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Walkthrough Yesterday Origins

Prologue. How to remove the shackles (free)?

Left there is the door of the prison ward. Go closer to it, click on the arrow to watch the next room, where a sleeping guard is. Click on him and you'll see two different actions - look closer or chat. Look at him in the approximation, click on the pulsating circles that you see.

Study the following objectives: a scar on his right cheek, a red spot on his belly, belt, jug of beer in his hand, left hand.

Talk to him about everything. You will see skeptical information about mind of the guard in your inventory. This information is in the ward of inventory. Talk about the hog, and to get more information on blood.

Click the arrow on the door to return to the study of your ward.


Note lighted place in the far corner of the chamber. Click on the body Alonso. He is the son of a cook. Study it. Look at the first hanging body: upper part of the rope, pulselessness in the neck, nose, at the junction of the left hand (with your observation point). Inspect the body and loose the knot of the rope: the right cheek, pulselessness in the neck, patch on the chest, the bag on the belt, and scroll on the chest. Take a scroll and poisonous toad from the bag. Inspect clothes to get a hint of "rag".

Examine scroll in the inventory, loose the rope and take the metal object. Use it on the ankle shackles on the main character. So you are free. Choose "boots" (torture instrument) from the earth. Take the metal rod at the column. Take a rag and a mug from the shelves. Use the iron bar on the right side of the fire, where there a boiler is. Heat the rod, use it on a pig - tan her belly. Jailer will angry and threw a mug in your camera.

In inventory you need combine the mug from the shelf and poisonous toad. Select prompt "Skeptic" which you get for speaking with the jailer. You need to invert poisonous with the usual. The guard will drink and see hallucinations. You will get a prompt "Devil".

Use the boot on the left hand of your character. Select the prompt "Blood". You can get this prompt into a conversation with the jailer, when you ask him about the pig. Also apply the duster from inventory.

Bloody duster put Alonso on the face of a corpse. Watch the cut-scene.


Here and now

Play for John, select a smartphone in your inventory and click on the flashing button in the upper left corner. View messages, examine the room. Pick a coin and blog Paulin’s father from a shelf near you. She comes out of the shower.

Switch to Paulina. Look in the mirror, on the under-eye wrinkles. Look in the cabinet near women's feet. Pull out the three objects. These are hair dryer, cream and hairspray. Open the bottom part of the hairspray and remove the silencer. Open the cream and take the bullet. Combine the bullet gun and silencer. Click on the door on the right, leading to the shower, and select, if you need a gun.

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