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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Pilgrim's Path Walkthrough

Pilgrim's Path in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Pilgrim's Path Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
2 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Dying Light 2

The Pilgrim's Path is the first story mission available in the game. After the intro video, climb up the ledges using the Spacebar. Climb up to Spike and follow him. When he stops, find a beehive next to the man. Search it for honey. After that, examine the clearing on the left to find a camomile. Climb to the ledge nearby and find the second daisy. Open your inventory, go to the "Crafting" tab and hold LMB on the medicine blueprint. After that, you can apply the medicine by holding down the H key.

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Keep following Spike. When he moves the gate, enter the territory of the house. Go around the building, turn the corner, crouch on the C key and make your way under the raised garage door. Once inside, use the Q key to activate the Survivor's Sense. Search all items. In the living room on the first floor, there is a table on which lies your first collectible - "Newspaper Article - October 11, 2020" (commemorative souvenirs). Continue to search the rooms and collect resources. Go through the far door to be outside.

Use the Survivor's Sense to search the garden. Go past the dried-up pool and examine the table on which lies an upside-down photo frame. This is a story point. You will receive a farewell letter (memorabilia). Spike calls out to Aiden. Return to the house and find a room with stairs. Climb up and approach Spike to watch a video. Chat on all topics. After the dialogue, you will receive your first melee weapon - a rare dirty bat.

Now you need to get to the radio antenna. Follow the marker from the house (not the way you came here). Jump into the water from the cliff, swim to the house ahead and kill the first opponents. Use LMB for light attacks. If you're wondering where the heavy hits went, they're there, but they'll have to be unlocked in the skill tree. RMB is responsible for the block, which will come in handy during the battle with living people.

After killing everyone, collect resources and continue moving forward. Jump onto the container in the water and climb up over the bus hanging from the cliff. Along the way, you can collect more chamomile and honey to create medicines. Get on the truck by the tunnel. Move through the cars to avoid the zombies. It's best not to wake them. Move up the mountain. To do this, use metal crossbars. In one place you need to jump from one ladder to another, in another - jump on the beams. Ride down the rope to the nearby ledge, go through the cave and push the zombies down. To do this, approach him from behind and kick him (key E). Jump over to the other side by grabbing the rope and jumping off it in time.

Soon you will get your first parkour point. You will have to spend it in the first skill. Aiden can now jump higher. Just hold down Space. Soon you will reach the building. Try to open the garage on the right for zombies to appear. Dodge the jumper. Kill all opponents. Then open the garage and start the generator., Use the Survivor's Sense on the second floor to find red footprints. Move the closet and enter your first hideout. There is storage for items here. It is the same for all hideouts, meaning if you leave an item here, you can access it from another hideout. There is also a place to sleep. Use the radio. You can listen to all waves. Then go to bed and listen to the same wave in the morning to hear the informant. During the dream, you will see flashbacks from Aiden's childhood, who lost his sister Mia.

Go to the side of the house, towards the marker, and slide down the rope. Search the church on the left. Inside it, on the altar is "Paradise Lost, Book IV" (commemorative souvenirs). Continue moving in the direction of the marker. Jump into the water. At the bottom there is a bus with prey (use your sence). Get ashore, kill the opponents and follow the marker. To get to the marked tunnel, look for a hole in the fence on the right. Get inside, move forward. Sit down if you need to. The video will start.

You will receive a flashlight, which is turned on with the T key. Move forward. The door is locked, so you need to break the boards to the left of it. Jump on the rungs and climb into the ventilation at the dead end. It is on top. Soon you will reach Dylan. Defeat the first enemies by using RMB for a well-timed block to stun opponents. Perform three parries and then finish off the opponent. Kill new enemies. You will receive a combat point. Spend it on the first skill. When you stun the enemy, jump over him to "Space" so that you fly towards another enemy, and click on the LMB to attack with your feet.

After talking with the informant, you can change the weapon in your inventory for a knife. Continue the fight and use the new skill. After defeating everyone, talk to the informant. Watch the cutscene and then escape from Waltz's thugs. Swim through the flooded rooms. In some areas you need to dive under water (key C). You will soon be in the city. Aiden will be saved by Hakon. Watch the lengthy video that completes the task.