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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Broadcast Walkthrough

Broadcast in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Broadcast Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

Broadcast in Dying Light 2

Talk to everyone at the Fishtail Bar. Chat with Lawan, who will offer to contact Frank. Regardless of how you decide to proceed, in any case, the next destination is the broadcast tower. It's just that if you refuse, Lawan will be a little offended. Get to the substation and destroy all the renegades. Then start a regular generator and go inside the substation. You will learn about terminals that can connect to different shields. There is also an A/B terminal here. First connect it to shield A and open the first grate. Then connect it to shield B and open the second grate.

Go to the main hall of the substation. You need to connect two cables. There is a green terminal 1/C on the second floor. Grab the cable, jump down (don't take the stairs) and climb up the barrels on the other side. Enter the room with shield C and connect the cable to it. Now you can open the grate on the right and get to the terminal "2". There is a safe on the right. In the box next to it is a Secure Code (memorabilia) with a hint. Enter code 314 and take the inhibitor.

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Grab the cable from the green terminal "2", exit the room and jump down. Go down to the basement and go through the water to the red shield "2". Connect a cable to it. The water will become electrified, so you need to jump on the wooden boxes to the right. Climb into the open ventilation and get out at its other end. Jump on other boxes and go upstairs. Return to the green terminal 1/C, take the cable, jump down and find the red shield "1" on the first floor. After connecting both, go up the elevator, take the Villedor News #1 collection (cassettes) from the control panel. Interact with the remote control, kill all the enemies and decide who to transfer control of the substation to.

Follow the marker to the indicated building and find cassettes in the lobby of the first floor, behind the reception desk. Climb up to Rowe and chat with the man. Go after him, get out through the hatch in the elevator and climb up the metal beams on the walls. Jump to the floor above, you can run past the zombies if the difficulty level allows. When you go down the stairs and make your way under the wooden boxes, the chase will end.

Go left, talk on the radio and clear the room. Then break open the door and talk to Leon. You can agree to hand over his letter. Follow the marker, kill the zombie peacekeeper. This is Chris Redfield. After killing him, you will receive commemorative souvenirs. Use a shield. When zombies appear, kill them and activate the three fuses. Then turn on the light again. Grab the cable from shield A, go through the door on the right and immediately jump down. Jump across the landing, from one side to the other, but don't run down the stairs or you won't have enough cable. Connect it to the shield and open the door.

First, swim through the flooded tunnel. There will be a yellow grate ahead, which opens from the other side. Swim down the corridor to the left and open the grate. Go back, grab the shield cable B and swim in a straight line to the red shield B, to which you need to connect the wire. Ride the elevator up and talk to Rowe. You will receive a drawing of the TV tower (memorable souvenirs). Spend time with the squad, chatting on any topic. You can drink or refuse alcohol.

After waking up, talk to Jack, ride the elevator up and watch the cut-scene. When you wake up, kill all the enemies and search the bodies to get commemorative souvenirs. Then go around the room in the corner and find a wooden slab that can be moved. Behind it you will find Rowe and get commemorative souvenirs. After talking to Lawan on the radio, fight the enemies until a cutscene starts.

Go to the elevator, climb the wooden boxes and jump even higher to another elevator. Open its doors, get onto the elevator through the hatch and climb up to pull the cat hook out of the wall. Use it right now by grabbing onto the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. To do this, on "1" select a hook-cat in the cells, aim at the chandelier and click on the mouse wheel. Then jump forward at the right moment. Drop down the ladder immediately. Jump to the other side with the next chandelier. Jump to the marker (another chandelier). Move the wooden slab, jump forward and grab two chandeliers in a row. Climb the stairs, run away from the enemies and jump into another building using the grappling hook. Go to the right and climb up to the ventilation on the yellow boards. Jump forward and grab the chandelier. From it, jump to the crossbars on the wall. Turn around and jump onto the bridge. Walk to the right and jump onto the rungs on the opposite wall. Go into the building, enter the elevator and get out through the hatch. Cross over to the other side and run up the stairs. Be sure to search the container with inhibitors.

Get outside, start the generator to turn the crane boom, and jump over to the other side with the help of a suspended beam (grab onto it with a grappling hook). Climb up the rungs on the right. Jump to other platforms by swinging with the grappling hook. At the end, you need to jump onto the crossbars on the red wall. Go through the building, jump onto the beams and climb up the rungs on the right. Jump and cling to two chandeliers in a row. Go through the rooms with zombies. You need to navigate through the chandeliers under the ceiling. The path is linear. Go up using the techniques learned.

Once you're at the sloping roof, run up where the rungs are to climb onto the metal platform. Climb up to the next one. There is a yellow line on the roof. It shows that you need to run along the roof and slide down a little lower to the next platform. In general, there is nothing complicated here. Then climb to the top of the tower and decide who to give the ether to - the peacekeepers or Frank. The task will be completed soon.