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Walkthrough Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide


Red Moon Jun

Select a character for whom you will play and leave the room. Go down the stairs and get to know the owner of the establishment. So, there is the card on the table. Look at it to figure out how to construct a game. The game is organized as follows: after each job you return to the tavern. Browse the map and select an available job. At the same time you do specify the level of difficulty.

The Horn of Magnus

The game is really cooperative. Run one of the missions you will be on location with three other heroes, which community of members run Steam. Kill the rats. If you chose a player with a melee weapon, use the "Space" to evade attacks, the left mouse button for attack, the right mouse button click at a time when the enemy is about to strike.

Go through the city streets. If you do not know the route, make sure your team members. Then one of you must choose one barrel and transfer them to the gate opposite. To do this, use the key E. After the explosion move forward. Climb the stairs and enter the house in front. On the second floor, find the passage, which stuffy debris. You have to move through it.

Then all together stand on the platform and climb up. Defeat opponents and blew the horn Magna, use the same key E. Kill all and use another elevator from the bottom. Run forward and go into the wagon Olesya. The mission is now complete.

Solution Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. Act 1 - Consolidation Act

Contraband (Smuggler's Run)

In this mission you find yourself in the sewers, where is the smugglers. Go forward on a single path. It will be necessary to win a huge rat. Attack on it at the same time with all those, dodge more often. Soon you will have to find the wheel opposite the gate gateway. Hit the design next to the wheel to start the spin. Go through the open gate, drive through the sewers, kill opponents. The second gateway will need to jump from a height to where the water flows away down the tunnel. Again destroy the design to open the gateway. Get to the exit point and leave the sewers, go up of the fire stairs to the street.

Get to the front of the wagon of Olesya and sit in it.

Black powder

In this mission you need to get to the pier where the task will be updated. So you need to collect eight barrels of gunpowder. They immediately all marked on the screen. You meed press the key E to raise the barrel, but to get to the ship, you need to click the left mouse button. If you are will attack the enemies or you hit the barrel, the fuse lit and after a few seconds the gunpowder explodes. If you have time to throw a keg with a burning wick on the ferry, it will not explode. Otherwise, location will be one less barrel. But once you get to explode and bring all the barrels marked initially, those barrels that previously exploded, reappear in their places. When eight barrels are on the ferry, then go back to it to complete the mission.

Supply and Demand

Move through the streets of the city to the shopping area. Basically, the way a simple. Kill opponents. In one of the houses will need to jump down through a crack in the floor and then destroy the structure, hold the wooden wheel. Go through the door, go to the market as a result. There is scattered five sacks. You or your ally must pick up the bag and carry it into the cart of Olesya. This should be done carefully, by killing enemies close. It is desirable that your allies accompany you when you carry a sack of grain. When all five sacks of grain will be gathered into the wagon, then go back into it the whole team and mission is completed.

Mage Tower

Go through the city streets. The path is simple. Kill the enemies and go to the mage tower, where everything is upside down. Well, now you need to repel the attack of rats, and then as soon as the job is upgraded, you will not only kill them, and even monitor the stock and health at luminous objects. When the Grey Magician disappear, you go up the stairs, pick up the cube and get out of the tower. Get in the wagon and complete mission.

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