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Walthrough Kingdom (Survival tips)

Despite the simple gameplay, Kingdom are not any tips and training. But the cost of failure in this game is incredibly high.

Basic rules Kingdom: movement, life, goals.

In the Kingdom you need to build your own kingdom in the two sides. You need to improve and strengthen defense of your kingdom. Each (almost every) night you will come demons. they want your crown and protective fortifications. You have to hold out until dawn. It is difficult to make, because enemies have the army. We do not have direct control over the situation, but we can throw the gold and motivate residents to action you want.

You - the king / queen, which has a pouch. There are cash. All your servants give you gold when you are nearby. Bag - it's your life. When the end of the last coin, the enemies shot down crown. And game over.

To win, you need to break the portals of monsters. You move the horse. A horse can gallop quickly (Shift), but it can tire. To relax - eat grass, or just does not gallop for a while. The only action button - ↓. It serves to throw gold coins. To build the building, hold button ↓ is gold does not take all the slots on the specified destination.

Kingdom: description of all locations and important places

The game world - it's not a very large plot, divided into zones. Main zone - central, where there is a fire and main your building. It is a place for the construction of walls, towers and farms. On each side are located the forest zone and peasants in camps with tents, the statue for the blessing, portals of monsters and building to improve. This is entire territory. The edges are limited by bridges, with an invisible wall.

Fortress / fire - place for chest with taxes. Also it is the point where the enemy want come from all of the portals and as work-free peasants. There are two benches near the fortress with the production of bows and hammers, and later - scythes for farmers. Fortress improve by the fire. The knights appears on the last level of development.They can attack portals with archers. If you want to change the coat of arms on the citadel, so you need delete it in the game menu and then pay three coins next to the flag.

Kingdom-Lager farmers - is a place where mere mortals can become your subjects if you give a coin. After one attack coin drops and the farmer is no longer your subjects, he go to the camp. Every day in the camp there is only one farmer.

Wooden buildings - it is the building of upgrade from the wooden protective structures to stone. Of course, it is for the gold. It is located in a random part of the forest, almost is in the deep in the thicket. It is not upgrade all the buildings in your kingdom. You need to spend gold, so do not spend last pennies.

Kingdom. Stone statues - it is a construction which you can get a temporary blessing. There are two kinds of statues in the game. With a hammer - strengthen the structure (wall), and with a bow - give additional damage archers. Also you need pay the gold and they operate only one day. That is, you have to pay for each use. They are licated in the forest. The maximum reserve of payment - three times, for three days and three nights. The signal that you pai - a highlighted quadrates.

Kingdom 4

Portal - a place for monsters. They come not only at night, but during the day. You can also destroy them by your army. They are almost always on the edge of the map.

Kingdom 5. Chest - it is the only thing that gets free in the forest. It find easy. It is always located in front of the portal. There are from 8 to 12 coins of gold in the chest. There are several chests in the forest.

Merchant - it is a man with a neddy. He is located in a random part of the forest. He goes here and there and not goes into the city. For the coins he can to replenish stock one type of tool. The subject is chosen at random and if the warehouse is full, he just goes away. It is profitably, when you start to develop. As for the four coins he gives four tools that can cost 10-20 coins.

Kingdom: all the monsters from the portal

Types of enemies are not so many, but they are very dangerous. Almost all need your crown, but some want to steal something useful.

Small demon - a common soldier of the army of demons. He attacks quickly, jumps and knocks gold and then grabs it and takes the portal. If he takes your crown - the game is over. Also, these creatures often wear masks and therefore have a different protection against hits. The only thing that kills them perfectly - a catapult. They appear immediately at the beginning of the game and gradually increase the attack. Steal crown.

Flying creatures - appear later and can to steal peasants and soldiers. Gold does not interest them. They can disrupt the archers with high towers. If you shoot, he drops the stolen person. Do not steal the crown.

Titan - is huge. It supports attack of small creatures throws of huge boulders. He can to throw them at the wall and shoot down archers from the towers. Dies at dawn, but in the meantime he can break everything. It also can pull off the walls. Do not steal the crown.

The correct development of the strategy

We need to develop strictly on one strategy. And that it is correct, while the rest - are ineffective. Structure level all the time is generated:

you need build walls of wood, bacause after the upgrade castle to the stone, all the walls automatic rebuilt and you save a lot of gold. Nor extends the first 10 days before the second fortifications;

Archers and the people - the main resource. Keep in the camp many people as possible and give them bows. So, your hunting ground grow and in the evening you can gather tons of gold at first time;

You have to explore the area for the first five days and find where are statues and building upgrades. You also need to find the chest;

Then you can to build the castle and farms. Farms built on the streams. You need to clear the area of trees. Also you need workers - peasants with scythes. It is important to build on the one upgrade to the peasants returne to the citadel at night. Otherwise, they will remain at the mill and will be broken. If you are not protect it (and you are not ready yet) - Upgrade do not need more;

Finally build the castle and the walls of the citadel and hire swordsmen. Expand the ownership of the area forward. You have two flags, two swordsman, and two groups of archers. Then you can attack the portals, but you need make it one by one. The attack makes the day after the night of the attack. To activate it, give gold flag on the edges of protection and swordsmen go to the end of the battle. Important! You need not go with them. You can see the success of a campaign on the flag on the wall near the fortress. Attack the portal until it broke, and then attack the new;

You can find the statue of archers and pay it for power of the shot. This will help overcome the waves of enemies that attak your army at the portal. After successful campaigns and victory over the enemies - the game is end.

Secrets of a manager: the subtleties and tricks

How to earn more gold?

1. If you do not have enough money at the beginning of the game, just drive several shooters of deer on the position. When they return from reconnaissance. To drive the deer, you will need to run after it gallop until it changes its direction, and even after carefully direct it (them) on the position of the hunters.

2. Do not upgrading a fortress at once. Each new upgrade reduces the amount of gold, which give the beginning of each day. Keep this income to the last, until you need the farmers and swordsmen.

3. Build more peasants with scythes and do not forget about the farm. This, in my opinion, the only thing that gives a steady income. If you built a farm on three jobs, you will ensure yourself by gold. Two farm and six workers double income!

⇒ How to defend against a very strong attack?

1. In fact - it is easy! If you built a lot of farms and now you have a lot of gold. You need put 10-15 coins of gold on the side where the strongest enemies, and that you will reduce the number of attacking on the exact number of the put coins.

2. You need have only one regular army and constantly maintain it. No need to work on two sides and try to break all at once. The second can be filled with gold, and thus protecting the inactive direction.

3. In the camp you need have as much as possible people. People it is main resource, but not gold. It is also not recommended to grow uncontrollably, distance the camp of peasants and build more and more new walls. This is counterproductive and does not help in the development and protection.
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