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How to quickly move in Dying Light 2 - Activate the Subway Stations

Everything you need to know about the fast travel system in Dying Light 2
How to quickly move in Dying Light 2 - Activate the Subway Stations
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
7 февраля 2022

Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

The first step to being able to fast travel around the game world of Dying Light 2 is to find a subway station. The closest and most accessible is located at Newalls Crossing, on the territory of New Down Park in Central Loop. You need to be patient and leave Old Willedor. Up to this point, the stations are simply blocked!

It is best to visit metro stations at night, because in the daytime, enemy hide there. At night, most of them will be on the street. Once you are at any station, go through the tunnel to find and turn on the generator. Look for the marker, turn on the generator, and then you will see a new target. You need to activate emergency generators, which are usually located close to each other. After that, you can activate the station itself.

Once you do this, all the loot inside the station will disappear. Thus, search it first, and then do such things. An activated station can be used as a safe zone.