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Walktrough Statues

Control of the game

Below you can see the control buttons in the game. For the control you need to use the keyboard and mouse.

Key Shift - switch to running.

Key F - the inclusion of a flashlight.

Key E - the interaction with objects.

Key X - blinking.

Key Tab - View Statistics chapter.

To attack, use the left mouse button.

Keys W, S, A, D responsible for the movement.

Chapter 1. Hospital

Third floor

Objective: To study the hospital.

After the introductory video go to the table against the wall ahead and take the flashlight by pressing the same key E. open the door and exit near the corridor.

About the blinking. In the upper right corner of the screen is the scale on which runs the line from right to left. When the scale ends, your hero blinks once. If you want to blink before, then press the X and then the scale will again be full.

So, go into the hall, go right until go to hospital beds which block the way. You have to go through the door on the right, which is closest to the hospital. Through this room, move to the other side of the beds.

Next, the path is the same: Go through the door ahead on the left. Move from one room to another, until you find yourself in another part of the hospital corridor. To move forward and to the right to see vending machines. Near them is a door to the left. Go through this door. After pass through the two rooms, you will find yourself back in the corridor.

Follow the left because there is only a door. Go through the last door on the left and exit through the room to the other side of the corridor. At the fork go right.

Go back and go the other way, until the encounter with beds, block the way. Go through the door on the right. You must be in the room next to the inscription on the wall: «That should not have happened».

Get out into the corridor to the left. On the right there is a door leading down the stairs. On the left there are two other doors that lead into unrelated areas. Look for the first file on computer desk  in the far room.


Go to the door at the other end of the corridor and go down the stairs. Go down to the floor below. First save.

Second floor

And then there is the first enemy. You can not do anything with him, just hide. Once you are in the hallway, then run forward. Use key Shift. There is the enemy right around the corner. If it's not there, he is at the door of the same turn. When you are turned back to him, the enemy is approaching. If you look at him, the enemy will be in place. When you blink, an enemy approach to you. You need blink in the far distance from the enemy. And to do so is strictly prohibited in the rooms. Only in the corridor.

So, run forward and look to the right. If the enemy not knock the door, then go further. Now turn around and see him. You need to go through the embossed door. After you go through it, move all the way forward and approach the door on the left. It is locked. But your job is to be updated.

Objective: to find the key.

Go back to the part of the corridor, where you saw the statue first. Go right to the door in front. Go through the door, move through the other, go from one room to another. In the end, in one of the rooms on a wooden stand to hang the key. Take it and go back to the locked door. Open it. In the hallway, find the door leading to the landing. Go down the stairs to the floor below. Second save.

First floor

Now, immediately run forward down the hall as the monster follows you. Turn left and go through the door ahead. Turn left and go forward to see the reception desk to the left and the right - two entrance doors to the hospital. These doors are locked in chains. You have to reach the new target.

Objective: find the pliers.

Go back to the door, through which you get here and go past it. Then turn left and you will see that at the end of the corridor there are two doors. Open the right door and see the descent. Go down to the basement.


Go forward on the corridor, not look into the neighboring room. After bending with two turns (right and left), if you ran, you see the statue. You need to go in the first door on the left after the turn. You will find yourself in a room with scattered boxes. Ahead on the right is another door - move through it. There are pliers on one of the shelves next room. Take them. Grab it and climb back to the first floor and go to the front door. Interact with any of them came up and by pressing E.

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