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Walkthruogh UNRAVEL

Chapter 1. Thistle and weeds, Jarni

As soon as you start a new game, you will see the opening cut-scene: grandmother views family photos and smiles. Finally, there is the main character of the game, created from the red yarn. His name Jarni. The adventure begins!

At the beginning of the game you are introduced to the basics of management. You have to learn all about the family grandmother. Move forward and jump to take a look at the photo frame, which you can see and begin the first chapter of "thistle and weeds."

Thistle and weeds

After the cut scene you will find yourself outside of the house and start acquaintance with the environment. After a few steps forward, suddenly yarn ends. Do not worry. In the first chapter, you just learn everything about the game mechanics. Throw a rope to capture additional thread. So the hero yourself recover.

In the next part you will need to solve the puzzle by moving the objects to go forward. Pull back the pot, and then follow on, jump two pots. Next important ability is that throwing a lasso, you can swing on it. When the hook will shine, then throw a lasso.

You will see the memory of the boy in the garden. Now it will be with you forever. Climb the luminous branches with leaves, where you will find a challenge. We need to jump forward, then, when the hook glistens, throw a lasso to catch on and do not fall down. Swung to the other side and jump to the ledge. Next will be the next innovation in gameplay mechanics. You can build a bridge from the yarn between the two branches. Tie a rope to one and to the other branches. Now climb the rope, hold the key and jump like on a trampoline.

Do exactly the same bridge above. Next task is complicated. You have to throw a lasso on one branch, to climb up to it and tie a knot. Go down and climb up to the next branch. There's just tie a knot. Swing on the lasso, and jump to the newly created bridge. With it, jump up to the top where you will find another piece of additional yarn.

Checkpoint 1

Go down to the bottom. Go right to the ledge. Tie a rope to a hook on it and go upstairs, as if the mountain. Follow the below and you will see a hole. Jump forward in a pit, but have time to throw the rope on the hook. Character hangs on a rope, which pulls down a piece of wood. This will open a pipe through which water will go into the pit. You have to stand on an apple on it to float to the top.

If apple is far from the ledge to the right, then push it in the water. But be careful: Jarni can be in the water about five seconds. When will take to the ledge, then follow the right. Jump over several steps, climb on the structure and throw a rope to a hook. Pull the piece of wood to lower the chair. Climb up on the right edge of the chair and drop to the bottom. On the left you will see a yarns. The path blocked by weeds. On one of the weeds have luminous spots. Throw to the rope and pull it to the right side. Weeds have to lean to the right. Take a skein of thread.

Checkpoint 2

Go right from the bottom, to a large barrel. Push some weeds and find a secret button. Go back, go up on a chair and jump on the nearest window sill. There is another window sill on the right. There are the bell at the top between them. You have to run up, jump and cling to the rope of the bell. Let go of the rope, to reach the right on the window sill. Then jump on the sunflowers forward. Upstairs you will find a skein of yarn.

Checkpoint 3

Go down, pull the weeds to make a children's tricycle. On it also has an active point for the rope. You need to hook and pull the bike right. Pull all the way, until it crashes into a wooden gate. Climb up the bike and pull the handle on the gate. On the bike you will roll down outside the court. Climb the tree stump and collect yarn skeins.

Checkpoint 4

At the top of the branches there are a few points for clues. Jump and throw a rope to the nearest. Be sure to tie a rope to a branch! Jump to the right, as it should, swinging, and throw a rope to another branch. Again tie it. It will turn the bridge of yarn. Climb on it and hook on a different branch. Take the second bridge, but first tie a rope to a branch. Jump to the right, cling to some branches and swing. It is not necessary to create a bridge.

Go right. In the background is a new memory of a boy sitting by the tree house. Walk a little to the right, throw a rope to the weed, and pull to the left. At the bottom will pass. Drop down and find the skein.

Checkpoint 5

Go down below and encounter a large cube with the letter B. Go through the right side of the sandbox and see the children swings. Tear weed bottom, around the middle of the swing. Swings will fall to the left. You can try to run up and up, but will drop down swing. So you will not achieve anything!

Go left through a sandbox. In the sandbox has a hook. Another hook is in the earth left. Connect the rope between the two hooks, necessarily tied it and there and there. Now drag for a cube in the sandbox, use the resulting yarn from Bridge. Place the cube on the left swings. Climb up and jump to the ledge.

Follow the right and you will see at the top of the tire swing. There is a hook. Climb the rope by tying a hook, and then begin to swing sideways. Jump to the ledge on the right and climb through a window. Here you will find another skein.

Checkpoint 6

Note that there are three points (Hook) .Go down and tie a rope to a hook in the land. Next, tie a rope to a hook on a ledge on the right. Climb above, jump to the right, which can be seen at the top of another hook. Again, tie a rope. You should have a long bridge. On this bridge up drag for a square jar out of tea or something else. Push it to the wall on the right, with its help jump up and go down. You will see a video about first chapter of Unravel.

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