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Walkthrough Virginia

Walkthrough Virginia


Take the bag right of the sink. Take lipstick and wait. Come out of the closet and go to the end of the corridor. Stand in place. Click left mouse button on the back of the man in front to approach. Click on the woman, and then go on stage. Interact with an FBI agent to obtain a certificate.

After a few seconds the hall is empty. Turn around and stop playback of the tape on the box in the center of the scene.

Again, the picture is replaced by another. Open the door to the room No.402, go to the front of the bedroom and turn the sleeping man.


Turn off the alarm. Press the button a few times. Go to the bathroom, interact with sink. Anna dressed. Take away the license FBI from washbasin. You can use the lipstick. Get out of the house. You will automatically find yourself in a taxi.

Monday. The first day

Go to the end of a long office and go through the door. Move to the next door, past the secretary, in the office of the deputy director. Interact with a red chair in front of men. He will throw the dossier. Pick it and learn.


Go down the hall, down the stairs, follow through the basement and go to the office of Mary Halperin. Talk to her.

You go to investigate. You can switch on the radio wave receiver in the car. In the following frames in your hands will be red dossier. Examine it. Maria Halperin - lead detective in the investigation on the disappearance of men. Anna - Your character is her assistant.


After the cafe, where you can take account and examine it, together with the detective will go to questioning the red-bearded man. Show him the certificate by clicking on the door.

These are the parents of the missing Lucas. Go inside the house and go to Lucas's room on the left side (LUCAS plaque). Open the wardrobe, move the T-shirts to the left side. There is a sheet of plywood right inside the cabinet. Remove it and see the secret room. Climb inside, turn around, and in a corner, next to the guitar, and find blog of Lucas.


You will find yourself back in the car. While Maria Halperin goes away, you can move the visor over you (from the sun) and pick up the pizza menu. Open the glove box and check the two letters. Young people will arrive.

Then pick up the documents from the bag.

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