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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Zenith

Walkthrough Zenith

Chase elf

Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. Key SPACE - to make a somersault. Hold Left SHIFT, to put the block. Left mouse button is to strike. Key Q shows the current setting.

If you walk up to the interactive object, it will be highlighted. Just click on the button E to interact with it. Go ahead and take the shoes from the trunk. Compete with the first elves. Use the left mouse button to attack. At the time rolls on SPACE. By the way, the hero will attack in the direction where your cursor is. Remember this!

Go ahead, take the red potion right – health’s elixir. Go ahead, kill the archers and remove the stone shocking from the trunk. Open your inventory by pressing the ESC key. Go to the right section - "Equipment". Move the cursor to a healing potion or elixir of energy, and then click on the button "1", "2", "3" or "4". So you send an elixir from the shortcut menu. During the game, press the appropriate keys to use potions. Click on the boots and shocking stone. Now you can attack the stone, press the right mouse button. Shoes will give extra protection.

Walk across the bridge, kill swordsmen and a magician. Turn right on the signposts to find the "Glade of everlasting joy." There is a chest with elixir of health near bloody snowman, energy and the elixir of the ring. Do not forget to wear a ring through the menu inventory!


Continue to move on. Climb the stairs on the left to find belt in the chest. Soon you will reach the camp. Interact with a book on a rock and watch the cut-scene. Talk with everyone. Quest is updated.

Find out what's happening in your camp

Head back across the bridge nearest the bottom of the card and turn left. Compete with a few spiders. From the trunk, remove the roll of the shock wave and equip it. Now, hold the mouse wheel, you can to attack the enemies of the shock wave. Strike the ground under the feet of Argus.

Go ahead. There is a chest there behind the general. Take handcuffs and chat with a woman.

Go in ruins

Go to the bridge on the left and talk to Brekke. She advises to turn to the Apothecary. Go back and see a man in a brown dress. Talk with him. You can buy the armor or potions. Again, talk to Brekke and confirm the appointment with the pharmacist.

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