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Walkthrough Dying Light 2 — Markers of Plague Story Quest

Markers of Plague in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Walkthrough Dying Light 2 — Markers of Plague Story Quest
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
2 февраля 2022

Markers of Plague Dying Light 2

Markers of Plague is the third story mission in Dying Light 2, in which the main character goes to get a biomarker, without which it is impossible to survive in Villedor. Move along the rooftops without going down to avoid the screamers. Examine the door of the VGM facility. It's locked up. Go left and find the bus. Run inside through the door on the right side and make your way through the front door into the building. Inside the hall you will see Hakon. Before you go up to it, inspect the board in front to remove the “Letter” (memorable souvenirs) from it.

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Move up after Hakon. The task will be updated. Search the dumpsters, open the inventory and craft the lockpicks. Then start hacking. Rotate the lock picks and check if the chosen angle fits (hold the A key). Climb up after Hakon and help him open the elevator door. Go a little further, open the door and watch the video. Talk to Hakon.

Follow your friend. Crouch down on the C key and make your way past the sleeping zombies. There are rare items in the boxes, but no collectibles, so it's not worth fighting zombies. Soon you will reach another elevator. After opening the door, jump down. Then try to climb up, but the hero does not have enough stamina. Hakon will offer to find an inhibitor. Make your way inside the elevator through the hatch on its roof.

After the cutscene, move past the zombies. One of them is walking. It is best to use the Survivor's Sense to see the silhouettes of enemies. Go around the rooms and get to the container with the inhibitor. There will be another video. Open inventory and improve stamina. Every 3 inhibitors will allow you to increase your stamina or health. Stamina allows you to climb higher, health - to survive in battles. In addition, their maximum value determines whether you can unlock later skills.

Return to the elevator, go upstairs and reunite with Hakon. After the video, run along the marker from the zombies until you find yourself in the light. Walk to the edge of the building and talk to Hakon. Click on B to get binoculars. Look around the different buildings. You can mark the windmills, but the main thing is the church. This is Bazaar, the center of the district. After that, the task will end.