Weta has been making the game for Magic Leap for six years

Weta has been making the game for Magic Leap for six years

After long years of secrecy, hype and huge investments, the mixed reality device Magic Leap will be released this year. And with it at least one game will be available.

Weta Gameshop develops the game Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders for Leap for six years. The title is based on a retro-sci-fi universe, the game’s director Greg Broadmore. It was first shown on promo in 2015.

The New Zealand company is known to the majority of its parent company Weta, which specializes in creating visual effects and physical props for films. They worked on a variety of films, including the series «The Lord of the Rings», «King Kong» and «District 9».

Now, when the launch of Magic Leap on the horizon, although without an exact date, the Weta team has grown to 50 people and moved to a separate office.

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