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Walkthrough Valley

Walkthrough Valley

Lake of Wendigo

Start a new game. Select the sex of your character. After the opening cut-scene, you can control your hero. Continue through the cave. Use the keys W, S, A, D. Hold the left SHIFT key to accelerate. SPACE key it’s a jump.

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Go on a single path, until you find a metal box. Interact with it. Approach to it and press E. Repeat pressing this button to wear a suit L.E.A.F. After watching a video you can continue your path.

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Valley 2016-08-24 22-41-08-62

Suit will allow you to run faster, jump higher, to give life to living beings (left mouse button) and take away the life of the living beings (right mouse button). Jump on the ledges; climb down and the job will be updated.

Find the Seed of Life

Take run on the slope and jump to the grids to soar skyward.

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Soon you will learn how to give life to animals. Go to the dead deer, aim and click the left mouse button.

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Continue to run further. There is a small hill where there was a dead deer. Run on it and jump to the hills above.

Then you will collect a number of areas. These areas make up your energy, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen, in the two ovals.

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Take away the life of the animal, as shown on the screen - click the right mouse button. Soon you reach the ruins, where the jump from the hill. Music will calm down, but the task is updated.

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Find a way through the ancient ruins

Ahead you should see a bare tree without leaves. It will be covered in luminous yellow dots. Relive the tree and go through the doorway.

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On the next locations you need to revive three of the tree to go further. Move down the hall. Open the drawers to find the capsules with energy.

Jump from the second box. Right you’ll see next door. Relive two visible trees, go left and find a third soon. Relive it and return to the opened door.

Before you jump down, you can go through the doorway on the left. At the end of the road you will find two boxes with one medallion and three acorns.

Valley 2016-08-25 00-06-49-03

Jump down. Downloading.

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