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Walthrough Halo 5: Guardians

Mission 1. Osiris

The first mission of Halo 5: Guardians you play Jameson Locke.


  • In the fire. Complete the first mission.
  • Your team - your weapon. Manage your team of Spartans to Osiris.
  • The enemy of my enemy. Help the elite General of Osiris in the difficulties "Hero."

Dr. Halsey takes go in a laboratory and throw the old notebook aside. She come to a smiling Kortane.

Intel 1/7 Unggoy Personal Log 005. Once you will pass control over Locke, past the ruined ship on the right and get the first collector's item with the information on the ground. It is near to a dead body, located between the two boxes.

Play for Locke walk through the remains and move along the mountains. Deal with the Covenant and the weaker opponents. Go up to the next level, Locke will notice several strong soldiers. Go to the fragments of ice and hit by pressing RB, to break them down. Kill the soldier, which will be on the other side.

Intel 2/7 Jul 'Mdama Log. Once you will break through the first ice wall, go right to the edge of the route, and look left. Here is another small ledge with a dead soldier of the elite. Next to it is a device with the data.

The following sectors will be soldiers armed with ranged weapons. Stick to the right-hand side of the map. Nearby you can find a light rifle, which you can kill enemies. Also here somewhere is Scattershot.

Before you go into the structure, climb onto the ledge to the left and get to the edge, to find the skull of IWHBYD.

Intel 3/7 Covenant Combat Orders. About halfway through this location move to the right side and jump on the ledge. Continue and you will see dead Grant about Needler. Go to the tab (here you can see the door) and find new data.

Once you clear the location, go through the open door. Use double jump and activate the system Artemis to open the next door. Before you go around the corner, go to the ledge where you first saw the Kraken. Pick up weapons called Loathsome Thing. This is quite a powerful weapon, so you need to use it wisely.

Intel 4/7 Halsey Research Notes 1/4. Once you see the Kraken, move along the path to the left. Go right and drop down. Walk a little more and see a dead soldier of the elite and a plasma grenade near him. Go to the ledge and see the site data.

Ahead begin battle between two alien races. Wait, let them kill each other. Then move into the valley. Ignore Kraken and deal with Covenant. Once the way is clear, move on, kill the enemies. If you still have a light gun, use it to kill enemies from a distance. Left and right are gun of enemies. Once you get to the back of the valley, once again select a light rifle and kill opponents with turrets. These enemies guard the desired door. Destroy all.

Intel 5/7 Halsey Research Notes 2/4. Before you enter in the door and go to the next section, jump to the snow ledge on the right and go past the breakaway tower. Go down to the lower ledge and see a dead Elite data about the site.

Take one of the turrets and enter the building.

Intel 6/7 Halsey Research Notes 3/4. Opposite the door there is a large window and on the ground in front of him is "datapad."

In the next room will be a fierce battle. However, if you picked up one of the turrets, everything should end well. Wait until the first enemy go from the door and then destroy the larger enemy using the turret. This is strong enemy with armor and it causes great damage to your character in comparison with other opponents. So you need kill him first.

Intel 7/7 Halsey Research Notes 4/4. After the battle with the enemy, jump onto the platform to the right of the exit. There are dead bodies and final data source.

Kill the rest enemies, go to the door to see a cut-scene.

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