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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Vernon’s Legacy

Walkthrough Vernons Legacy

Once inside the house you can look at the cabinet on the left and pick up the letter "sudden departure" by clicking on it left mouse button. Read. You will know that servants of your grandfather Vernon left the house. The keys of the rooms are in the kitchen.


There is a passage to the right of the staircase. Go there. In the long corridor you can look to the left. There is a bright door on the right side - open it. This is the kitchen. Another note is left on the kitchen table - "Fears Madeleine."


Madeleine Dupont (the maid) picked up a bunch of keys. She warns Robert (the main character) from the research of the mansion and reccomend him to leave as soon as possible.

Another note, "Sister Madeleine", is on a small table to the right, on the opposite wall from the entrance. There is no useful information in it.

Stand with your back to the entrance and go left, past the table with a note "Fears Madeleine." There is the kitchen cabinets. You need to search the left drawer, where key is. Take it.


Get out into the corridor and note that its right side is mired in darkness. It is necessary to turn on the light. There is a guard with fuses on the wall opposite of the entrance. Open it and find out that one of the fuses is missing.


Madeleine Room

Go to the other side of the corridor. You need to open the second door on the left. Open your inventory by pressing I, select the key by clicking the left mouse button. It will be in your hands. Open the door to Madeleine’s room.

Take a note "A difficult hour" inside on the table from left.  There is another note "The War" on a pedestal at the far right (right of the bed). Go outside and go left down the hall, where the last door is. Look for a screwdriver among the rubble on the floor (the box).


Come out with a screwdriver and go back down the corridor. There is another door between the Madeleine’s room and kitchen. If you approach and try to open it, you'll see a message about the broken key. Select the screwdriver in your inventory and go to the door. So you will open it and go inside.


Room of Alois

First collect the note "A dog is missing" on the table right. There is another note "Help of craftsman" in the pedestal front of the table between the two cabinets in the upper drawer.

There is a box with three-digit code on the table, where is the first note. You can find it on the wall calendar in Madeleine's room. There will be marked with the date - 3 November. November - 11 in a row in the month of the year. Thus, in the box you need to enter the code - 311. Inside, you'll find the fuse. Place it in the guard box in the hallway.

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