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Walkthrough XCOM 2

Training mission

The first mission XCOM 2, you must pass of learning system. Here you will learn about the movement, use of shelter, health, attack, throwing grenades, breaking doors, firing from observation, camouflage and more. Despite the fact that you will manage all the characters, your actions are limited.

First you will learn about the movement and use of shelters. Low shelters give the average bonus to armor and high shelter - a high bonus to armor. Move towards the goal. Once you are close to the enemy, then you will notice it and the whole disguise subside.

After training will be new friendly soldiers. You use them to storm the building. You will provide an opportunity to break the door - click on it and select the appropriate command. Now you need to hack the system now, because later you will have to constantly something to break.

You can choose any position as you want. Go through the open door to find the main goal, then you need to leave the building through another exit. But to begin to lift the land of your ally by selecting the icon at the bottom of the screen

The game will ask you to blow up the side wall with a grenade. Grenade will be highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Select it, and throw. Go through the hole. Call evacuation, stand in the blue square to leave the location.

Even if you have used up all of his actions, but you are in the square of evacuation, you can confirm the evacuation and complete the task. This applies to all the missions of the game.

The main ship

 On research compartment

When he awoke on the ship as captain, go to the research compartment and meet with a doctor. Book research alien technology - the very key that you have withdrawn from the head. The research will allow you to get on the storyline, get new weapons, to perform new tasks. In general, to become stronger and more powerful.

About weapons

Go then to the weapons and increase the rank of a girl who has helped you save (break open the door).

To raise the rank you only those soldiers who have raised their level of skill after performing any task.

Why do we need a bridge?

Follow the bridge, check out the video and learn about the new job. Read the details below.

Operation "Giant Knife"

This is the second mission in the game, which takes place immediately after the training mission.

Operation "Giant Knife" will allow you finally to fight with your head. Now the game will not lead you by the handle! You have the ability to freely move around the map to attack any target as you want. The key to the success of the passage of any mission - slow, thoughtful and careful steps. Start practicing now, but remember the most important thing - you need to have time to turn off the power to the stabilizer of the explosion, which happen after 8 moves.

You will start in the coverage area. Carefully mix the soldiers, not let them go into the danger zone. If you see red squares on the ground, then you should know that you should not approach them. Within these red squares enemy can detect you. Remember, that strangers may approach your positions, thus the area with the red squares would be closer.

When you find yourself in the red zone, this is usually subside. It is likely that the enemy will attack you first. But if you include the status of "Monitoring" and the enemy closer to you, thus moving your character in the field of view, in the case of disclosure of your character still has time to do the first blow to the enemy.

Ideally, you need to surround the enemy, until you no one is found. Make it simple enough, but do not lose sight of the individual enemy patrols. They do not see you, until you find yourself on the red squares, but the line of sight, as stated above, they move along with his movement. Make sure that between you and the enemy is bound to have a shelter. Shelter not only protects you by adding armor, but also worsens the appearance of the enemy, which may have not noticed.

When you are ready, zoom in three of its soldiers closer to the red zone. Do this in one step, and the second, select "Observation". The fourth soldier start to fight, attack the nearest enemy. Among other things it is best to start a fight throw grenades. When the battle begins, the other three of your soldiers are activated when the enemy will try to escape. If you are lucky, they counterattacks so that in one fell swoop you kill everyone you see. And you will see one normal and one enemy "Advent" officer.

When the first two of the enemy will be defeated, you can go closer to the goal. There will be more enemies. Remember that you can not hide behind the cars - they may explode. Also, when you throw a grenade, do not do it near your goal - power stabilizer aliens, which is located on the truck.

Currently, you have to be close to the target. Stand on the green box on the truck at the goal, so that you can interact with the device. As you complete the main goal, to crack it. After the remains to eliminate the remaining opponents. If you do not see them and they're still not attack you, then just follow the front of the truck with the stabilizer power. There should be two infantry and one Sektoid.

Kill two infantrymen easy, but health Sektoid is twice as much. In addition there have Sektoidov special psionic abilities that manifest themselves in the control of the mind, disorientation and even revival of dead enemies (allies Sektoid, infantrymen and officers). Kill Sektoid as quickly as possible, you need ignore animated enemies, which he will. The fact that all the zombies die with the death of Sektoida.

In addition, your soldiers, which have panic, will be exempt from this effect after the death of the enemy.

When all the enemies are killed and the stabilizer is disabled, the mission will end automatically. As you can see, not all missions have areas for evacuation. Yet remember that if you have time to do everything on the map, but the mission is not completed, then you need to find the evacuation zone, and cause the vehicle to leave this place.

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