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Walkthrough Warface: operation “Pripyat”

Warface: walkthrough of the special operation "Pripyat"

"Pripyat" - a new special operation in the shooter Warface. The mission is very beautiful.


The soldiers land on the roof of the city school. If you move carefully, then there will be no difficulties at this stage. Follow the corridors and classes. Destroy opponents. Be careful: several waves of infantry can appear in one class or corridor. As soon as you reach the control point - infected will appear. They are harmless.

Spread out behind the shelters. A small number of enemies await you, who also come from the roof of the building. Continue on to the school gym. As soon as the group descends to the control point, destroy all the infected and then take positions behind the shelters. At this stage, you are waiting for a small number of enemies and flying drones "Medusa". An engineer or a sniper can install an antipersonnel mine to instantly liquidate the infantry.

The main part of the Medusa is protected by armored plates. Physicians can take positions directly under the holes and attack the drones. After the destruction of the drones, do not leave the shelter as the infantry of the enemy arrives from similar places.


You will meet several punishers on the way to the pool. The main entrance is full of objects that can be used as shelters: a destroyed building, a rusted car and others. Destroy two "Cobra" turrets to continue the path. Destroy several cleaners in the room with a swimming pool on the second floor and - you will face a serious enemy.

  • The first wave: spread out behind the shelters on the right after entering the room. The stormtroopers will arrive from the windows – you can shoot them immediately after the appearance.
  • The second wave: now the enemy comes from the opposite side of the pool. First, destroy the Cobra turret in the center of the pool. There will arrive launchers. Several storm troopers destroy the enemy on the opposite side of the pool, and the medic monitors the level of life of each member of the group. One player should take the position to the left and attack the saboteurs who want to enter the rear and the launcher on the balcony
  • The third wave: the longest and most complex wave at this stage. You need destroy the "Scolopendra" turret immediately, but it can take away more than half of the health points.

Location of the team during a fight in the pool:

Two machine-gunners and a medic occupy positions behind the drawer to the left. One stormtrooper looks at the left side, the second - the right passage and a launcher on the balcony. The Medic monitors the level of living and, if necessary, reanimates the fighters. One of the players should be located under the metal ladder of the central wall of the pool. His task is to eliminate the enemy through accurate shots at long and medium distance. Also you can can destroy the "Cobra" turrets on both sides. The remaining player takes the place behind the drawer at the wall to the right. He must destroy the cleaners and punishers. On this position it is necessary to put a reliable player.

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