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Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Characters are divided into five different classes in the Vikings Wolves of Midgard. Each of which is associated with a certain Scandinavian deity. You can choose the gifts of Torah, Loki, Tyur, Skadi or Odin. At the same time, you can use any weapon in the game at any time, but you can apply skills, for example, Torah, only if you have a two-handed hammer, a sword or an ax in your hands. If you chose the gifts of Tyur, then you will have to exploit only one-handed weapons, and so on.

Chapter 1. The ambush on Jotun

Make your way through the location and kill enemies. The most difficult thing here is to find three iron skulls. These collectibles are hidden inside three unobtrusive chests. At the beginning of the game you need keep to the right edge of the screen and go down gradually down. After 20-30 meters there will be the first chest among the trees.

Continue to move below and you will see the second chest behind the fence, again next to the trees.

Finally, you can find the third chest a little higher from the character you will need to save (Helderbrand).

Otherwise, you must learn to use somersaults that perform the function of evasion. Use the Space, W, S, A, D keys.

You will receive the first totem of healing from Volund. It has three charges. Later you can find more and more totems. When the charges are over, you can’t activate it. But you can restore all the charges of any totem at the altar of healing, one of which will be in the village.

Save two characters, and then enter the house of the jarl.

Chapter 2. Dangerous Neighbors

Go to the altar on the left and sacrifice blood to raise the level.

The End of Yokula

At this location you need to look at the blue scale under the health scale. If it is full, you will get a frostbite effect and begin to lose health. Therefore, from time to time you need to linger at the fires marked with orange markers.

This time in ordinary chests there will be various resources, but not iron skulls. You will have to find three gold trunks to find the skull. In principle, if you carefully explore the location, then find them.

There is another golden chest in the upper right of the location, located on a remote tower. You need to raise the bridge to get to it. The bridge is lifted by levers hidden across the entire territory. Just destroy the wooden boards inside the stone towers and activate the lever - 4 or 5. When all the levers are activated, the cat-scene will AUTOMATICALLY start and you will be shown the bridge.

Go and take away from the chest various resources, but most importantly - for the handguard of Luka Scandi. This is an artifact weapon with great damage. Even if you are not an archer, you can sell it and earn a lot of money and a lot of resources. But this is only one of the three parts of the weapon!

When you destroy all the idols of Yokul, then go to the very boss marked with a skull icon. Go to the location and fight with the enemy.

How to kill Yocul?

Destroy the enemy. Avoid the blue auras that appear on the earth. Stand on the orange circles to keep warm. Kill the wolves, approach the throne of Yokula and attack him. You will have to destroy the throne, so that Yocul will not return to him again.

It will be good if you save the regime of rage for him.

Bug with Yokul

If nothing happens after the murder of Yocula, you can try to go through the location again, returning to the village via Esc. While not kill anyone, run straight to Yokul. Destroy and see what happens next.

Another option is to be patient and wait 5-10 minutes.

Another method - after the murder, die from the cold and go through the level again. Bag will not be this time.

Old enemy

Quest "Hunting for wolves" you can walk through several times. The items are located in the same place as in the mission "The End of Yokula."

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