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Guide Dying Light 2 — Story Quest Become Stronger Walkthrough

Become Stronger in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Guide Dying Light 2 — Story Quest Become Stronger Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
2 февраля 2022

Become Stronger Dying Light 2

Getting Stronger is the second story mission of the game, which follows immediately after the moment when the main character Aiden ends up in Villedor, where he is rescued by Hakon. Before you go outside to follow your new friend, you can chat with Sarah and Jane. After collecting Playing Card (memorabilia), go outside and talk to Hakon. Follow him across the rooftops. On the screen you can find "question marks". They point to interesting places in the game world. When approaching them, the "question marks" will turn into other icons indicating the type of additional task. When you can't climb up the broken billboard, Hakon will lower the ladder. Stamina is not consumed while moving up the stairs.

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Talk to Hakon on the roof and explore your first grove. In such places (which can be found due to tall trees) you can collect chamomile, honey and other resources needed for crafting medicines. Also look in the straw box to find a crystal. Keep following Hakon. Do not hurry. When you go down a couple of rooftops, turn around to see graffiti on the wall. There is a box next to it. Pick it up to receive the (graffiti) collectible. Chat with Hakon, who will tell you about the Peacekeepers. Jump down to the street, climb up the boards and cling to the building. Climb up a bit and jump onto the scaffolding on the left. You need to jump in advance, until stamina runs out. So far, you have little of it, so you have to pick the right moments. At the top, look into the container pointed to by Hakon. Inside it you will find an inhibitor.

Suddenly zombies will appear. Run after Hakon without turning around. Soon you will reach the entrance to the Bazaar. Watch the cutscene and keep running after Hakon. Climbing up to the roof, Hakon will knock on the door of his friend Killian's hideout. Talk to Hakon. If you cannot interact with him, then there is some kind of enemy nearby. Kill him. Keep taking out the zombies until you can re-interact with Hakon. Inside Killian's hideout, Night Runner Diary #1 (cassettes) can be found. Talk to Killian and then go to bed. In the morning you will contact Hakon. The task will end.