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Walkthrough Waking the Glares

Walkthrough Waking the Glares

Go forward to the house, call the bell, but no one will open it. Move the mat under your feet to find the key. Go inside the house.


Go through the door on the left, into the kitchen. Look at the bottom drawers on the right, where the wash basin is. In one of them you will find a gas key. Take it.

Go back to the hall and open the door under the stairs. Get down into the basement and apply the gas key to the pipe on the right hand. The basement will be flooded, but the tree will grow and you will be able to go up to the second floor of the house. Do not rush to leave this place. Find the valve on one of the shelves.

Climb up to the hall. Find here a box with books. Among the books, find a vinyl record.

Go to the second floor. Open the nearest door and find a crowbar on the floor. You need to make it so that flowers grow on the roots on the top floor in each room. In the first room, where you found the scrap, there is a strange construction of chains and wheels on the wall. Interact with the left pin to establish the valve. The first flower is growing.

In the next room there will be white sheets on the furniture. Take the sheet under your feet to grow a flower.

Go into the room opposite the stairs. There is a gramophone on the table. Interact with it to apply a vinyl record. The next flower will grow.

Exit the room and go to the right. Enter the first door to get into the bedroom. Just move the curtain from the window. The flower will grow.

Go to the back room - bathroom. Apply scrap to the top board that holds the window leaf. One more flower will grow.

There is closed room on the second floor. When all the flowers are in the rooms, then you go down and go to the tree trunk. It will open, and you can take the blue sphere. Climb up and go to the locked door. The automatically blue sphere will move to it. Open the door and put a gift on the table on the right.

Magic world. Chapter 2. Votes

Hold RBM to see the locket. Go to the house ahead. There is a bookcase to the right of the front door. Find the letter among the books. There is a metal mailbox near the fence. Throw a letter in it to get a document with the second chapter.

After a long walk on the boat along the river, walk along the corridor, remove the note and go up the stairs.

Pinch RBM to find out what you need to find:

  • Walking stick.
  • Hair comb.
  • Pocket watch.

Go around the square, look into the alleys on the right. In one of them there will be a cafe with tables on the street. There is a man with a cane. Go the waiter, he will offer you to sit down. Sit on a nearby chair and select an any meal at the top of the list (click on the pictures). Take away the monocle from the plate, and then follow the man with the cane. He with his lady will stand in line in front of some building.

Go around the building to the left and go through the back door. Take the clothes of the cloakroom attendant from the shelf and go through the door with the image of the waiter. Stand behind the counter and wait for the man to put his hat and cane. Give him a token with a number that can be taken from below. Take away the cane and hat. Return to the previous room and put the hat on the shelf. Leave the building.

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