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Where to find chunks of Adamantine in Darksiders 3

Adamantine sliver are used to maximize weapons (from the penultimate to the last level). Find these items are not so easy. Especially there are only three in the game.

Where to look for the first chunks of Adamantine

You will need a Flame hollow and Force hollow for the search.

Move to the "Northern End" location and go up the road. You are over by the cliff. There is a winged monster. On the right side there is a thick branch of a tree. Climb up to it and jump over the branch on the left side. Catch on the thin knot at the top. Climb to the top of the branch to the left. Notice the thin branches to the left of the building. Jump and cling to two such branches in Flame hollow, then take a powerful jump to get to the balcony. Jump over to the next balcony from it and go inside the building, destroying purple stones. Find the steps, go down and pick up the first Adamantine.

Where to find the second chunks of Adamantine

You need a Stasis hollow for the search.

You will meet with one of the five Chosen - Grock. When this happens, go back out and jump down to where the shafts rotate. Slow them down by throwing a salvation charged with Stasis hollow. Jump down and find second Adamantine.

Where to find the third chunks of Adamantine

You need a Stasis hollow for the search.

You will find it before you go into the depths following the Gluttony. Go to the stairs where there were purple stones that you destroyed and found the monster's tail. You should have attacked him. Before you climb to this ladder, you need turn right and fly over the green river. Use the Storm hollow and the air flow. Go left, destroy the purple stones and walk through the building. Push the stone into the next building. Attack it with a hammer. The stone must be located close to the wall. If you go upstairs, you will find a mushroom that will lead you to one of your Chosen. Read this in a other guide.

There are ice walls next to the wall. Jump on them in the Stasis hollow, pick up the artifact. Use the Force hollow and the ball to move to the far containers. There is Adamantine behind one of them.

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