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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Orders Walkthrough

Orders in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Orders Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

Orders in Dying Light 2

This is the next story quest in Dying Light 2, following the mission A Place to Call Home. Chat with Lawan, follow the marker and talk to Grady. After that, go to the place where Rowe's platoon went. Talk to the guy locked in the container. Then take out a few Renegades. Use dodges and parries. After the victory, talk to Mateo again.

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Run along the marker to the building, go up a little and go around the building to find the rope. After killing Renegades, climb up on the rope. Finish off the opponents, clear two floors and free the captured peacekeepers. There is a note (memorable souvenirs) on the second floor on the table. Go to the room above and watch the cutscene. This is how you get to know Rowe. In the same room, find the commemorative souvenirs, and also search the container with inhibitors. Talk to Lawan. The task will be completed.