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Walkthrough Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem — Chapter 3 (All Secrets)

We tell you how to pass the third level of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem and find all 27 secrets.
Walkthrough Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem — Chapter 3 (All Secrets)
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
4 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem — Siberiade

In the third task of the game Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem "Sibiriade" Sam will continue to move in the direction of Kalinovka. This time, players will find a huge location with many secrets, which are much more difficult to find.

Pick up a skill point from the box and kill all the enemies. Get on the snow scooter and drive towards the marker. You will see oil rigs on the right. Some of them don't work. If you turn them on (button in the back of each tower), you will activate the appearance of Secret Oil Golems (1/27). Move to the marker past the oil rigs. Near the far towers on the left, look for a small mountain that you can climb on foot (narrow path). There you will find a Secret hover scooter (2/27). Follow the road to the marker, but don't go through the checkpoint. Turn left and look in the open area on the left for a small Mental base (it is easy to identify by its black and red banners). Clear it, solve the pipe puzzle (there is a link at the top) and take the first keycard. From this base, go towards the road that runs parallel. Cross over to the other side of the road and move slightly diagonally to the left to find a small mechanical pole among the trees. Secret gadget (3/27) is hidden underneath.

Side Quest Hide and Seek

Return to the very beginning. Drive forward along the road (pumps let this base move to the right and find a sign indicating a hunting estate. Follow there and find an additional task. Approach the house, listen to the girl and go forward, kill enemies. There is a purple object on the rock on the left. Go past it and look for a lift on the left. Climb back up the top and get the secret gadget (4/27). Kill the enemies on the ice, get the teddy bear sled and return to the house. You will get the first hover scooter. This is a very useful gadget. Select item on M and N and press on Z to decompose it.

Go back, drive left and turn right to the pumping station. This is another mental base. Kill the enemies, solve the pipe puzzle inside the building and take the third key card. Also, examine the square barrels for alcohol or other liquid with metal frames from the outside. Secret rockets (5/27) are hidden between them. Follow back to the fork between the base and the hunting estate. Drive towards the sawmill, where the sign is pointing. Pay attention to the road leaving to the left. This will be a small snowy path, so be careful. It leads to a secret cellar (6/27). Get to the sawmill itself, climb the logs to the roof and take the secret explosive (7/27).

Keep moving towards the yellow marker. On the right on the slope there will be the Mental base, which we described at the beginning. If you haven't already done so, kill everyone, solve the pipe puzzle and collect the missing keycard. Go through the checkpoint with two opponents, turn left and enter the next room to get a secret skill point (8/27). You will be able to open this case only if you have collected all 3 key cards from the Mental bases!!!

Get to the church, kill everyone and go inside. Olga will give you a crossbow. Use it to clear the next location. In the cemetery, there is the orb of the monarch on the left side of the grave. Pick it up to activate the secret kamikaze (9/27). Keep moving. Ahead will be a small area with a hut. Examine it. There is a tractor in the far right shed and there is a red explosive canister outside. Go around the barn and find the secret armor (10/27) behind the firewood. Go to the left of it to find the secret altar of Intertan (11/27) among the trees.

Move on, kill the bulls and inspect the field to the right of the ruins, on which the green demon will stand. A red scorpion also spawns near these ruins. There is a red item there. Pick it up to activate a secret trap (12/27). Nearby there will be a box with an improvement for the rocket launcher. You can now hold down the RMB to lock onto multiple targets at once (or one and launch multiple missiles at it at once).

On the other side of the ruins of the church, where the red scorpion stood, you can find an armed snowman (13/27) among the trees. Kill him for the secret to count. Get to the enemy base on the bridge. Follow to the right, to the far barn, where the wires lead. There are four buttons here. They must be blue. Click on the second and third buttons so that the first and fourth are blue. Then click on the first and fourth so that the second and third turn blue. There is a building in the backyard of the shed with cannonballs (14/27) behind it. Also, at the rock on the left, behind the trees, there is a secret gadget (15/27). You also need to jump into the ravine on the right (as you return to the base), and go to the very end to find a pipe. It leads to a secret classic level (16/27).

Go across the bridge. Under the bridge itself, you can find a secret gadget (17/27). Destroy the huge tower. First, it is recommended to destroy the two machine guns on the sides. Use a crossbow for this! This will open the way for you. As you move towards the tower in the field on the right, find the silo. Climb up and take the secret gadget (18/27). Move to the right of the marker, towards the second tower. There will be a building in front of her. Go around it to the right and find a secret gadget (19/27).

Follow the direction of the marker (after destroying the second tower and getting the second key card). If you figured it out, be sure to let us know in the comments below! You can find a tractor on the left hand. There is an enemy base further to the left. Go around it, find a pile of snow and jump over the fence. Kill the enemies and take the secret gadget (20/27) from the building on the left. Keep moving.

Soon you will need to go down into the valley with the third tower. On the right, a river flows, which begins with a waterfall. Go behind the waterfall to find a secret potion (21/27). Move along the river to find the pier. Climb up the pier and drop down the hole in the middle to find an ammo stash (22/27). There is a mill nearby. Get inside and look up. There is a secret cannon (23/27) on the boards. Shoot the boards to make the cannon fall down.

Destroy the turret, get to the marker with the bridge. This is the end of the level. Follow the bridge to the top of the slope to find the entrance to it. Go forward, open the grate and interact with the secret fire and sword (24/27). If you go below, you can fight with the knights from Dark Souls.

Before the bridge, go down to the river, go along the bank to the right and find cannonballs (25/27) inside a small building. Finally, just before the end of the level, there will be a case with a secret skill point (26/27). You will only be able to open this case if you have destroyed 3 turrets and obtained all 3 keycards! Finally, turn around and go to the right of the car. At the end of the path, jump inside the wagon from the crates and take the secret ammo (27/27).