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World of Tanks – guide on SU-26

Review of the Soviet self-propelled artillery (SPA) third-level: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical advice

SU-26 - Soviet self-propelled artillery installation of the third level. In this game there are "imba". There are popular tanks, favorites of the public. There are legends. And there is a SU-26.

Game Characteristics

In the World of Tanks "SU-28" unexpectedly became the best initial artillery, second only to " FV304 " in popularity. Consider its characteristics in the context of the game: Protection

Armor, almost all the self-propelled guns is missing as a class. 15 mm on the circumference of anything does not save, and if the land-mine flies into the open gap - any worse. Strength points in general 110 hit points – it is small. However, it never bothered this class. All the same, the fight goes remotely.


The most important thing for a SPA is guns. About a stock 76 mm regimental gun 1927 speech does not go at all - oblique, long recharges is really sucks. And here is the second - 76 mm gun 1902/30 (30 calibre) is really good. With an armor penetration of a bomb with a depth of 21 mm, it gives 180 HP damage, with a fragment spread of 1.09 meters. At the same time its rate of fire is 9.09 shots per minute, which gives the potential DPM in 1636 HP - the highest at the level!

For comparison - the top 76 mm gun e. g. 1902/30 (40 calibre) shoots only 8.57 shoots per minute and the DPM is clearly less - 1543 HP. But it is much more precise: the time of reduction is four seconds, the spread is 0.66, the stabilization with the rotation of the hull and the gun is many times better, the projectile flies a little faster. In general, you choose. But there is another important parameter - range of shooting at 550 meters.


Despite small mass of 10 tons. The top engine T-26F produces only 120 hps. It gives us a maximum speed of only 30 km / h. Yes, there are worse results, but at low levels it is very critical.

Detection and communication

The second important component of the automatic control system is the communication radius. Any decent is only the top 12LL, which gives out 615 meters of communication. It is enough for our shooting range. Overview - 260 meters, the standard for artillery at the level. But the values ​​of camouflage are not the most unequivocal - in the movement we shine like a Christmas tree (11.7%), motionless - 23.3%, in the bushes - 28.3%. The conclusion is to stand only in the bushes, preferably under the camouflage.

Tips on tactics

SU-26 is self-propelled artillery. So we will discuss the arrangements and methods of shooting. In the beginning, decide on a permanent dislocation. If the map is small and your firing radius covers it, it is more logical to stay on the base if it is well protected. If the spaces are large, then choose a larger group and attach yourself to it, try not to fall into the eyes of the enemy. Positions occupy either behind shelters or in bushes. Periodically look at the mini map to be aware of the movements of enemy light tanks - these are your main enemies!

Our main advantage is the rotating tower - now you do not have to move the case to retarget to the other end of the map. The SU-26 perfectly controls 360 degrees of space! It can lead for a long time even the fastest target. At the same time, the self-propelled gun is not unarmed even in close combat, due to round-fire. Many gamers paid for their lives when they tried to spin this SPA.

Shooting on SU-26 is remembered by a measured throwing of shells, as in badminton. The rate of fire is enough to completely reduce the circle. But accuracy and rapid mixing completely kills the speed of the flight of projectiles. We have to anticipate the enemy's movements, shoot at the lead. It leaves much to be desired and a small caliber, with a low radius of fragmentation. If for small levels the 76mm gun still decides, then already on the fourth level there are high-armored objects.

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