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Walktrough Agony

Chapter 1

Sacrifice of Hearts

You will see the gate and two sets of stairs. You can find the first Purple Heart on the upper right ladder. Place it on the scales in front of the stairs. The second heart you will find only when you go down to the lower tier. Next, there will be an abandoned prison. The heart lies inside the first cell of imprisonment, into which you will fall.

Move around the prison, you will meet a possessed person. Communicate with him. He will burn himself and his camera. Go inside. There will be a passage leading upward. Follow it and place the heart on the scales. When you do this, you will open one more pass. Go through the gate, the protagonist will begin to have visions. The environment will start to change, but you just need to move forward to get to the cliff and jump off it.

Sacrifice sacrifice

After you leave the rock, a new task is activated. It will be necessary to find three skulls and place them in the right place to go further. However, you will be locked. You need to solve the riddle connected with the characters. You can view the Sigil’s sign on the rock. It is necessary to find another sign, which will make it clear what is depicted here. The second sign (sigil) is near the rock. All you need to do is to get close to it and interact.

Then go to the first sigil and draw a shape that you were discovered earlier. The door will open. The first skull can be found inside the chapel. It will be marked with the appropriate marker, as shown in the screenshot above. You need to move along the marked road to find the second skull. The skull is in the chapel. When you go to the right, you will reach the place where you need to put all the found skulls. Leave there two out of three and go in search of the latter.

Go along the marked road X. Along it you can see demons - use a torch to get rid of them. Get down and hold your breath. By doing so, you can pick up the last item. Go back to the place where the skulls were placed. Place the latter, which will show the way leading on. Go through the bridge to the next location.

The study of the depths of Hell

After the bridge you need to move to the right. Here the environment will start to change again. After that, you must go back and go forward. Everything will be completely different than you saw before. After a while you will find yourself on a path with branches. You need to go to the other side to find the purple bridge. Go upstairs, where you will meet a man. You can chat to him. After this conversation, go down again. You get into the new part of the location.

Here you will find the red gate. You will need to draw another sigil to open gate. Signs are located on the walls near the gate; however you must choose the right one. This is the third character on the right. If you remember this sign, you can draw it on the gate. Go further. Go to the passage, go forward and turn right. You will reach the pink tunnel. There is a swirling bridge, on which you need to go up. When you do this, you will be on the upper tier of Hell.

Move forward and you see a monster. He attacks you. Just run away from it. You will find yourself in a new location after the scene with the escape. Save the game. Go to the tunnel on the left side. Be careful - the walls will narrow. There is a demon on the other side of the tunnel. Take a deep breath and try to get past him. So, you will avoid death by demon and you can continue your journey. Go forward to reach the cave of the spider.


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