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Dying Light 2 Walkthrough — Story Quest The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Walkthrough — Story Quest The Only Way Out
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
2 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out is the fourth story mission in the game. This is the longest task that can be called the completion of the prologue. After it, you will be able to move freely between all regions of the city.

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Follow the marker to the Bazaar. Along the way, you can perform side activities. For example, it will be useful to participate in skirmishes - simple battles for which you can get combat and parkour points. After reaching the Bazaar, go inside and chat with different characters. These are Carlos (with a side quest "Spark of Invention", for the completion of which you can get a weapon modification), Lena, Urban and Ahab, who have no quests. There is also Julian, who will have a side quest "Cheers!".

Attention! It is not necessary to complete all of these side quests. You can sleep a little, and Hakon will contact you on his own. Or do something else.

You also need to go outside and inspect the posters and photographs hanging on the outer wall (there will be a yellow marker pointing to them). Talk to Abraham. Go to bed to rewind time and contact Hakon. Inside the Bazaar you can find Carl's Diary #2 and Carl's Diary #3 (cassettes). One cassette is located on the first floor, at the far-left exit if you go through the main entrance. The second cassette should be looked for next to the place to sleep, on a bucket. If suddenly Hakon does not get in touch, continue to explore the city. To the east is the Night Runner hideout. Inside it you need to start the generator. Next to the generator is a chest with a "Secure Code" (memorable souvenir). The note contains the code 101. You can enter it on the safe in the next room and pick up the inhibitor.

Head to the meeting point with Hakon and talk to the man. At night, go downstairs, kill the enemies and pick the lock on the hatch to go down to the subway. Move as fast as you can because you don't have much time. If it expires, Aiden will begin to slowly transform. You can stop the process by approaching a UV light source. Examine the rooms and climb through the ventilation marked with a marker. Continue moving through the tunnel. Where necessary, bend down to crawl under the half-open shutters.

Some doors will have to be broken into. If you wake up the biters, first kill them, and then proceed to hack. During hacking, time does not stop, that is, you can be attacked by enemies at any time. Defeat the spitting zombie and break open the second door. Climb through the vent, open another one and approach the door to open it for Hakon. This is an ambush.

Talk to Anderson and Aitor. The latter will ask for help: you need to find the Lazarus brass knuckles belonging to the commander of the Peacekeepers, Lucas. Agree to help him. Exit the room and talk to the Courier on the left. There are also two more characters with whom you can chat. Depending on your answers, you will improve or worsen the reputation of the Peacekeepers. The phrases make it clear which influences what.

Leave the Peacekeeper base and talk to Hakon standing on the roof of the building ahead. Get to the windmill. Before talking to the guy standing a little higher, I recommend climbing to the top of the windmill and starting the generator. To do this, grab onto the falling and rising block to jump higher and higher. After talking to Benny, you will meet Ahab and then you will see Hubie. Chase him. At the end of the path, a marker will appear pointing to the roof. Climb down and climb the scaffolding nearby. At the top, go to the front door marked with a marker and you will see Hubie hiding. Chat with him to learn about a certain Maya.

Follow the marker, climb inside the house and inspect it. In the back room, there is a hole in the ceiling that will allow you to climb to the top floor. There you will find a container with an inhibitor, as well as a boy and a girl. Talk to Maya. Decide to bargain to buy brass knuckles for 10 coins. Also, in the room with Maya and Dominic is a box - (graffiti). After receiving brass knuckles, return to Aitor and talk to him. Get a weapon as a reward. Aitor insists that the tunnels will open after Lukas' killer is caught.

Exit the base and talk to Hakon. Follow the marker to the Bazaar to talk to Carl. Don't lie to him, because he will understand it. Opposite look for Sophie. She will say that she cannot trust you. You will have to complete several side quests in the Bazaar. Get inside and chat with different characters to take on side missions:

  • Quest "Missing Person".
  • Quest " The Ball is in Your Court "