In the eighth chapter Escape from the room, and in any case, do not miss the QTE-action. Press all the buttons correctly.


In the fourth chapter at a time when Mike tries to have time to save Jessica, select the riskier route. It will be several choices – you have to follow the shortest route (do not go around, and so on.).

In the tenth chapter, always choose the option “hide” (when the creature is mine), and do not miss the QTE-action. Press all the buttons correctly.


Josh, regardless of your actions will live up to the tenth episode. And then … Find all the clues twins (20 subjects) or Josh would not be able to determine that on the arm Wendigo same tattoo, like one of the dead sisters. If Josh determines tattoo, Wendigo crush his skull.


In the sixth chapter, where Mike and Emily surround animals at anyone not shoot. When you’re on the radio tower, then select the “safe jump” and in any case did not go to help Emily. In order to help Emily, you must be a signal pistol.


Mike, regardless of your actions will live up to the tenth episode. Play for Sam, you will be offered a choice (at the end of the game): Mike save or run to the switch and turn on the light. Rescue Mike, and only then turn on the lights.


Sam, regardless of your actions will live up to the tenth episode. Do not miss the QTE-action during the game and successfully hide from Wendigo.

Other important choices

  1. In the first episode do not shoot a squirrel.
  1. In the fourth episode of friends with a wolf.

How to find all 20 collectable items twins

Josh must identify a tattoo on hand Wendigo to alive . To do this, be sure to collect all 20 collectibles, anyway related to the twins.

Episode 2

At that time, how do you manage Chris, follow the dark hallway. On the wall hangs a picture of the left side. Examine it to get the first clue. 4

Check the table on the left on the ground floor play for the same Chris. There’s a picture of a prom. Take it and look at the back side. This is the second clue. 3

Go down to the basement, near the stairs there is a photo stand. You will need to take this photograph during the passage of the game in one of the available episodes. This is the first chance to take a photo. Even if you do not take it right now, you can come back here later. Will be described below, when. The third clue is found or can be found later. 2

Go around the house and follow the path to the gazebo. Look at the place where you find the second clue. There is another on a shelf . The fourth clue is found. 1

After Mike sequence control will pass to Sam, which is located in the mansion. Leave the bathroom and go to the bedroom, lit purple rays of light. Opposite the bed is a business card. This is the fifth clue. 5

Log in large closet behind the bed. On the bottom shelf to the right and there you will see a brilliant point. This is the sixth clue. 6

Episode 3

Play for Mike, you get to a dark room. You not light the fireplace. Instead, enter the corridor to the right. Walk past the open door at the front to see the image associated with tennis. This is the seventh tip. 7

You will manage Ashley in the library of the mansion. From the starting point you need to turn around and check the hallway to the right. If you pass by, it is likely that one of the hard to miss significant clues. This is the eighth clue. 9

Then you will control Chris. Learn the secret room of the mansion in the library. Once you walk inside, you take the picture and study it. This is the ninth tip. 8

Episode 5

Play for Matt, go through the cable car station, and follow up the path. Girlfriend Matt will go forward, torch lighting the way. You will need to turn left, to the rock. Here

Shed. Go into it. Matt should get stuck on something. Lift the board and collect evidence. This is the tenth tip. 10

 Episode 6

Climb the stairs to the tower, and then open the locker on the left side. Check the poster as missing on the inside of the door. This is 11 tip.

Activate the power supply in the tower and go back to the main room. There is a printer with a green flame. Use it to print a new piece of evidence. This is the 12 tip.

Episode 7

In mines Emily should see the output on top of an icy mountain. She can not go up there, so to explore the area around this place. On the left side there are wooden planks in the background. Check the floor (bottom right corner trims). This is the 13 clue.

Walk around the board to the left to see the scattered timber. Move back to the stone wall to see the numbers. This is the 14 clue.

Continue left on the evidence found. The cave should lead you to an abandoned wooden cross. This 15 tip.

There is a pair of brown barrels in the foreground . On one of the drums is the photo that you want to study. This 16 tip.

The road to the right – to continue the main storyline. Ignore it and continue on the left lane until you get to the other barrel tip. Make sure you have opened the locket and found a 17 tip.

The last piece of evidence in this chapter is for the rusty gate, immediately after the previous found clues. Do not turn right and go to the front and open the door. Ahead you will see a doll. Examine it to get the 18 tip.

Episode 10

In the cave do not need to jump into the water, until thoroughly examine location. There is an extra track that goes left. It will lead you to the 19 tip.

The last hint of twins can be found, when Sam and his friend jump into the water. Stick to the left side. To the left of the waterwheel is a projection from the last tip. Climb the ledge and pick up from the ground an old notebook. Be sure to fan the full book to get  20 tip. Then Josh definitely survive!


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