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Walkthrough The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ALL QUESTS OF VELEN


The Nilfgaardian Connection Continued

Ride in the tavern "At the Crossroads" and ask the innkeeper about Hendrik. After talking three soldiers will drop to the tavern  who accost to Geralt. You can  end the conversation peacefully or can kill them. Then again you talk to the innkeeper and he'll send you to the village of Vereskov.

Ride there. The village is devastated. But  there was a man who fights off wolves. Help him and then talk to him. After that go to the house of Hendrik and inspect the corpse, search the shoes, which will be key to the cellar. Go to another room and inspect the carpet, behind which will hatch. Open it and went down. Touch the torch and examine all the documents that are in a secret niche.

Hunting a Witch

Ride to the village, "undergrowth" and ask the villagers about the witch. The village will gossip talking about the witch. Once you   come up and speak them, they will deny everything. Get away from them and overhear the conversation.

Go to the pond, from there to a large rock and then to the right and to the carts. Witch's house is a little higher. There is a  crowd of peasants with pleas for help around the witch's house. Witch will give advice and go into the house. Come inside. No one. Include flair and consider all the items highlighted in red. Use the skull and open portal. Come back and talk to the witch.

After the talk you can immediately go to her in the ruins or come later. She will be waiting for you on the spot.

To the touch

Go for the witch and run into the ghosts of the Wild Hunt on the other side. Portal do not make (Keyru abduct). You can explore the place and then look for her with the help of intuition.

Note: I advise you to explore all the cubbyhole and chests. Caught drawings and a good outfit.

After that you need go to the call Keir and stumble on a new monster: Tumannika. He loves to go out and beat the invisibility. Try to fry it with the Igni and then is finish. Keira will be under the shield. Rat attack her. Set fire their nests and then talk to the witch.

Follow ahead and run into the projection of the elven sorcerer. I would suggest to search all the nooks and deadlocks. There will be a lot of ghosts and poisonous gas that can trap the ghosts and ignite.

Go to the right side of the dungeon after examining all the nooks. You will see another projection prompted. Look at the sign on the wall of Keiran and then fight with ghosts. After the fight jump down into the water and check the sign of the Horse. Dive and swim further into the passage. There will be one more sign of the horse. Activate it and head back to open the passage. The pass mark activate Swallows and get ready to fight the golem.

Horseman Wild Hunt wait you. Here it is best to use the mark Axius and try to make a couple of hard punches. If the rider is distracted a witch, then you can get another bounce. As soon as the rider to lose a good portion of health it will close an open dome and the gap which will run from the dog. Run right back and kill the dogs and then finished off the rider.

After the battle you take away all the loot from the rider and go after Keir reading notes elven sorcerer. Do not forget to inspect everything here. Then come to the covering force and you get eye Nehalem, which will dispel the illusion. Follow Keir. she reminded of the magic lamp at the exit . Can you help her or you can go to the swamp.

Bloody Baron

Now it's time to visit the Baron. Guards will near the gate. You will miss the Baron if you have not killed anyone in the tavern. Follow the sergeant and he will lead you to the Baron.

Note: If you kill the people in the tavern Baron, the guards will not miss you and you have to figure out how to pass on to another. Go away from this place and talk to the old man in the village. He tells about the secret passage for the money. Go there and swim to the cave next to a rock.

History Ciri. Wolf King

History will be from the mouth of the Baron. We play for Ciri. Backpack and signs we can not use. Go on a channel where the wolves are. Kill them and talk to the girl.

After that, go for her and fend off the wolves. Look at the cow, go straight and inspect the corpse. It turns out that the wolf king - is volkolak. in Ciri have not the silver swords. It is necessary to prepare butter. Take the ingredients, cook the butter, and then go into the cave and kill the wolf king. Try to use evasion before his attack. If you are severely wounded, then run off the side and wait to fill health.

Family's matters

The Baron  ask for more information  that witcher found his wife and daughter. Go and search the room with. We are interested in two paintings and a wardrobe on the other side. The cabinet will be part of a broken candlestick. Go back to it and you will have a trace of guilt.

Go into the second room and search all of the chests and then the doll next to the bed. Now we follow the footsteps.

Note: You can also search the room Ciri and talk to Gretkoy who saved Ciri in swamps.

The first track terminates near the stairs, but there is a medallion on the floor. Get down below on the second track, and you will find an altar. Read the note and tell the baron of all their findings. Baron sends you to the enchantment. Around the house Soothsayer will Baron soldiers. Can you persuade them via Aksiya (if pumped sign), and can kill them.

After talking with witch will open the task "Help the princess."

After you took the goat to the witch talk to him. He will hold a ritual and reveal more details about the baron and his wife. Now we need to find Igoshev, but first go in the bestiary and read about him. Then jump into the lock for a conversation with Baron. From a distance you will see the fire. So hurry.

You need tell in the castle that help to groom and horses. Take the sword and break the barrels that prevent you pass. Jump down and open all the doors of the enclosure, then run to the front door and open the door. Fortunately, all will be saved.

Speak the truth and the drinker Baron and fist fight with him. You will wait a long conversation after the fight. Decide what you will do with Igoshev. Turns into a good spirit or kill.

Please follow the baron to the grave of the child. Here you have to decide to convert or kill.

Second method:

If you decide to kill Igoshev then imposes on himself the sign Quen and beat monster bounce. Also ghosts goes and try to stop you. After the fight, grab the blood Igoshev and ride to the enchantment. Witch will lead us to the ritual site. During the ritual, you have to fend off the ghosts and re-ignite the lights dimmed. After the ritual enchantment report that Tamara and Anna can be a fisherman's hut. You can take flagging Soothsayer home or immediately jump to the fisherman. Fisher says the same things he was saying in the first method.

If you select a transformation, the Baron will take Igoshev on your hands and you would need to walk to the castle. You immediately attacked by ghosts. Kill them and after the battle use the sign on the Axius Igoshev for calm.

After the ritual take to the grave and wait for the good spirit. Run for the spirit which go to the house. Look at the clothes, bracelet and traces of horseshoes. Then again run for the spirit. Kill rotten near the horses and then check it.

Again follow the spirit and find yourself near the house. Talk to the guy and he will tell you that Tamara is in Ochsenfurt, and Anna took away some beast in the forest. We skip in Ochsenfurt, talking with Tamara everything, and then return to the Baron with the news. Then Baron tells another part of the story of the Ciri and will issue a pass to Novigrad.

It is interesting, if a little earlier to drive up to the outpost, where we need a pass, you may perform a couple of tasks for a merchant (the exclamation mark above his head), to get a discount or just buy 100 coins pass.

To help the princess

This job you get from the witch after a request to tell where the wife and daughter of Baron. The witch ask to find his goat after the conversation . It will give you a bell. Include instincts and walk in the footsteps and the sounds. On the way to kill the wolves. Once you find the goat, take it to tell fortunes with the help of a bell. The goat takes you to bear. Kill it and bring it to the witch's house.

History Ciri. Races

Baron tells this story after he learns that his daughter is in Ochsenfurt. You need to take part in horse riding. Despite the outcome of the race, celebrating or damage will have to wait, because you will attack the vasilisk ... and the story breaks off again. Baron wants you to find his wife, and then he will tell the rest of the story.

Ladies of the Wood

It's time to visit the witches Krivouhovyh Marsh. Ride in place and with the help of intuition go on the trail of candy. At the end of the trail will be a house and a bunch of children. Talk to them, and then with his grandmother. Try to talk to the punished boy, but his grandmother hurt you. Leave the house and talk to the other children. The children distract grandmother for candy and you can talk to the punished child.

Go to the swamp in search Ivasik. Kill the monsters in the swamp and follow the footsteps of Ivasik. Call him from the hole and ask a couple of questions. He does not speak, only nodded his head. We must help him. Follow him and kill bloats. As a result, you get to the crow's nest. Climb up and fight with harpies and wyvern. Igni help you in this difficult matter. After the fight, take away the bottle from the nest and return to the Ivasik. He will say that the grandmother know something about Ciri and go to it together with you.

The old lady agrees to help. She touches to the tapestry and three witches speak her voice. They will ask about the service, and then help yourself. Ride to the village, "Foreman" and talk to the warden about the job. He will tell you about all the misfortunes that fell on the village and ask to survey Whispering Hill. The diary will be the task of "Whispering Hill," and it is time to pause.

History Ciri. Escape from the marshes

You do not have to fight with the enemy, but simply to escape from the marshes via teleportation.

History Ciri. Out of the shadows

This last piece of history tells Baron after passing the job "Mistress of the forest" and "Whispering Hill".

Lilac and gooseberries

We get this job from the start of the game. Geralt has received a letter from Jennifer where she appointed him to the meeting place in Verbitsah. But when he arrived there with Vesemir - there were only burned houses.

Story line of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt begins with the search Jennifer.

We go to the nearest village - White Garden. Many people doesn't like their despite the fact that the wizards destroy monsters.Try not to get the sword with every bad word in your address, or in a village absolutely nobody left.

We need to ask locals about a woman in black (smelling lilac and gooseberries). The right person is in the same pub, in which we come - that's Gunter o'Dim.

He will say that the intelligence nilfgaarskogo garrison saw her. You will see a new goal on the map - to go and talk to the commandant of the garrison. He says he knows where is Jennifer. He ask to kill griffin and say where she went.

We get an additional task: Demon from the White Garden (read his walkthrough on a separate page).

After killing of the griffin we return to the commandant, he says, where to Jennifer. Go back to the tavern to Vesemir to tell him about this new information and hit the road.

Several local men pick a fight with wizards in a tavern. They think that wizards is the reason their troubles .

Away from the battle does not. You need kill all. We exit from the tavern and meet Jennifer.

Scouts reported to her that appeared wizards in the White Garden. She understand that it was Geralt. Jennifer says that Geralt need to meet the emperor.


This job will start automatically after completing the Lilac and gooseberries. We will be meeting with the emperor, but before that you need brush up yourself and answer a few questions. Answer questions. Then we go to choose clothes from the three almost identical black doublet.

Then we will teach how to bow. Then you will see the Emperor, who will tell that appears his daughter and heiress - Ciri. Secret service agent can not find her. He asks Geralt to connect to this problem. There is no choice. Go to the Jennifer. She will tell the details. Then pick up your things.

Mistress of the Forest

Come on Krivouhovy Marsh. You need find the way "of sweets" and follow along it until you find 3 house with play children. Talk with them.

One boy tell of Ivasik. A woman will say that there is no Ivasik. Go into the room with the boy. Woman throws us again. We speak with the children outside. Ask them to help us. They agree if we play hide and seek with them and find them. We agree. We find (use the flair of The Witcher) them. We ask children to distract the woman. Go to the boy at this time and asked about Ivasik. We know where to find him.

We use flair witch again.And find the lair of Ivasik:

Ivasik lost his voice. You need help him - he takes us to the nest of harpies.

Kill the harpies. Take a sealed bottle in their nest. Refer it Ivasik. He opens it and he returned to his voice.

Then you ask him to help with the search Ciri. He agrees and goes to the aunt and persuades her to help us. She takes us to a special painting on the wall. We talk to "mistresses of the forest" through this painting.

The mistress of the forest ask to kill "evil in the forest".

We leave to the warden of the forest to find out more.

When we arrive at the specified location headman, also received an additional task: Whispering Hill.

Spirit asks you for help. You can kill him and continue the job mistresses forest. But I decided to help him.

If you agree to help - the job Whispering Hill will be developed (if we just kill him, then I suspect it will end immediately).

Whispering Hill

We find the cave under the big tree. There is the spirit of women. She call herself the Dryad. There is a choice - to help her or kill. If you can help - die Baron and his wife Anna. If not - die the children. However, I moved the simple principle of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend,". I decided to help her.

So the spirit ask to bring: feathers, bones and black horse. All marked on the map, so is not problem to find it. To lead a horse, use the Axius sign on it, and then saddle up and give it. When all is ready - start the ritual (at this stage will have an opportunity to change your mind and kill the spirit).

Mistress of the Forest (continued)

We go back to the headman and tell him that the issue "resolved".

And remind him of the board (see on the most enjoyable episode).

Received "fee" back to the home of witches. Put "fee" on a stone, and appear "mistress of the forest." Spectacle is unpleasant. Anyway, we question them about Ciri. They keep faith and tell what happened. Watch a little video, followed by a new episode of the game for Ciri. You need to survive and get to this point. Do not pay attention to the monsters by using a jerk (space) get to the right place.


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