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Walkthrough Victor Vran


We go the entrance to the castle of Zagorje, along the way passing the training. We reach the green mark on the map and jump over the barrier. At the second mark you need to jump on the balcony push away from the wall of a neighboring house.

We reach the checkpoint (if you go away to the right, you can find a chest) and turn left as the gate is closed.

We go down to the sewerage and use a variety hitting of weapons on stuffed animals and skeletons. We go in the castle courtyard.

We clean the site (top box) and go across the bridge. We go to the castle and speak with the queen Katarina and go to King's Garden.

Royal garden

Here already there are additional tasks, for which you get a reward. A list of tasks you can see in front of the location and during the game.

We examine the location and deal with enemies. You can find Grandmaster on the chessboard - boss for extra assignments. On the right side you can find a labyrinth with a bunch of spiders, the chest and the cave.

Near the checkpoint talk to Irene. We cross the bridge and go to the burial of the Damned right.

The cemetery of the Damned

Go on the index inside the tomb. One secret is to the left if to jump into the tunnel, and the other near the green mark on the wall if you jump. We speak to the ordinary and return back to the garden. It is run to the entrance of the tomb desecrated.

Desecrated Tomb

Cross corridor and deal with a bunch of skeletons. The first secret is to the left, near the entrance (on the map you can see), and the second on the right, if you jump down.

The royal crypt

First, we go to headquarters and talk with the queen. We go along the corridor and we clean the area. Go left, then in the middle is a secret will. Activate the checkpoint and we clean the room. Now we clean right hand. The second secret is not far from the green mark, and the third in the bottom right corner of the square (looking map). We go to the halls of grief (green label).

Rooms of sorrow

Go straight and turn left (find a secret), then up. There will be a second secret on a small patch (the chest hidden behind boxes). Now go right up to the two statues. If you go down to the left, you can find the third secret of dancing with the dead. We rise to the pointer and use the teleporter. Investigated Adrian fallen and return to the castle.

Walkthrough Victor Vran. Lair ancestor

After talking to the right characters you need go. The map is full of spiders. The first secret is after the first half of the circle, where the orange spider meet. We need to climb the ladder and jump on the hill, leaping from the pillars. We jump down to a huge spider and straightened it. We clean the area from the eggs and kills her first assistant, jump from the shots. The second secret is right, it is hidden behind the rocks on the side platforms. Go back to the castle.

Hunting grounds

We leave to the ruins of a watchtower. The first secret is not far from the entrance, to the left. You need go to the ledge and jump the mountains. Go to this site by the bridge and jump on the mountain. Here on the island is the second chest. The third secret is in the tower, which is located just below the right we enter the ruins of a watchtower. The last secret is in the hole to the right of the gates of the Devil's Throat.

The ruins of the watchtower

Very small location, which should go pretty quickly. The first secret is in the branch in the upper right corner and the second from the left on the boss and statues. In the neighboring cave.

Ice Grotto

Map is a fairly small and there are two secrets on it. The first is in upper right corner, you need to climb up to the ledge. You need jump slightly down and to the left (across the creek) from the entrance to the hunting grounds you find the second secret.

Mine widows

There are as many as five secrets. The first box is located on a hill opposite the entrance. The second can be found on a hill left of the trolleys in the pit on the right side of the map. The third is on site at the bottom of a precipice. Fourth is on a piece of rail in the location specified green mark and the fifth of the wall are not present at the second output from the card. Come to headquarters.

Walkthrough Victor Vran. Devil's throat

We go to the left to lower left corner of the map. There will fadewall from the left, behind which there is a secret (a branch can be seen on the map). The second secret is above the control point.


It is a small map with a large spider. To reset it to the ceiling of the column must be destroyed. One secret is next to the spider and the second on a branch in the beginning.

High Quarter

The first box is located on the roof of the right of the entrance to an abandoned house. The second is burning in front of the dam, if you go down to the water (hidden behind the boxes). Another chest is on the roof near the entrance to the cemetery (have to jump a lot). Another box to the left of the pumpkin on a platform in the forest (bypass side and wade into the thick of the forest). The fifth is on the roof near the circus (just above and to the left of the reference point in the center of the map). And finally, the sixth is in the lower left corner, where is the garden.

Abandoned house

The first secret is on the second floor in a small square in the corner of the room. The second secret is in the lower left corner of the map, as well on the second floor.

Abandoned chateau

The first secret is in the upper left corner, the other upstairs. The second is about the right chest wall near the center in a small elongated room. The last secret is in the end about the green label. Now go to the headquarters.


The first secret is on the hill above the entrance to the map. The second box is to the left of the reference point on the hill, near the large gate. The third is on the hill slightly to the left and up from the bottom right corner of the map, where the entrance to the hollow pit. The fourth secret look for the right of the first control point, jump over the fence and go through the narrow path between the river and houses. Fifth is near the closed gate (in the bush) slightly to the right and below the second checkpoint. Last chest is in the upper left corner.

Walkthrough Victor Vran. Well worlds

The first secret is in the mount if you just like to be first turn to jump up. The second box is a small cave on the turn, and the third is where the bridge would collapse and can not be afraid to go.

Demon World

The first box is located at the portal. The second secret is in the upper right corner and if you miss a pass to the boss, you will not return.

Holy of Holies

First, we understand with Lord Gabriel, then go look for traps essential to remove the shield. After that go to the arena and to kill it.

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